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    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    Introducing....Belacan; the most famoust ingredient in our local food.
    Call it full-flavoured, aromatic, spicy or downright nasty, Malaysian cuisine boasts more pungent varieties than arguably any other country in the world. This piquant character manifests itself in various forms, in fresh fruits (durian and jackfruit), in condiments (budu), preserves (cincaluk and tempoyak) and the innocuous looking belacan or shrimp paste. The last item is as indispensible to Malaysian cooking as herbs are to Italian cuisine or soya sauce to Chinese. Why, some purists go as far as to declare that your 'Malaysianess' hinges on whether or not you like belacan! - via Best Of Langkawi.

    If you guys decided to come to Malaysia for a vacation, don't forget to order sambal belacan.
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    Is this relevance result from Google Video?
    I'm searching for how to make potato chips from Google Video and the result......i'm not going to spoil the thrill.
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    Do we need a super hero blogger or they just stupid people in tight pants?
    Had this conversation with my friend (who hates blogging) several days ago. Talked about open source, making money from internet and for no reason he said "Who is your super hero blogger?"

    It took me some time to think the answer and to be honest; didn't have one! So i went back home with his question still in my mind. This time i decided to follow Edward de Bono advice--reverse the question. So i did and came up with "Do we need a super hero blogger?"

    In order to answer the question, i have to look deep into what my blog topic are and were about. Yes, most of it were about computer and internet related topics and the rest were a mixture between making money from internet, personal thoughts and silly stuff.

    Why must i have a super hero? I'm sure you too have your own super hero in life. I guess the answer would be the same as yours. We all need someone to look up to and in this case i would say Jeff Jarvis would be in my list. He can be a nutcase and sometimes a preecher in his own weird way.

    I used to read Slashdot but now i'm turning to Digg and Delicious. I don't see any direct connection between Slashdot and this post but half of me kept on telling me to write it and so here it is.

    Copyblogger is a great place to gain info about writing and i read Brian's opinion about blogging. His post that gave me a huge electric shock was the two most important words in blogging. Try reading it and i'm sure you'll fall from your chair.

    I'm a foolish guy if i didn't mention Radar. Nothing escapes the radar in terms of new technology or service. A part of the most famous O'Reilly network, this is a must for me as i read it daily.

    Problogger used to be in my "favourite" list but after the post about being an elite in blogsphere, i decided it's time for me to move on. I'm not that elite to play with the big boys so i'm off with the smaller fish. But, this is my view and not a "trashing-point" for Darren. Not just my type of coffee now.

    Still, i can't figure out who is my super hero blogger! All above are great people and their blogs being read by thousand (millions?) daily but it is crazy to fit a shirt for everybody. So, who is your super hero blogger?

    PS: Maybe some of you haven't notice that my blog now are open for comment. So, stop nagging at me to allow public commenting :P
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    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
    Who said running OpenBSD needs huge hardware?
    This morning, a close friend of mine told me that his customer doesn't want OpenBSD in their system. Instead they shift to RedHat because they *thought* GNU/Linux will run on less hardware requirements.

    I told my friend that i have an old P2 450 with 64Mb (yes, it's an old lad) running OpenBSD smoothly and i haven't upgrade it to the latest version since..ermmm years ago!

    A huge myth about BSD OS is "If it's fo server, it's expensive on hardware". True if you want to run several huge server supporting 80 million hits per day but for a small server, OpenBSD is the rock-solid choice.

    I'm not saying GNU/Linux sucks at this area but we have tested Red Hat (at their early stage) running side-by side with OpenBSD and OpenBSD shows no break in. Red Hat got ping-bombed after a week of getting it config. I'm sure Red Hat getting better nowdays but with only one security hole in 8 years, you have to give OpenBSD credit.

    [A few] years ago I was just getting into system administration. I learned Linux first. Then one of our old (I mean *really* old) BSDi servers crashed, and it was up to me to rebuild the system.

    I looked at FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux. In the end, it came down to "secure and stable" that took the prize. OpenBSD 2.1 was installed.
    Since then, I've run 2.1-2.5 on everything from production servers to laptops. We've never (repeat: NEVER) had a break-in.

    A coworker setup a RedHat based box to test his skills at setting up SSL and a secure web site. It was hacked literally overnight, and by the next morning was attacking other sites.

    Our OpenBSD servers were probed and then left alone. In the intervening two years, that original server got upgraded and patched several times and the OS never gave us reason to question the reliability or security of OpenBSD.

    We have another box, acting as a router for about 800 workstations doing very basic filtering and NAT. It's on a P120 with 32MB RAM and typically the uptime would look like this:

    % uptime
    9:05PM up 266 days, 4:23, 1 user, load averages: 0.06, 0.06, 0.06

    As well, OpenBSD runs on my laptop. A Gateway Solo 2500 with a Xircom modem, and a Linksys fast Ethernet NIC. And it never crashes :) - via OpenBSd

    BSD community is head to head with GNU/Linux now and i do hope BSD will hit the checkered flag. If OpenBSD (or any BSD flavour) wants to win desktop market and users, it is important to update their hardware support.
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    Illegal Adsense method.
    Adsense has become a great source of income for bloggers and some consider it as their main source of income. Some will play by the rule but some will get smart with Adsense and hope to get away with it.

    I just hate cheaters and i have spotted several illegal method used by publishers. Please don't use my info as your main arsenal to cheat or misleading people to click your Adsense ads!

    Lately i saw two method in order to get clicks (illegal one of course). This method is by using popup or floating layers. The first method is by forcing visitors to click their Adsense by using timer. The second method is by using layer with small pixel to close it. Let me explaine the first method.

    Popup with timer.
    First of all, it's against Adsense TOS to place popups. Not just popups but also pop-down is illegal accoding to their TOS. When visitors visited a blog or website, a popup will greet them with a huge timer on it. This timer comes with text such as "This limited offer only will be display to you for [timer ticking second]". In the popup are the Adsense's ads.

    In internet marketing setting a time liimit can improve your sale. By using a "forcing" method like this, people will click the Adsense ads thinking it will not shoen to them again. Urgency is the main factor in order to force visitors to click the ads.

    These cheaters will place a small cookie to make sure the popup will not shown again even if the visitors press the refresh button. This cookie will last about a week (some with a shorter life span) so that will leave an impression for the visitors who didn't click the ads. That impression will force the visitors to keep on visiting the same website or blog just to make sure "this-time-i'll-take-the-offer".

    Once the popup get clicked, the cookie will set itself to reset itself. Why? Once people clicked on the ads, it will show the direct link to the link. People will press the "Back" button to read more from the cheating website. Guess what, a new popup will greet them again! And you will see the time again and you will click the ad again and this seems to end to it!

    Layer with small pixel.
    You can call it popup if you like but this is actually a layer. By using pure DHTML, it can by-pass most of popup blocker. This is how it work; place Adsense behind the layer and if you want to close it, click the "X" button.

    Simple eh to trick people into clicking their Adsense? Normally the "X" button is smaller than your coursor. This is how it work; 90% chances you will fail to click to close button because of it size and you'll end up clicking the Adsense. Just take a look at the sample i made below.

    Again, i'm not showing you the way to cheat Adsense just to educate new publisher what is right and wrong. I know some will apply this method after reading my post but please don't do it. Adsense is not stupid and they'll protect their AdWords users without prejudice.
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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006
    Long way from home.
    On Friday, i'm leaving to Kedah for an engagement ceremony. No, not me but a relative of mine. Kedah, such a long journey from Pahang. That will took about 11-12 hours in the bus!

    I studied in Kedah before and i know how far it is. I once said to myself, i'm not going back to Kedah because i can't stand the journey. Looks like i have to break my promise.

    I'll be offline starting from Friday till Monday.
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    Friday, May 19, 2006
    Weird emails i got--A half-complete compilation.
    I never shown these email before but now i think both of us might enjoy reading it. The bold fonts are my comments.

    Hey dudz...wazupp. U got it right she got huge boobies man. Hook me up with that b***h.
    Have we met before? Are you talking about Pamela Anderson or Grandma Sue?

    I'm sorry to inform you that we can't save Berd anymore. Please collect his remaining in 3 days time. If you prefer us to send his remaining, please call us ASAP.
    Dr. Mikel Jordan
    Nooo!!! Berd is dead? I can't believe it! This is not happening to me...!!! I assume Berd was a dog and i'm not collecting his doo-doo and i'm not calling you too!

    My name is Sarah and i'm 8 years old. I'm doing an article for my school project and i'm wondering if you can help me out. I know you're a busy singer but please contact me.
    Dear Sarah, i'm too old for you, sorry about that. Yes, i do sings but mostly in the bathroom while nobody at the house. To tell you the truth, i'm not that busy but i'll try to sing at your 9th birthday party.

    F**k you! You just broke my Xbox and i'm going after you!
    Wow, that was short. For your information, i never borrowed your XBox or your Game Cube. The only game i play is the hangman from Windows 3.1 version. Please don't swear at me you moron.

    Yo Big D,
    tonite is da big nite bro all of the gangz will be at da park dont forget to bring da good shit
    First, please use the dot. It's annoying reading your email bro. What? you and the gang going to kill someone? No, i'm not bring any good stuff for you guys. If it's good, i'm keeping it bro.

    Dear [insert name here],
    I'm a fresh graduate looking for a job as a computer techician. I can operate Microsoft and Linux and i'm a webmaster for several website......
    Please contact me and thank you for your time.

    [Your name here]
    Dear whoever you are. Please don't send me an email without editing the resume template. I'm glad that can operate Microsoft, it took most of us about 5 years in medic school to learn how to operate a frog, well done. Sorry to say that i don't own a computer store so please ask the store next to my store.

    Woiittt, syial la lu nih. Ari tuh kata nk bli keta bru, leh2 aku tgk ko pki keta lma gk. Keta wra ko dh msuk turbo ek? syial tubo gler. nnt aku kntek ko bl aku blk kl. chow
    [Translation] Woiitt..[some cursing going on here]. You said you want to get a new car but i saw you driving the same old car. Your wra ( i assume it's Wira) is on turbo now? [some cursing some more]. I'll call you when i get back to KL.
    This is what i call a pure rubbish. I hate those SMS-style messages. It's hard to figure out what is what. And why does people love to curse even if it's about good news?

    To be honest, i'm not sure if those emails are from spammers or not. Ermm...i just don't get it, how on earth my email got in their favourite list? Don't they check before sending those emails?

    Update: This is a killer one.
    My son loves riding his new bicycle but refuses to wear any safety equipment. I've told him about the danger and still, he would listen to me. I gave him the bike on his 8th birthday last month. Can you please tell him to wear the safety equipment.

    Hi Dave,
    This is my advise to your son. It's wise to wear a good condom even if he is not riding his bike.

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    Thursday, May 18, 2006
    Stress free by adjusting your chair.

    Sitting in front of the computer for 7-8 hours per day will give you a back pain. For me, using the right ergonomic chair is important to reduce stress and back pain. What is ergonomic chair?

    Italian Bernardino Ramazinni (1633-1714) became the first physician to write about work-related injuries and illnesses in his 1700 publication, "De Morbis Artificum (Diseases of Workers)". Ramazinni was ostracized by his fellow doctors for visiting the workplaces of his patients in order to identify the causes of their disorders. The term ergonomics (from the Greek words ergon [work] and nomos [natural laws]) first entered the modern lexicon when Wojciech Jastrze;bowski used the word in his 1857 article Rys ergonomji czyli nauki o pracy, opartej na prawdach poczerpnie;tych z Nauki Przyrody (adapted from a previous version of this page). -via Wikipedia

    So many ergonomic chairs in the market to choose from. It's important to pick the right ergonomic chair so that you can enjoy your wok even more. Make sure the ergonomic chair is "posture-friendly" and you are comfortable with the height and cushion. Lets see what the pro's think of the Aeron Ergonomic chair.

    Quality cost,s and the Aeron could not be described as a bargain in the traditional sense. I'm not really interested in whether the chair is a design classic or an icon. I've seen stuff in the Design Museum which may look fabulous but isn't usable. But the Aeron is a rare beast, it is stylish, comfortable and utilitarian. -via eGrindStone

    Time to get a new ergonomic chair. have a nice article on how to pick the best ergonomics chair.
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    Wednesday, May 17, 2006
    Is he fast or what?
    Any of you play the drums? I'm a drummer and i play metal and all metal drummers love to use double pedal. But this guy is fast...reaaaaally fast. Kicking at 1407 kicks per minute are just out of this world. I wish i can play like this guy.
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    Open vs Open; who will be on the top? My review.
    On May 12, 2006 CNET News released a news about FreeBSD vows to compete with GNU/Linux. I found the article really interesting. As a user of both party, i'm seeing this as love-and-hate relationship between both creator.

    FreeBSD developer Scott Long told ZDNet UK on Thursday that the operating system, descended from the Unix derivative BSD, is "quickly approaching" feature parity with Linux.

    "Lots of work is going on to make FreeBSD more friendly on the desktop," Long said. "Within the year, we expect to have, or be near, parity with Linux."

    The main focus of developers is to integrate FreeBSD with the GNOME and KDE desktop environments, and to add plug-and-play hardware capabilities. - via CNET.

    FreeBSD is a rock solid operating system that run most of big servers and it too can be run as a normal desktop OS. This is my two cents; Pro and Con coming from the news.

    FreeBSD need to drive more ports and application if it want to make it on users desktop in short amount of time. In my experience using FreeBSD, hardware driver support was and still the issue. With Gnu/Linux, you can get more hardware support even for Gentoo. I know Gentoo still need more improvements ( Ubuntu creator called Gentoo as click-and-crash) but it's going somewhere. Uh..i'm off topic now.

    FreeBSD is near to GNU/Linux with the release of DesktopBSD and PC-BSD. Even a small group released a live cd of BSD like Freesbie contributes to an even closer experience for Windows users. Based on KDE, PC-BSD kinda hogs you system a bit but that is not a big problem if you have huge processor and memory.

    I do hope FreeBSd can make it as the next open source operating system besides GNU/Linux. For me, i strogly suggest you try GNU/Linux for its better hardware support. But if you're looking for a rock-solid OOS, go for FreeBSD or OpenBSD (for running your own home server).

    Related read:
    1. O'Reilly testing PC-BSD.
    2. FreeBSDForum for help and tips.
    3. Malaysian BSD group.
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    Monday, May 15, 2006
    I love you, i love you not. Time to clean up those business cards.
    Yesterday my 8 months old daughter took my wallet and put it in her mouth. That is not the big news, that is normal for 8 months old. When she flipped my wallet, a whole bunch of business cards covers her toy. Ermm....

    So i picked all the business cards and lay it down. So, should i throw away those "heavy" cards or should i keep it for a while. This is what i did, i categorize it by functions:

    1. Don't need anymore - Because the company is out of bussiness, changed the phone number and the owner died ( it's true).
    2. Maybe i need it in the future - Most of the cards are about home contractors and computer dealers.
    3. Gold - Need i say more?

    Some of it was simply a print-out from a cheap printer (you can tell by when the colours started to "wash" out. Some just annoying, cramped with more annoying things. Some just love to use a super-tiny fonts and some just perfect. If you want to give me your business cards, make sure it's in the #3 spot or at least #2.
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    Do you really think i'm happy spamming others?
    Enough is enough! Several emails saying that my blog is solely for Adsense and a spammy blog. Yeah right. can't they see that my post are hand-made? I'm not using any content scrapping software to generate my content.
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    Thursday, May 11, 2006
    Marketing with Google with no money on the table; The Case Study.
    Disclaimer: This information is not at any level of guarantee success to your marketing plan. But in the long term, you know that you've taken the first step.

    Google is the biggest search engine with million of users using it per day. Tackling the big boy will gain you attention and in most cases, income. In this mini tutorial, i 'll try to explaine how to use Google to work for you.

    For this post, i'll break down the method into 2 categories:

    Search Engine.

    I'm sure most of my loyal readers already understand what is Adsense and how you can make revenue from it. You can always search for my tips about Adsense in my blog. I'm not going to cover about Adsense today but more into the search engine.

    Before that, i'm not a SEO expert and this post is not about SEO in details. If you want to know more about SEO, please refer to the websites below:

    1. SEOMoz
    2. Search Engine Watch.
    3. Just Google for SEO.

    Looking for a laser-targeted niche market is hard but Google just made it easy (not that easy). I'm talking about looking for the right keyword for your marketing plan. If you thought picking the right keyword is not important, think again.

    Let's move to the first step. I assumed that you already made a website or blog so i will skip the "how-to" make a website routine.

    Finding the Keyword.
    First you must read Google's Webmaster Guideline to understand the Yes and No.

    Now that you have read the guideline, it's time to find your keywords. Let say you're from UK and looking for the right keyword for your website. First, you need to know what's hot in the internet. By using Google Zeitgeist, you can figure out what's hot and start making your niche marketing plan. At the moment i'm writting this post, national lottery is on the top list and cheap flights at the #12 spot.

    Looking back at your marketing plan (i hope i have one), you now can spot which is which for your main keywords. Not only the zeitgeist gave out infomation coming from UK but from all Google's country search result. So, what is it for you? You can gather as much as you could about what is hot among surfers. Let say your website is about vacation and you want to know if that is the best keyword. Write down the keyword "vacation" on a piece of paper. It's time to figure out what is related to the word "vacation".

    By using Google AdWords Tool, you can get the most out of your keywords. According to the tool, related keywords are below:

    1. vacations
    2. accomodations.
    3. vacation package.
    4. travel deals.
    5. hotel deals.
    6. gateway.
    7. honeymoon etc.

    You also can get the popularity rank for each keywords, global search volume, possible keywords and more. A one-stop keyword tool for you and it's free. Study the charts base on your main keyword (e.g vacation) and always recheck the result once a week. Do this for about a month before decided to pick the right keywords.

    Do you want to know how many people are actually searching the word vacation? How about use Google Suggest? It will auto-complete the word for you. Next to the keyword, you can see the search volume. Compare this stats with the Google AdWords Tool to pin point the best keyword for you. Criss-crossing several keywords sometimes can help you get the main keywords.

    Thanks to Google's new feature, now you can get more info for comparisson. Google Trends is totally new and great tool to play with. Just type your keyword (vacation) and again, compare the stats.

    Have you tried Froogle yet? If not, you're missing the train of revenue. Froggle is a place for sellers selling their products and by using information (any info from Google works well) from it, you can determine what's selling like a hot cake.

    Now that you already have the secret weapon to paly big for free using Google, please study the stats, fact, figure and charts before choosing the keywords. Happy hunting.
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    OOS in Malaysia; will we see more OOS users?
    I wrote several "general" topics about GNU/Linux so that Malaysian readers can grap the main idea of GNU/Linux. I'm seeing more users are trying to shift to OOS such as Ubuntu, Debian or any type of distros. Well, maybe not the full GNU/Linux installation but the interest is there.

    On May 17 2005, Mampu has released a whitepaper for the state of Terengganu. It covers most of the GNU/Linux fundamental including FreeBSD. In the whitepaper, the state officers can understand how they can cut the state's cost in several million ringgit per year.

    You can read to whole whitepaper [PDF] to understand the basic of GNU/Linux. If you want to know more about GNU/Linux scene in Malaysia, My-OpenSource is a nice place to start.

    More links:
    1. Whitepaper from in 2002.
    2. Wikipedia on Linux in Malay.
    3. Malaysian OOS master plan.
    4. Linus; Just for fun book.

    Ermm...GNU/Linux is under one man order but FreeBSD is under core team. One side said drop the man so that GNU/Linux can be made into more stable and faster release date. But on the other side said let him be, he is the creator of GNU/Linux.

    Both are heading to one main goal which is great. Lately, i'm itching to get my FreeBSd machine running back again. Nah...i'm not dumping GNU/Linux just breathing a fresh new air.
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    Wednesday, May 10, 2006
    The correct way to pick your nose.
    I was this close to write about the correct way to pick your nose. Yup, i'm getting weirder everyday....i've told you before didn't i?
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    Writting the past now.
    I'm wondering, when ill the past become the past? Just a moment ago i just wrote something and it's in the past. See, i did it again. Blah...i did it again.

    Every single second (quater of micro seconds) ago, i'm actually writing my past. Every seconds in the past were documented by me, you and search engines.

    I know this post looks like a riddle but think about it, time keeps on moving forward no matter how hard we're trying not to step into the future. What future? This future, the same future as i type this post. So what can the past tell us?

    As a blogger, that means everything and anything. Search engines will cached every single word in this post or any post. The past can tell you if im not in the mood to play or if i'm happy or sad; it could be anything.

    Maybe my future boss is reading this very post at this very moment! Maybe my daughter will read the history of her father in next 10 years. Every words that are on your screen right now is a mirror of my past and future.

    Man, this is deep for me. See you in the future.
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    After all these years, now i understand (not really).

    Rich Dad Poor Dad has been the best selling book for years now. Last month, ive decided to re-read the book again. This time, i got smarter and note down the points given. Normally i will note down the points from any book but i don't why it slips off.

    The first chapters are great reading; giving you the idea of money, which is true and solid statement from Robert Kiyosaki. Moving to the next chapter, i'm not comfortable with the idea of getting rich by diving into real-estate. For a mid-level worker like me, investing in real estate is a huge jump. Several question kept on bouncing back and forth in my mind.

    1. If i have $500 in my bank, how can i buy a real estate?
    2. Where to start?
    3. What kind of real estate to grap?
    4. Etc.

    Robert kept on going about his rich dad and how he made money from real estate but not once Robert Kiyosaki mention about how his dad started to built his wealth from real estate.

    In his book, Robert said that his rich dad told him not to work with a company but buy that company. Now my head started to hurt. In his book, Robert told us that he was the top salesperson selling a machine before he made his first million. Now, using my logical thinking cap, we need to start somewhere to gain capitol unless your uncle goes by the name of Bill Gates.

    Again, his books were (are) the best sellers. In my honest opinion, Robert is selling his story not the "how-to". He made a whole bunch of money from seminars, tapes, CD's, game and books. Maybe i'm wrong but this is my point of view about his book. So, all of the Rich Dad cult members, you can follow Robert's tips if it's working for you.

    Kiyosaki wrote that he will keep his company secret. Ermm....if he made millions per year, don't you agree that his company in a public-listed company? How can a public company running behind the widescreen? Not even once he mentioned about the name of his company.

    From my view, learning about the basic of money from Kiyosaki is great but it will leave you hanging with nothing to grap on. I better off reading Donald Trump.
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    Jamloceng in the newspaper.
    Yup, you read it right. A recent coverage by a local newspaper about me and my blog and how i made $12,500 per month from my blog.

    Read more..
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    Friday, May 05, 2006
    Free TV show anyone?
    But before that, you're not in the wrong blog. This is jamloceng but with a nicer skin. So don't start deleting your bookmark okay. ChannelChooser is great to stream your favourite TV show for free. Well, i don't know if it's really free but according to them it's free and legal. About 70 channels to watch (including adult) starting from cartoon right up to Blomberg news. I love to watch Reuter News.

    Another free streaming for grab is from WwiTV. If you're a student from Malaysia studying in other part of the world, you can watch some local show here. With 3000 live feed, you can stream or download the show for offline viewing. Have fun and i'm off to stream ABC news some more.
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    Double search box; our second nature?
    I've found that most website are starting to add two search-box in their site. This is to make sure users can search anything easily without scrolling up or down.

    One search-box on top of the page and the other is at the bottom of the page. Look at Google for example, by providing double search box, searching with Google is faster.

    What does this means? It means everything to Adsense publishers. I must explain about it more (if you're not an Adsense publisher) to make my point clear. Everytime visitors (who used your search box from your site or blog) search for something and click on the results, the Adsense publisher will make some money.

    Back to the question above. I'm seeing a new trend of placing double search box in several sites and as an Adsense publishers, we can use this "second-nature" of ours to gain some profit interest.

    The bad news is, we can't add more Adsense search box. We can put other search box from other company, which is against Adsense policy. Now we are left behind a new trend of web design.

    Our "second nature" we picked up in the internet is Google. What ever Google released, we will follow. Simple as that. When will Adsense allow us (publishers) to use more search box? Beware, over doing it will make your site looks like spammy site.
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    Thursday, May 04, 2006
    RSS hack to rip video from YouTube.
    This is not the best way to rip video from YouTube but it is faster. You don't have to login to YouTube (YT) and wait all the result to load. Simple yet fun to try. I'm using their RSS for this hack.

    Tools you need to have:
    1. Firefox or any browser that supports Flash.
    2. RSSOwl for your main source.

    Now that i have covered the tool, shal we start?

    Install RSSOwl and run it. Go to YT website and stream down their RSS using RSSOwl. Several RSS for you to pick according to your greedy needs.

    Update the RSS from RSSOwl and now you're ready to watch some nice video without have to wait the whole website to load. Copy the full url of the flash movie into your browser or stand-alone Flash player. You can watch a tutorial made by me using CamStudio [freeware].
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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006
    Jamloceng has leave the building.
    First of all, i would like to announce that i'm using the full content for my feed. So, no more "half" content for my feed readers. I'm conducting an experiment about the full content feed.

    If Steve Rubel take a leap off the internet, nobody would notice it. If Darren decided not to blog anymore, we all will move on but if Adsense not making money, most of us will go "yada-da-doo-i-don't-believe-it".

    Come on, it's not the end of the road. Try selling milk or something, that would be a good jump start to increase your income.

    This post is a late post because i want to wait for the issue to cool down a little bit. The reason is, i'll not going to pull reader to read this post if i posted it at the same time as the hot issue few weeks back. What is the hot issue?

    It's about the ugly website that made $10,000 per day! Yes, i know most of you already read about it bla bla bla but have you read my view about it? See, i know you want me to comment on this.

    PlentyOfFish (the ugly website) is a free online dating that pulls millions of people to use their free service. Why does an ugly website made so much money from Adsense? Boys and girls, it's time for some history class.

    At the early stage of internet ( early 90's), many instant webmaster were releasing their website in just days. I can remember looking at simple and plain websites with virtually no images, that load so fast even with my 14K modem. At that time, nobody really care about placing images or flash (don't get me started with flash sites) because the internet boom just started. Early birds already making huge money.

    Look at Google, do you think the design is cool? Not at all but it's the world top search engine! More and more people are leaping from Yahoo to Google because Google is fast and with all those blinking ads allover the page.

    Let us go back to PlentyOfFish shall we. First it attracts millions per day and that is the main reason. Yes, that simple no magic formula or vodoo dolls along the line. No matter where you put your Adsense ads, if you got low visits per day; you're not going to make even a dollar per day. Adsense placement is important and i'm not going to debating on that but publishers always forget about the one and only one reason; traffic.

    Blend it, fake it but still not making money from those clicks? Try getting your main contributor first. I'm not going to say it it easy, heck i'm still learning but i know where the money comes from. No silly, money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in the ocean.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:15 PM  
    Peaceful Zen of Spam.
    Take a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds. Now,slowly release all the stress. daily meditation session after being spam'ed by hundreds of emails.

    So, as usuall, marked it as spam and hoping it will stay off my beach of joy. Getting spam'ed is not the greatest thing to popup in life.

    The trend of spam is now moving to more complex method. Before this, most spams were about sexual pills, breast enlargement and so on. But now, spams are circulating for pray in the blog department.

    So many spam about blogging service, softwares, eBook etc and i can't stand it anymore. Just you spammers forget, i'm a blogger and i know what blogging is!

    Deep breath...hold....release.

    No, i'm not mad just this close to being mad.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:30 PM  
    Call me Beastie if you please.
    BSD, is a Unix operating system grounding most internet servers and still one of the most trusted OS around the globe.
    The history of Unix development at Berkeley has been recounted in detail by Marshall Kirk McKusick in his chapter in the O'Reilly book Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution. It is now possible to get a two and a half hour video in which he brings the history to life complete with anecdotes and interesting footnotes to the historical narrative.

    Marshall Kirk McKusick's work with Unix development spans some twenty years. From his first paper on the implementation of Berkeley Pascal in 1979, to his pioneering work in the eighties on the BSD Fast File System, the BSD virtual memory system, the final release from the UC Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group, 4.4 BSD Lite2, and his work on FreeBSD. A key figure in Unix and BSD development, his experiences chronicle not only the innovative technical achievements but also the interesting personalities and philosophical debates in Unix over the past twenty years. His talk covers many of these areas as he describes his years at the Computer Systems Research Group at Berkeley. - via McKusick.

    Did you know the mascot of BSD doesn't have a name? Some of us call the short-red-devil as Chuck and some (including me) called him Beastie. According to Kirk McKusick (the creator of BSD), the mascot doesn't have any name!

    Can i call the mascot Boobee-boo? What? Too girly? LOL.
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    Download of the day 03/05/06
    After i have tested Wink, a great screen capture tool, today i'm going to introduce you to CamStudio.

    CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using it's built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). - via MajorGeek.

    You can create a nice tutorial video or presentation video in AVI and Flash format. It's small, easy to use and free too! Yeaa...another freeware to download. To view a demo that i made using CamStudio, please click here to view the video complete with audio.

    This tool also can be use as your marketing tool. Create a flash video about your product in just few clicks. With a built-in AVI and Flash player, you can view the result after you're satisfied with the result. Add some audio and your video is ready to upload.

    CamStudio lack of editing function. With Wink, you can cut any frame that you don't need and paste another images on top of it. If you want more control, Wink is still the best screen capture tool but if you want a straight forward screen capture tool, try CamStudio.
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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006
    Short tutorial how to encrypt your torrent downloads.
    To view the tutorial that i made, please click here for a flash movie.
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    Description half-spam from YouTube.
    Lately i'm seeing a half-spam from YouTube. Okay, not from YouTube directly but from the uploaders. I'm not sure if i'm on the right track but YouTube is not a blog!

    Just for example ( i have nothing against the uploader ), try clicking this link about Bloodhound Gang. I know some people just need extra info about the video but writting down every single details will spoil the fun right?

    For some uploaders, they want to promote their website or blog to the mass and that's fine with me. I love reading or viewing new stuff but throwing a whole bunch of words in the description column is shoo'ing your viewers. I don't know if this is for feeding the search engine or not and i don't know YouTube stand is regarding this matter.

    Maybe, just maybe YouTube already set their Robot.txt to disable search engine crawlers from feeding the description but what if YouTube forget to do so?

    Will the crawlers feed on the keywords? If yes, another door just opened to the black hat SEO and they will do anything to make big money from people.

    Again, search for the hypnosis from YouTube and you can see pretty heavy load of long descriptions.

    Maybe YouTube should put a limit sign in the description. Any idea?
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    Ermm...what did i do wrong?
    This is interesting. Look at the underlines. What did i do? Let me think for a second. Coming out from the toilet? Nope. Ermm...eating my toe nails? Nope, not that.

    Maybe YouTube just trying to be funny. Yeah, like i want to hack their server of something. It would be funny tho if i email them about the error saying "As i walked out from the toilet, i got an error from YouTube and that scared the hell out of me".

    Again, Happy Birthday to MEEEEE......!!!! Ooo..i'm in the mood for another cake.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:12 PM  
    Happy birthday to me!
    Not just it was my birthday ( 29 April ) but it's my blog first birthday. Cool eh? Now, where's my gift? Just a short post to tell you that i'm still alive.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:13 PM  
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