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    Friday, April 28, 2006
    How To Link Bait To Increase Popularity: The Ultimate Handbook by Jamloceng.
    I know, that was a long title because i can't figure out the best short title to pick. But seriously, i've been watching blog trends for months now. Some author ( it's becoming anooying to type "blogger" nowdays ) fire-up some competition and some will stay away from Google.

    If you want to increase your popularity, read this Ultimate Handbook for link baiting. Share it, Digg it or just give it to your pet; i don't care.

    What is link baiting? Long story short, it's getting zillion of link pointing back to your website or blog. Is it important to have all those links? YES if you're running your blog for the public to read or marketing products and NO if your blog just for your dog to chew on.

    Link baiting is in the grey zone of major search engines. Don't confused link baiting with doorway pages. Like i said, it's in the grey zone so maybe one day major search engines will put link baiting in the blacklist.

    Now that i have covered the important issue, shall we proceed?

    Link baiting comes in several forms and they all lead to one answer, human interest. That simple? Yes and you don't have to crack any Da Vinci Code from Google. You can create crazy articles or almost anything that can triggers the human interest.

    To understand more about how to create a super link baiting, please read the examples below for better understanding.

    Case study #1 - Google Fasting.
    Chris Pirillo made a promise not to use Google for a week (or more). So what's the hype? Before i tell you, try typing "google fasting" in Google and look at the figures. Looking back at the date Chris made his "weird" ritual, it was started on Feb 22 in 2006. Back to the question why so many people jumping up and down for the post?

    Nobody can deny that Google IS the number one search engine followed by Yahoo and MSN. Yes the result is a mix between Chris's post and some ancient Indian fasting ritual but most of the result are pointing to Chris's blog.

    He just pops the human interest! People want to see the result and what he learned from Google fasting. That is what i called human interest. I know Chris can use other search engines but still, it's like uninstall Windows XP and use Windows 3.1 in split second decision. I read a survey done by Uni students (sorry, can't recall the source), 7 out of 10 people set their browser to Google. So, now you know why so many people linking back to Chris's blog. You too can create the buzz in the internet like "no blogging for a month and will keep it update daily in my blog" or "Stay away from Wal-Mart for 3 years". Get your own super weird brain to fork out the best link baiting.

    Case study #2 - Create a new word or language.
    Hard? Not really if you are John Scott who ran a contest using a new word. He is offering you over $4000 is you can get "V7ndotcom Elursrebmem" on top of search engines. Try typing the word "v7ndotcom elursrebmem" in Google and look at how many unique links referring to the word.

    So I decided to choose keywords which have a more personal meaning. The keywords I chose indicate the value this community places upon community. The v7n community has always been, in my opinion, a couple notches above other forums where community is involved. Several of the members here have been steadfast friends, with whom I discuss personal issues that I'd never discuss with people who I didn't consider to be true friends. I believe this community has created several such friendships, and in that respect v7n is unique among webmaster forums. - via

    You can take your blog to another level of link baiting using money. He uses a logical thinking to link baiting; that's everybody want money. "There's no free lunch" and it's true. In order to get huge link to his forum, Scott is offering money and people will put a back link in order to win to money. Again, by using human interest link baiting can improve your popularity and yes, pagerank.

    Case study #3 - Create a new tool.
    Performancing Metric is great to track and compare stats from your blog or website. Not just that, they also offering blogging tool for Firefox and it's all free!

    Giving away free tool and service are great to get a fast linking. People will start downloading it and review it in their blogs and yes, they will put a link within the content. First, lets take a look at Performancing's extension for Firefox.

    This extension is great for blogger so that they can blog from within their browser. There's no need to install a 10Mb software, just a small XPI and off you go. More and more people are turning their head (and trust) to Firefox and by offering the extension, Performancing will be one of the first party to offer tool for blogger.

    I'm seeing this as a "throwing 2 birds with a stone" issue. First, Firefox and the second is blog. Blog is getting bigger and bigger and authors are getting excited about the extension. Combining both can flood your popularity in just days.

    Performancing Metrics is a free tracking service by them. Yes, anothe free stuff from them that is making huge impact in blogsphere. This tool is for tracking and comparing stats coming from your blog or website. With nothing to install or server needed, this tracking script is easy to use even for non geek authors.

    Authors (bloggers) are becoming "stat junkies" because they're driven by Adsense or any other affiliate method. With the need to "read" their visitors, authors need to use the right tool and Performancing just offering it for free.

    Case study #4 - Fool the Diggers.
    I just love Digg (once) for giving out the latest news all around the world. Most diggers (people who dug stories) will pickup some interesting stoy (i don't know why diggers trying to be the "first" to submit to Digg) and submit it to Digg so others can read. Once the story is on the frontpage, diggers will flood the source of story in seconds.

    A digger ran an experiment (was it?) with a title "Nano-mario wants his amazing RIAA photos!" and in seconds, people are flooding the website! By using a fancy and attention-grabbing title, bait linking is easy.

    Most diggers consider themselves as editor and they can pick which link to get a digg. By hypnotizing them, you too can get a nice bait linking.

    Case study #5 - Just pure content.
    How should i put this? I'm sure all of you already heard about "content is King" but i'm thinking how to make it simple. I can't think any, it's just plain simple. A good content ill always pull huge visits not just in the short run but also in the long run.

    Copyblogger is a great example on getting the right spotlights. Showing others how to write a good content, surely can get a nice juicy back link. Why was that you may ask. Below is my view about CopyBlogger.

    Again, by the booming of blogs, new authors (such as me) are looking for way to improve our content. Okay, i'm not into the "news" kind of blogger but still learning from the pro never going to hurt you. By learning, new authors can get more wider readers and the readers will spread the words.

    That's about it about my ultimate guide for link baiting. I'm sure not all the party mentioned above is link baiting but the effect of link baiting can be achvie by using several methods. No need to beg for link just to improve your pagerank. Getting your content to work for you is better compared to begging for a higher pagerank.

    Again, play along with ideas on how to get the spotlights glittering on you. I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as i enjoy writting it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:29 PM  
    Thursday, April 27, 2006
    Bug me not, i'm not registering.
    I always visit PCMag for the latest review or news. The best part about PCMag is you can donwload software from their website. The ugly part is, you have to register to login before the download starts.

    I'm not looking forward signing into several website just to get or read something. So, i by-pass the registration and straight to the download page.

    BugMeNot is a free service to generate logins for you. Just enter the full URL of the download page into BugMeNot and it wil generate several logins. Let say i want to get Altiris Layer ( a great sandbox by the way for Win ) and PCMag asking me for my login. Use BugMeNot instead to bypass the registration. Cool.

    Click here to view the mini-tutorial i made using Wink. Great tool too.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:17 PM  
    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    How NOT to use captcha for your blog.

    Look at the captcha above. It's cool to use captcha to prevent spam comments but using all letters for captcha is not a wise thing. Mix it with numbers to avoid "Where-did-i-go-wrong" speech.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:35 PM  
    I rather hear someone yell.
    Have you been in a situation when somebody whispering on the phone? I had that too often and guess what, it was annoying. Speak up will you i can't understand a word here.

    Once, a women talking softly on the phone and i can't pick up a word she was saying. So i pollitely told her to repeat what she just said. Again, all i heard was like she is having a nap or something.

    I don't care if she spoke in broken Malay or broken English. Heck, i use a truck full of broken English in my blog. That's not important as long as we all can understand each other.

    Sorry ma'am, did you just said screw me? Are trying to moleste me by the phone?

    What about people whoo just love to talk really loud? ears are bleeding and blood dripping from the corner of the ears. I was like, holding my phone 5 feets from my ear and still can hear the loud voice. Normally i'll just said that i'm in the middle of dinner or meeting and i hang up. Not to be rude but i can't stand hearing loud voices on the phone.

    Be moderate while on the phone. People do judge us from the tone of our voice.

    By the way, who invented the finger? You know, the middle finger whenever someone got mad; that finger. Seriously, who invented the finger thing? Have he tried something else before he invented the finger? Why can't that person use a knee or pimple sign? Why must the finger?

    'I'm mad right now and here's my finger for you! Screw you [and some more finger showing]".

    This world is getting weirder every single day. I'm using the opposite method in my style of blogging, not shouting and not whispering either. I'm on the middle level. Here is my tip to blogging:

    The No Whispering Blogging.
    Broken English or not, try deliver your points straight forward. Speaking (blogging in this case) in riddles not going to help. Come on, we are not from the Batman fighting the Riddler episode. I got so many emails telling me to improve my English writting. I really love to read readers comments but as i stated earlier, as long as we understand each other, that's okay.

    A whispering blogger sub category is the Scroll-Ups type. Don't you just hate when you have to kept on scrolling up and down while reading a blog? You know, the "i just explain this in my first paragraph" bloggers. I'll never bookmarke that kind of bloggers not now not in the next life.

    The No Shouting Blogging.
    Do you love when somebody shouting at you? No? Great, i don't have to explain more. Some bloggers just love to shout at their readers. Normally these type of blogger considered they're holier than thou. "I'm a pro blogger and you should listen to me!" kind of post just not going to be in my bookmark list.

    But crazy enough, people like to be shout at once in a while. Many bloggers are applying this method to gain readers. I don't know but people just love reading other people mad at each other.

    Which type of blogger are you?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:06 PM  
    Only a title. Can you digg it?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:37 PM  
    A week without TV challange.
    I just can't stop nagging while watching any boring show on tv. What is my kind of tv show? Discovery Channel, Animal Planet; that kind of show. So i'm chanllenging my self to not to watch tv for a week starting next Monday.

    The only thing i'll watch is the news ( the 30 minutes one, not the full hour news) at night. The rest, i'm relying on internet or a crappy drunken friends of mine ( either one is valid news tho).

    No, seriously i'm trying to avoid watching tv for a week. All of us just can't wait to go home and holding the tool of the Kings; the remote. Weekends, should i put it, i'll be infront of the tv from morning to late night. I'm giving a bad impression for my daughter and i want to avoid that.

    What shall i do next Monday? Blog more? Play chess with an old guy in the park? Counting sheeps?

    Most likely i'll go for "counting sheeps. LOL.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:11 PM  
    Freeware equals to "I-don't-care-about-you"?
    I need to get it out from my chest, fast! Freeware software authors (not all) are not going to take care of your computer or give you their helpdesk address too.

    Almost all freeware i've tried, it's clearly stated "As it is". What was that about? Moving to the next text, they stated "Not responsible for any damage...". Both indicates that you're own your own if your computer gone in smoke.

    The real question is, is it true freeware really that good? Looking at other freeware (in open source code) like FireFox, Thunderbird etc, the authors are willing to give our supports and fix any bugs found in their softwares. Maybe i'm wrong but most freeware that don't care about you are closed-code softwares. Bump in the head? Not really.

    A good example of close-code freeware is w.Bloggar. The author took some time to setup a forum for users and most of the users are glad about the support forum. by the way, wBloggar is a great blog publishing software.

    I know freeware don't have to provide any support or help to users because it's free. But, at least setup a help forum so that users can entertain one another. Most authors will say "I don't have time to check the bugs because i'm to busy playing PSP" and that is not a good impression. Maybe one day the freeware became a huge hit and Google decided to buy it. Look ahead into the future and your future boss/buyers.

    Once, i received an email from a freeware author saying that he's busy with collage. I'm okay with that and i gave him my suggestion; open the code so more people can help you fix any bugs. Then he replied back with such a not-so-clever answer "People will copy my code and made their own". True, people will rip his code but his freeware will grow even further.

    Take Firefox for example, they gain so many exposure by giving out the code. Yes, human interest is the best strategy on internet. Software or non software, human interest can boost your popularity in days. By using this rule of thumb, you can release a shareware version to gain some revenue. But first, take care of the human interest first by taking care of the freeware.

    Do you think a wild yak in Nepal will download your freeware? Or do you really think Elvis is torrenting your freeware from Maldives? Not at all my friends. Both are not going to use the freeware. That's why it's important to take care of the human interest part.

    My suggestion to freeware authors that still hanging tight to "As it is" policy, release the code to the public so that others can improve the code. If they ( the authors) don't have the time to fix the bugs, releasing the code can cut your time into half. Yes, there are still honest coders out there willing to help.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:11 AM  
    Tuesday, April 25, 2006
    Shame-on-you message to pirated Vista users.
    This is cool, coming from the big name of operating system. "If you can't beat em, shame em" is their new motto. Looks like tommorow, we ( Malaysian ) will start witching to GNU/Linux ( i hope ) to avoid the shame.

    The anti-piracy move is being kicked off in five countries tomorrow – the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

    Users whose machines have been affected will only be able to get rid of the tattoo if they install a genuine copy of Windows. Prices range from RM320 for a copy of Windows XP Home (OEM version) to RM510 for Windows XP Pro (OEM version). “Or they can put up with being ‘nagged’ by the pop-up message every time they use their computers,” said K.T. Ng, group manager for Windows Client solutions at Microsoft Malaysia.

    If they were businessmen or corporate executives, it would be embarrassing if their clients saw the tattoo indicating that a pirated copy of Windows was being used, he said. -via TheStar.

    Wow, i'm so proud to be Malaysian tp be on the top first list. Okay, i was being sarcastic but is this "human" enough to stop piracy? What was all the fuss about? Don’t cry over spilled milk. Forget MS and use OOS such as GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.

    I’m not trash-talking about MS but hanging on to one source is dangerous. They’re forcing us to change our hardware and our computing habits. According to Richard Stallman, OS should “obey” the users–nicely said.

    Linux ( the exact term is GNU/Linux according to the open GPL and GPL ) is getting better in terms of hardware supports and software functions.

    Aghori, a friend of mine once said, “If you can’t run it, emu ( emulate ) it” and how true that was. You can un MS core/non-core kernel-made softwares on GNU/Linux by using Wine. Before i type this comment, i just finish playing Counter Strike ( ok, i admit..during work hour is a big NO NO but i was bored ) on my Debian.

    Forget about the Solitaire ( default installation of GNU/Linux already have Solitaire ) and get back to the matter. I’m seeing this ( maybe on the bias side ) as invation of freedom.

    From the start, computer always the slave and we ( the users ) are the master. Now, the wheel just turned more often.

    Embarrassing ? Yes, you got that right. So the question is WHY use pirated OS? For me, it will break down to the price of the OS itself. As a buyer, i have all the rights to spend my money base on my budget and needs. Now, scrolling back up, i stated about invation on freedom. Don’t you think forcing users is a part of invading ( denial to be exact ) our freedom? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying lets start writing angry-mail to Gates.

    If ( a strong if i might add ) using Vista is the only last resort, then buy the original OS but if you’re sticking to pirated cd, why not use something free as GNU/Linux?

    Ubuntu, Mandrake ( now it’s Mandriva ), Suse etc is free to download. If you want to try *BSD flavour OS, why not try DesktopBSD as your desktop OS or dive into FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

    Come on, i know most of you just loooove free stuff right? I know i am.

    I do know that some software and hardware are hard-coded into MS and i don’t deny it. Even at my office, sometimes i have to switch from MS to GNU/Linux. But, i’m seeing a fast growth of GNU/Linux supported hardware and software in making. Wait for another 2-3 months and i’m off to download it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:48 PM  
    How to Roll a Cigar.
    Some said cigar from Cuba is the best cigar in the world. Here, in Malaysia, a good Cuban cigar can fork out RM500 ( around $100 ) from your wallet. Why don't we get our hands dirty and roll our own cigar.

    Take a binder leaf and set it on your rolling surface with the thick veins (the underside of the leaf) facing up. Don't roll too tightly or you won't get a draw. On the other hand, if it is too loose, you've got something fat and weird. This takes a little practice. Do all your binding and set all the bound cigars aside. Now get your wrapper and do the same thing. - via Wiki.eHow.

    Nice eh. Smoookin' LOL.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:11 AM  
    Monday, April 24, 2006
    How he switched from Microsoft to Linux.
    Reading this interview gave me something to think about. Ernie Ball, the world most respected guitar strings maker is now on GNU/Linux.

    Humiliated by the experience, Ball told his IT department he wanted Microsoft products out of his business within six months. "I said, 'I don't care if we have to buy 10,000 abacuses,'" recalled Ball, who recently addressed the LinuxWorld trade show. "We won't do business with someone who treats us poorly."

    Ball's IT crew settled on a potpourri of open-source software--Red Hat's version of Linux, the OpenOffice office suite, Mozilla's Web browser--plus a few proprietary applications that couldn't be duplicated by open source. Ball, whose father, Ernie, founded the company, says the transition was a breeze, and since then he's been happy to extol the virtues of open-source software to anyone who asks. He spoke with CNET about his experience. - via

    Yeaaa for Ernie Ball for taking a really big step in using GNU/Linux.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:18 PM  
    MACH and FreeBSD are incompetent idiots--said Linux founder.
    "I claim that Mach people (and apparently FreeBSD) are incompetent idiots. Playing games with VM is bad. memory copies are _also_ bad, but quite frankly, memory copies often have _less_ downside than VM games, and bigger caches will only continue to drive that point home." - via KernelTrap.

    This is not the first time Linus on fire. Several years ago, MACH was "insane" according to Linus when MACH approach ( filesystem and VM ) leads to managing multiversion pages.

    Talk about GNU/Linux, i'm downloading DesktopBSD and fork version of FreeBSD. I friend of mine told me to try it and this is my first attempt to try DesktopBSD, so i'm not taking out my party-hat yet.

    From the reviews, DesktopBSD seems to be on the right track ( exclude the VM issues ) to make BSD more simple and interesting for non Unix, GNU/Linux users. But if you don't to mess around with your hard drive, use Freesbie Live-CD first. It'll run BSD on CD.

    Update: DesktopBSd is not a fork version of FreeBSD- via FAQ.

    Click here to watch a video about installing FreeBSD.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:30 PM  
    XP windows ultimate tips to make it faster.
    Jon Watson will show you how to make XP runs faster. Below is the video for you who are struggling to get your XP to work twice as fast as GNU/Linux. Watch the video first and then read my 2 cents.

    Running an OS on top of another OS is nothing new to hardcore users. Just emu ( emulates ) the OS you want to run and wallaa, another OS on top of your existing OS. Confussing eh?

    Wine or Line are emulator for GNU/Linux, BSD and Windows. Now the big story before running any emus.

    You need huge RAM and processor. Running dual OS will eats up your RAM right to the bone. Make sure your hardware support GNU/Linux and XP. If not, you'll end up with a frozen pc doing nothing for you. Another great emu is coLinux ( it should be GNU/Linux according to Richard Stallman ).

    Running emu within GNU/Linux ( vice versa ) going to take alot of swap files. Make sure your hard drive is no longer from the 90's ( less than 1GB ) and running at 7200 per spin.

    I was hoping Jon whould use the "format C:/" tips, that would be funny. Well, everybody have their own favourite OS but it's not going to hurt trying a new OS such as GNU/Linux ( Ubuntu, Mandrake, Debian, Fedora etc ).
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:07 PM  
    Friday, April 21, 2006
    Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies.
    A nice website to read. Full of information about human dignity and how to cope with it.

    We are dedicated to ending humiliating practices and breaking cycles of humiliation throughout the world.

    We believe that through this, space is opened for mutual respect and esteem to take root and grow. We believe that a mindset of connection and a spirit of shared humility is necessary - and not a mindset of humiliation.- via HumiliationStudies.

    This website is SLOOOWW to load so please give it some time ( ermm...was it because i'm downloading huge Linux torrent? ) and it's worth waiting for.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:05 PM  
    Suggestion for
    I just love YouTube to find interesting video and as one of my source for idea. Google Video also great but i'm more into YouTube (some said i'm an Elvis-person ).

    YouTube should place their "search" box at the bottom of every result. Scrolling up everytime to find new video making my mouse puke. Ok, not puke but my middle button is losing its grip.

    If the "next page" button can be at the bottom, why can't the search box? I hope they didn't wait until people start digging this before placing the search box at the bottom.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:37 PM  
    Thursday, April 20, 2006
    DIY video made your life more easier.
    Internet is great as a source for information and the best thing is, it comes in visual. Thanks to YouTube, now you can learn how to clean your carpets, skin the potato, how to make a perfect fried chicken and more.

    Don't you just love internet? I have no idea if my friends in China can watch the video due to the "limiting internet usage" from their rulers. But i do hope friends from China can enjoy the internet s much as i am.

    To watch those fancy DIY video, please click this link. By the way, DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself and yeaaa weekend is near.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:46 PM  
    Wednesday, April 19, 2006
    Quick link 19/04/06
    DiggDesk v1.0 is the first skinnable digg, reddit and YouTube posts retriever (soon to be added other sites as well). It has never been so fast and easy to read posts from your favorite category.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:31 PM  
    How do i prove i'm right? I cracked the password.
    Another post with " I'm not a hacker" on the first sentence. It started about a month ago when a friend of mine said that he's ( was ) using the safest password combination. I won't argue with him (yet) but after several minutes of hearing the same "show-off-talk", i decided to put it on test.

    So i told him to give me 2 minutes to crack his password and no peeping. Cracking Windows SAM database is not that hard only if you have the admin rights on your hand.

    I'm using Ophcrack ( Win32 version ) to crack the password. It's a password cracker based on time-memory using rainbow tables. Under a minute, i'm done with the password plus a print out of the password in 24point font size.

    SSTIC04-5k (720MB) and SSTIC04-10k (388MB) are distributes freely unde GNU GPL. SSTIC04-5k is for machine atleast 500M of RAM and the other table runs for machine less than 500M of RAM.

    Don't crack your office SAM database without any approval or you'll never see the sun again ( aka : You're fired!).

    Extra info about Rainbow tables and securing your password:
    1. Sarah D. Scalet
    2. AntiOnline.
    3. SecurityFocus.
    4. Cain/Abel.
    5. Wikipedia on Rainbow table.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:59 PM  
    Blind blogger frustated with
    I'm searching for blind blogger and i found this link about a frustated blind man. I'm not sure if Blogspot already fix this issue or not but i'm hope all the blind users out there can enjoy blogging as much as we are.

    It turns out that many of the features in the post editor are little buttons which you must click with your mouse. this is not possible for blind folks. the screen reading software that we use does not read the buttons for uploading a picture ETC.- via Rusty Perez

    I do know that many website are not "handicap friendly". Please don't forget our disable friends, they deserve the same experience like us. Any AJAX coder out there willing to help the disables? Not sure if AJAX can help our friends or not but i'm sure somebody out there can code in AJAX.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:06 PM  
    Tuesday, April 18, 2006
    If splog is spamblog, what is sptag?
    This really disturbing for me. The same tag for Digg, Delicious and so many others that i don't want to remember. No, i'm not mad just not feeling good about this new type of spam. I'll call it sptag.

    Sptag ( i made up the word so don't start Wiki me yet ) is Spam Tagging. The same news from Digg right up to Tecnorati and i'm not going to waste my time reading the same re-post and re-cycle the same thing.

    In Digg the title read as something like "The best 10 armpit trick" but in other bookmarking it's "Show this trick to your girlfriend" but it only leads to the same post.

    Are we seeing spammer using social bookmarking as their new assult weapon? Social bookmarking providers should create a new system to scan tag from each other to make sure no duplicate tag pointing to the same link.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:20 PM  
    Google Idol soon.
    Care to take part in the latest reality show? It's called Google Idol. Since my post about Google Health, i'm trying to figure out what's next.

    Okay, i know this might sound silly but play along will you. Google Video is making huge in internet and it's growing even bigger every month. Long story short, maybe we'll see video tagging from Google. Maybe i'm wrong about this but ( a strong 'but' there ) as we all know the bus never leave Google.

    Talk about video, care to watch this uhmm...interesting video? Another good reason to listen to your parents before signing up with any singing competition. Don't watch the video if you're on medication but what the hack....just watch it.

    Not my fault your face turned green. I've told you not to watch :P
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:52 PM  
    Amazon: No Longer the Role Model for E-Commerce Design--said Jakob Nielsen.
    Cluttered pages. Amazon's product pages are littered with extraneous features, ranging from a "Gold Box" over a "wish list spree" to promotions for reading glasses and other irrelevant products. A single book page I analyzed contained 259 links and buttons. It was so cluttered that key product information -- like publication date, page count, and average review rating -- was three screensfulls below the fold (on a standard 1024 x 768 screen). Cluttered pages might work for Amazon because its users are typically long-time customers who know the features and can easily screen them out. Although first-time visitors are no doubt overwhelmed, by now they account for a tiny percentage of Amazon's revenues.- via UseIt.

    The title and the quote are not mine. It belongs to Jakob Nielsen, a researcher based on eyetracking and website usability. A mind opening article for me. Jakob also produce other great article about web design, the DO's and the DON'T's, mistakes made in layouts and more.

    The big buzz from blogsphere is his research about the "F-shaped pattern for reading website". In days, most JWB changed their layout in order to get those clicks from Adsense. Wow, that was fast.

    For me, this is old news. Using logical thinking, we all read from top left and skimming down a bit. Unless you read an Arabic blog, you need to read from top right. " big again eh Jamloceng? Why does your Adsense not in place?". Don't forget, i'm a mind reader and i know what is in your mind LOL.

    Actually, i got a lot of that question. The answer is, i'm not a slave of Adsense! I can place it anywhere i want and i still can get those clicks. It's fine with me if you want to adjust your layout according to Adsense heatmap. Re-design your layout will not make any big different in your Adsense income. You still need the best 'forgotten weapon' to quit your day job.

    Can i give you the answer after my lunch? I'm hungry and i'll be back another 2 hours.

    Uhh? So i can't have my lunch yet eh? So nice of you guys stopping me from having my lunch. Okay, the answer to "what is the forgotten secret weapon for Adsense?" is GMT.

    Ooo....i like torturing you my readers once in a while. What is GMT? Before that, please make sure you are not placing a glass of water or any diet coke near you. Please turn off your mp3 player and stop rubbing your nose. See, i've told you so, i'm a mind reader :P. Ready for the biggest secret?


    Yes, a big slap on the face eh. Why waste time in building new layout? Take care of the basic stuff first. That's why i rarely change my template because i'm building human interest first. Once you have build a solid human interest, you can put your Adsense at the bottom of the page and still got clicked.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:38 PM  
    Forget JAVA, it's AJAX on the throne.
    Did you just see that? A bright light crossing your monitor screen. Yes, another flash back post by me. By the way, the bright light was suppose to be the flash back.

    Java was promoted as the best language back in the early days of internet. Developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem, Java is compiled to a bytecode which is then rn by Java Virtual Machine. Borrowing syntax from C and C++, Java is much simpler object model.
    The Java platform and language began as an internal project at Sun Microsystems in December of 1990. Engineer Patrick Naughton had become increasingly frustrated with the state of Sun's C++ and C APIs (application programming interfaces) and tools. While considering moving to NeXT, Naughton was offered a chance to work on new technology and thus the Stealth Project was started. - via Wikipedia.

    Everybody was eager to learn Java and so many 'instant guru' teaching java for a fee. Suddenly, Java is booming all over the world of programmers. So many books about Java selling like hot cakes. That was in the early years but now AJAX is the king.

    AJAX ( Asynchronous JavaScript And XML ) can speed up your website and give it more interactivity. AJAX is a mixture of uhmm...almost everything; from Javascript to DOM.

    AJAX also assocites to the latest frenzzy of Web2.0. You know, those big fonts and bright colours website. AJAX is great to get things done without maximum usage of bandwidth.

    I'm still learning AJAX from internet and samples. I'm not a programmer but i just love learning new things. Yes, i got F+ for CSS and DOM in my own imagery class. One step at a time cowboy.

    Talk about learning AJAX, more and more books and tutorial offering readers from making fancy menu right up to making simple Sudoku game. Another marketing boom for computer language. Last week as i was in a bookstore, i saw AJAX books on the "latest arivals" stands. So i decided to read the books randomly.

    Most are ok but some, just too complex for a newbie like me. Okay, i do have basic on programming ( VB, C, C++, Delphi, Java etc ) but still the book was to hard to understand. If i, who has some basic programming knowledge; i can't imagine the 'real' newbies out there. The funny thing about the book is the title. Want to know what was the title?

    "The Basic handbook for AJAX for beginners" was the title. They should drop the word basic and beginners for a start.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:54 PM  
    Bandwidth war from ISPs.

    If you're using P2P as your download source, beware. Your ISP is blocking your bandwidth thus making your download going really slow.

    According to BBC, the war against bandwidth chunky ( people who uses big chunk of bandwidth ) is already started.

    ISP is blocking torrent or any P2P services because they need to deliver the right speed to others. Pulling all the bandwidth and streaming from multiple source can put the ISP on "hold". Not just you but several users near you also going to see a major drop in their connection.

    Want to check which ISP is blocking torrent protocol? Azureus put up a list of ISPs so that you can send an angry mail to your own ISP ( just joking ).

    Woohaaa...TMnet and Jaring is in the list! Yes, TMNet and Jaring are ISP from Malaysia. I'm on TMNet and my torrent is working really well. I don't see a major drop in my speed but yes, once in a while some drop here and there.

    One of TMNet officer said the the newspaper ( i can't recall the source ), TMNet is not blocking torrent and P2P but they encourage users to limit the usage. party said this and the other said the otherway around. One of them must be lying and i don't know who.

    For me torrent is a great source for downloading Linux or non-copyrights material such as manual, tutorials, white papers etc. Limiting the bandwidth just like walking backwards several years. Some material can be use as education material and it's free.

    So how to camoflaouge your torrent protocol? I'm going to give out tip for encypting your torrent protocol using µTorrent. I just love µTorrent for the speed and it's easy to use it.

    1. Options > Preferences > Network.
    2. Protocol encyption and play with "enable" and "force". If your connection drops, try using "force".

    Using this setting can improve your torrent ( up/dl ) speed. If you're using µTorrent, closing other P2P ( KaZaa, Shareaza, Lime etc ) can improve your torrent even more. Stay away from the blocked port ( ask your ISP which port is being blocked ) if you decided to use torrent. Placing a non-blocked port in for your torrent also can speed up your DL/UP.

    If you're looking for a small and fast torrent client, why not try µTorrent. The best part of using µTorrent is, it will not eat up your system's memories and processor. Forget about other torrent client, use µTorrent.
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    Monday, April 17, 2006
    My underpant is my cat? I need to see a doctor vet.
    Last night, as usual i went to bed after the midnight news. My king size bed is located next to the bedroom window. My wife always leave the front light on every night so that our bed is not in total darkness.

    There i was preparing to sleep and i can see something moving really fast. It was really fast even my eyes can't figure out what it was. It looks like a rag or something.

    I stood near the window, peeking at the spooky thing i just saw. Yup, my cat is playing under my underpant. So many toys in this world, why would Tembang ( my cat ) play with my underpant? I don't know and i don't care if my cat is on drugs! It just gave me a spooky feeling.

    That's why i told my wife not to put the cats outside the house, they will get creative and do weird things with our clothes.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:28 PM  
    Body language in the workplace.
    How do you know if you've lost someone's attention? How do you make someone feel at ease? You can improve your meeting skills and business relationships by learning to read body language. - via

    Great read to improve your body language. Most scam artist are expert at controlling their body language. That's why they made more money compare to us.

    Several years ago i bought a book about body language and haven't had time to finish it. Well, i guess i will never finish reading it because i can't find it. Grrr.......i need to stick a tracking device on my books soon.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:39 PM  
    The jump-wagon blogger. Are you one of them?
    More and more bloggers in blogsphere giving you a headache which to choose. Some are great and whole bunch are crap. Please beware, this post going to triggers flames within yourself. I shall drop the "good" one and dig the "bad" one.

    First, what is the jump-wagon blogger? For me, i'll give it a simple definition for you to understand. It's "Blogger who blogs about everything and anything but knows nothing what he/she is writting". Simple eh? So, why did the jump-wagon bloggers ( JWB ) falls into the bad section?

    Most of the JWB just copy someone else's article and paste it into their blog. With the growing of free article directories, it make even easier to become one of the JWB. Point the browser to some free article site and copy the whole thing. I'll leave this for a while and i'll explain to you why they love to do this.

    Ever heard the phrase "I'll follow where the money leads"? Yes, the JWB just doing it for money ( for Adsense to be exact ). I'm not saying it's wrong to blog and earn some money from it but copying an article is not a good idea. They will select the best article with bunch of targeted keywords in it and blast it to their blog.

    Some, got smarter and edit the article. Smart? Not that close to being smart. Once, i read a blog saying that " the exe to install Linux to your hard drive". Wow, that was smart, if the post was read to a squid.

    The third type of JWB is the "I-know-nothing-but-i'll-make-it-look-like-a-pro" type. They will use all those "pro-looking" jargons to make the post looks clever. Let say the blogger's post was about weird gadgets, their main source will be Gizmodo, Engadget and several more popular gadget blogs.

    Here's a tip on how to spot a JWB. IT'S FULL OF ADVERTISEMENT!

    Ask yourself, is it worth bookmarking a JWB? For me, not worth a cent! I know that was a bold statement but it's true. Why read a JWB if you can go straight to the source. Which source? Do you really expect me to answer that? The answer is yes :P

    I'm talking about Digg, Technorati, Delicious ( i could never figure out where to put the dots for delicious ), Reddit, Topix, BlogPulse and more.

    Most JWB will take any interesting article from those sources and paste it back to their blog, as it was made by them. Again, why read the recycle post when you can get the source?

    Another thing that bothers me about JWB is, they don't give back the credit to the original author of the post or article. Not all article is free to copy, some of the articles are copyright items. Even if the articles are not copyrights, was it hard enough to give a backlink to the original author? My blog has been ripped-off several times and that is a big NO-NO!

    A friend of mine once told me that the JWB are equals to splog and i do agree with him. They have become slave to Adsense. Adsense should follow their content but they're taking the wrong turn. At the end of the day, they are hoping for a false dream that is to make huge money from Adsense.

    Don't be a slave to Adsense! You're in the Captain seat and Adsense will follow your orders. Why must they "bow" to Adsense? Yes, a dream to quit their day job and making money while on a cruise to Jamaica.

    Want to take a quiz? Answer the questions below.

    Are you.....
    a. One of them
    b. Thinking about being like them.
    c. I'm a JWB groupies. Go JWB!
    d. Slowly becoming one of them.
    e. God just saved me

    Don't tell me the answer, i don't want to know.
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    This is why never show off before hitting the finish line.
    Okay, this is a sin that i always do. Another bad habit of mine. The video below is a great example.

    A good article about changing your first impressions from AskMen. Nice article.
    Have you overheard someone's negative comments? Has your boss reprimanded you during your evaluation? Has a friend said something about your behavior? Perhaps people's body language or tone of voice changes when you join a conversation, or maybe you just have a gut feeling.

    If you want to find out how you're perceived, ask someone you can trust and listen carefully to their comments, without taking offense.

    Other people's perceptions of you may be wrong, but rather than wasting time complaining, getting even or defending yourself, take action to change their opinion. Just keep in mind that your actions in the first few months at a new company or in a new position will set the tone for how others perceive you. - via AskMen.

    A must read for all of you.
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    It's war on fat now, forget about smoking.
    Back in the 80's and early 90's is was all about anti-smoking. Printed ads and tv ads showing how your lung looks like if you smoke too much. Well, i'm okay with the ads.

    Now, it's all about anti-fat! Yes, a war against fat started all over the world in the early 90's. Slimming pills, diet class, workput class bla bla bla and now smokers can smile again. Nobody cares about smoke, they just want to loose those extra fat.

    I can't blame the advertisers. Health care products and services are big and it will pull a huge billions into their banks. Even my wife starts to complaint about her figure. Yes, she forget about my smoking habit ( not that i'm proud of ) but once in a while, it's nice to smoke without my wife nagging in the background.

    Once, she told me to get those anti-smoking patch and chew those gums. Who invented the anti smoking patch anyway?

    Does the slimming pills really work? Or was it just a hype?
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    Friday, April 14, 2006
    Webcrawler creator joined Technorati.
    Brian Pinkerton is on board Technorati as Director of Search. As we all know Webcrawler then sold to AOL in 1995.

    For instance, he created WebCrawler, the first Internet search engine, while working on his Ph.D. at the University of Washington in 1994. WebCrawler quickly became a popular resource on the Net, and Brian sold it to AOL in 1995. Prior to the development of WebCrawler, he spent four years in NeXT's highly regarded software group, where he led the system performance effort and was instrumental in several key projects. - via Technorati Blog.

    I'm sure we will see more update from Technorati soon. I can't wait to see what will they offer us. I'll try to keep my eyes open. Welcome back Brian
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:47 PM  
    Social bookmarking, the next DoS?
    Digg, Delicious and many other social bookmarking website is great to bring visitors to unknown or popular website and blog. Technorati is tagging 34.5 million sites and 2.3 billion links with million of visitors per day alone.

    First the SlashDotted Effect from SlashDot. In the early days of bookmarking ( it wasn't called social bookmarking back then ), any website mentioned in Slashdot will flood the bandwidth of the website for few days or even weeks. Then the less traffic puller from Chris Pirillo called the CPE ( Chris Pirillo Effect ). Nowdays Digg is the biggest crowd puller for site and in blogsphere.

    What is DDoS? According to Wikipedia:
    A denial-of-service attack (also, DoS attack) is an attack on a computer system or network that causes a loss of service to users, typically the loss of network connectivity and services by consuming the bandwidth of the victim network or overloading the computational resources of the victim system.

    Now that i have lay down the meaning of DDoS and social bookmarking, now i'm going to explain how they would effect blogs or websites.

    Social bookmarking is NOT DDoS but the wave is acting like one. If you got Dugg by Digg diggers, you'll end up with a loss of bandwidth and sometimes it will last for days.

    The wave of Dugg is like a sea of hungry anchovies at the Crusty Crab ( okay, i'm a fan of Spongebob. Happy now? ) but this time it not about bringing down a website but because of human interest coming from that website or blog.

    The next DDoS-look-alike are from YouTube and Google Video. I haven't seen anyone nagging about being Tubed ( i made up the word ) but i'm predicting the wave is getting bigger.

    With a digital camera or camera phone in our hand, uploading a video to YouTube is easy and more people are getting involve in video blogging. Just put a link in your video and soon you'll be saying "I got Tubed!".

    Anyone want to Digg this post? This is an original post and never been published on Digg before tho :P
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    Girl's Letter To Apple Gets Legalese Reply.

    (CBS 5) You wouldn't think a letter from a third-grader could change a company's corporate practices.

    But that's apparently exactly what happened after CBS 5 became interested in an unusual complaint from a viewer.

    A South Bay mom told CBS 5 that her young daughter's letter offering suggestions on how to improve the Apple iPod prompted a harsh response from the company. - via CBS5

    Steve Jobb, what's going on? A legal letter to a third grader? Wow, i wonder how many legal letter sent to Bill Gates over these years. Apple politely apologize for the letter and that is good. Next time if your child wrote a letter to the Big Boys, tell them that their letter is being checked by the CIA or FBI.
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    The best menu in the world!
    I can't stop laughing even as i'm typing this post. Too funny to explain, you need to read it. My favourite menu is Gold silver lotus silk fries shrimp f***s. Haven't had a good crack for long time.

    Please, don't cut off your breath while reading the menu. Who said my English is ungood?
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    Thursday, April 13, 2006
    Try touching your tounge with your elbow.
    This video is fun to watch. Try talk your teacher into watching this video. Why don't you try it and i'll give you a credit for it.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:14 PM  
    The ants bloggers block.
    God has given us the nature to learn from and even the smallest creature can teach you one or two about life. Just now i watched ants walking in perfect harmony. While i'm typing this post, the ants had made through 160 million years already. What ants have to do with bloggers?

    Try blocking the ant's trail with a stick or your toothpaste and you'll see the ants going nuts. They're depending on the chemical on the trail to move around. That' why they went nuts if something blocked or erased the chemical. But, they never stop at any reason at all. They will go around the obstacle and home they walk.

    Sometimes, bloggers just ran out of idea and that can leave a huge impact to their hits and income. Why don't you watch ants or a duck after this, maybe you can overcome the blogger block. Look at the nature and try to watch it closely.

    See, i just finish a post just by watching ants. How cool was that eh?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:05 PM  
    No to you but yes to others--Adsense in conflict.
    I just can figure out where's the "fine-thin" line in Adsense policy. Maybe i'm wrong about this but like Malcom Gladwell said in his book; it's seem just not right.

    Above is a snapshot of Adsense Image Ads format. What's wrong with it? Yes, a word click on the image. Maybe it's okay for the AdWord advertiser to use it but for us, another warning email from Adsense team for fraud clicks.

    Will we ( publishers ) get a warning or worst, a complete ban from Adsense? It's not our fault if someone actually clicked on the ads but who will get the slap in the face?

    Many complaints about Adsense "pushed" their publisher off their seat. Some said it's not fair they are the one who get the penalties for something out of their control. Adsense never give out the best solution for tracking fraud clicks. To be honest, i never read a complete rock solid TOS about fraud click from Adsense and what fraud really mean to them.

    Adsense will protect their AdWords Advertisers and i do respect that matter but who will protect the publishers? Example, i have Adsense on my blog and the clicks are getting crazy lately. How do i track those clicks? Using Adsense Channel? As we all know, my blog is on Blogspot and as a free blog provider Blogspot doesn't provide me tracking device like PHP or installing scripts.
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    I need a faster PDF reader.
    I'm this close ( can't you see how small my eyes are squzzing my fingers? ) of deleting a report made into PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader took so many memories and time to load. So, i'm heading to Google to find an alternative to Acrobat Reader.

    Guess what, more wacky PDF software found, plus a spyware! Great, now what? I'll leave the spyware alone for a while.

    I found Foxit Reader and it's fast and small in size. Less than 1Mb, it should be on your drive in just 1 minute. No need to install or register Foxit. It's a freeware with the same function as Acrobat Reader.

    Now, i'm looking for alternative to Acrobat Pro ( freeware of course ). CutePDF and the gang are great but i'm looking for a PDF creator/editor that can make a live hyperlink. Most of the PDf creator/editor cannot make a hyperlink using the "print to.." function. If you found any great freeware PDf creator/editor that can make hyperlink, please contact me quickly.

    Now back to the spyware. The author of this spyware need to learn more about hiding his or her spyware. Putting the spyware on my start up is like putting a huge sign telling me where the spyware is hiding.

    Putting a hex in registry also not helping. I can trace it in no time mind you. Ever heard about Back Orrifice Trojan? It was the best way to hide from anti virus back in the 90's.

    After several time spying on this spyware, it's time to remove it. Yes, i just delete it and it's gone. Ok ont entirely because it leaves some footprint in my registry but that is not a big problem.

    To the author of this spyware, get a life and a real job! I just removed your spyware without using any "geek" tool in just under 2 minutes.
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    Wednesday, April 12, 2006
    I still can remember the Sabian Rocktagon but...
    ...i just hate the sound. It was like a combination between a gong and a splash but uglier. I'm don't mind the look of the cymbal but the sound just made my sound sounded ugly.

    I tested the rocktagon cymbals for slow rock and blues but i just can find the right "fill-in's" for the cymbals. So i thought, maybe it's for heavy metal but again it just felt weird.

    I do admit, it's cool to have rocktagon for my drum kits ( no, i decided not to buy it ) but for what reason? I can't play it for a start and i secondly, it just don't suited my need.

    Some of my friends said that the Sabian rocktagon cymbals works great with their music. I won't argue with them but on my side, it's not for me. I rather go for the round cymbal from TAMA or Zildjian. Both name are not new to drummers all over the world. Both are the best cymbals maker in the world and i personally love Zildjian cymbals.

    Care to buy me a knit hat from Zildjian? I always wanted this hat, it will make me look cool :P

    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:01 PM  
    Penelop 'Punky" Brewster, what we can learn from the TV show.

    Punky Brewster was a big hit in the early 80's. I always love to watch any family show in my spare time. Last night, for no reason, my mind kept thinking about this show and my blog. Seemes like my subconscious trying to tell me something.

    This morning i woke up with the word Punky and blog printed in bold in my mind. So i sat down at my table with a pen and paper infront of me. I made two columns with the title Punky and Blog on each column.

    Drew some mind maps and still can't find the answer. The clock almost 8 a.m and i need to send my daughter to my mother in-law. Took a nice warm shower and once my hand on the toothpaste, something flashes in my mind.

    The answer why my mind kept repeating the TV show over and over again.

    It's about family content show and how it filled my memories with joy. I knew at that moment, i'm heading the right with my blog. My blog is family-friendly blog and wihtout any "big-chest-sexy-girl" in it, my blog is suitable for family.

    Yes, my blog mostly about computers but hey, kids nowdays are using computer better than me.

    Tv shows nowdays are not really a "family" show. In the world of "you-are-a-terrorist", we need more family added show. I can't imagine what will my daughter watch in the next 5 years from now. Our mind has been infected with garbage tv show and that made us "just can't" think correctly enough.

    Guy meet girl..fall in again...died in some train crash. That is what our local tv show is all about and one part of me want to watch it but my other part just say stop. I usually listen to my STOP part of myself.
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    Monday, April 10, 2006
    Create your own "dice" calendar.
    You can create you own calendar using this method. Print the image below and glue it together. You also can use it as a dice as to decided what is the best date to get married.

    A dodecahedron is literally a polyhedron with 12 faces, but usually a regular dodecahedron is meant: a Platonic solid composed of twelve pentagonal faces, with three meeting at each vertex. It has twenty vertices and thirty edges. Its dual polyhedron is the icosahedron.

    Using Dodecahendron, you can use the calculation in order to get a bigger calendar.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:11 PM  
    Speak up and make it clear!
    Last Saturday, after sending my daughter to my mother in-law; i decided to go to a shopping mall. I'm looking for book ( yes, my monthly book shopping ) on subconsious mind and stuff.

    There i was, browing for book for almost 3 hours and still can make up my mind. Then, an announcement was made using the internal loud speakers. I just can't make out what was the announcement about. The female voice just not clear enough. She announced the same thing for 3 times and i still can't understand a word.

    With a book in my hand ( still figuring out which to buy ) i stood and starts looking at the speakers. I know i'll not find an answer to my question "Was on earth she is talking about?" but still by looking at the speakers, i was hoping the same announcement will be aired.

    No more announcement. Ermmm...

    For me an announcement should be clear and understandable. It IS an announcement right. There's no point giving out announcement if nobody actually understand it. The management didn't care about it, the announcer didn't care and some of the public didn't care too. If the management took some liberty to listen to the announcement, i'm sure things could be better. The announcer also should understand the function of making announcements.

    With several books in my hand now, i sat down on the floor of the bookstore looking at the titles. I decided to go for Blink by Malcom Gladwell.

    Walking out from the bookstore, i can't stop thinking about the announcement. End of story.

    For me, blog makes no different from the announcement in the shopping mall. We need to make it clear and understandable in order to get more readers. Your point of view is the same as John from next door or Susan sitting next to you.

    You need to find the "yes-agree" point before start pushing the publish button. We need to see in each other eyes to understand what is what and which is which.

    Blogging about a topic that only you and God knows is not going to attract readers. It's okay for you to blog about the topic but make sure it can leave an impact to readers. Using "high-tech" jargons or sentences i not helping your readers.

    Can you understand my announcement?
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    Friday, April 07, 2006
    Care to join the Elite Club for bloggers?
    Aaron Brazell taking the pilot seat for Darren ( Problogger ) for a while. He posted a rather interesting topic about Blogs Are About Being Elite. turn now.

    First let's take a look at his comment shall we.

    As a matter of fact, when content production is at play, the internet IS for elitists. Perhaps we don’t like to use those words as “elitism” has a negative stigma to it. However, don’t we all try to get higher pagerank? Don’t we all try to optimize our entries for the best SERPs possible? Doesn’t scoring high in Technorati bump our profile up in general? - via

    Well, because the blog is so elite, i decide not to hotlink to the original post. Now, can a blog become so elite? Half true and bunch of questions. I'm not saying that i hate Problogger but if controversy is what Aaron looking for, that is not a great one.

    Reading at his quote made my mind kept on reminding me of the early years of internet. At that time, things were so simple and nobody put any label on each others forehead. Life were easy and so does the web. That reminds me about the history of Problogger.

    Darren started using Blogger ( now it's Blogspot ) for his first blog. Let start here shall we. At that time, i'm pretty sure Darren is not in the elite group yet. Just couple of friends and family visited his blog and from time to time, it got bigger. So Problogger were born.

    Then, Aaron said when it comes to content, internet is for elitists. Strong statement there and i respect his view. Now, if a blogger produced 100% original content, yes i do consider the blog as elite. But what if the blogger just leech a sniplet of info coming from other website or blog, can we call it elite?

    Again, internet has and will never be for elitists. Internet is where people build their own virtual life. Yes sure, blogger just love to copy and paste and that is what bloggers do. Can we call the newspaper as rip-off just because they leech the same new from different source? Or can we just say that any newspaper is elite?

    I'm sure Darren is a nice guy and with his reputation to take care of, Aaron just put a big scar on Problogger. Don't get me wrong, i always go to Aaron blog and i love his style of writting.

    Content. What is content actually? Is it something we create from one and only one source? Or is it we just pass it down from another source? Everything in this world is recycled content. Einstein create something he got from the past. Does he belong in the elite group? So many question marks but so little answer.

    I do aware that some of Darren's post was scrapped by spammy blog by spammy blogger. Maybe that was the point Aaron tried to explain to us. Again, quoting another blog doesn't make a blog elite unless it was 100% original ( which i doubt it ). Aaron said that everyone trying to get a higher pagerank and getting the best SERP. Yes and i do agree with him and that make me wonder, don't every blog is elite in some way?
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    Aaa...uhm..ermm...brrr i'm speechless.
    You guys got to watch this video. He played the didgeridoo with a cup of coffee in his hand! The best didgeridoo video in history.

    The video was taken from a shop in Amsterdam. Amsterdam guy playing didgeridoo? Yes and he was darn good!
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    Percussive section.
    Maybe some of you already know that i love to play drums. Just last month, my friends and i got together for some nice "gathering". We do play alot of heavy stuff from Sepultura, Soulfly etc.

    The video below ( no, that is not me and my friends ) shown that a good music comes from the heart. This kind of music really makes me want to jump up and do the "rain dance".

    I know, i post alot of video lately. But hey, this is a blog right? This is not a business blog so have fun.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:09 PM  
    Kompang, Malay traditional musical instrument.
    Kompang is a percussion drum. It is made from goat skin with a hard wood for the frame. Kompang normally played during wedding, welcoming the VIP's ( Prime Ministers, Sultan, Presidents etc ) or any event.

    To associate with the sound of the kompang, lyrics were wrote. The lyrics dated back about thousand of years back and have been past down from one generation to another. Nowdays, more modernt type of lyrics also written for kompang.

    Kumpulan kompang ( kompang group ) consists about 10-15 people. The more kompang player, the higher the status of the event. For example, Penghulu ( head of village ) will invite more kompang player to show that his high status.

    The group will be divided into 2 group. THe first group is the peningkah ( or was it penangkah? ) and the other, i can't remember the name. The first group has its own steps and sound and it will combine the steps and sound with the second group sound. Why i can't remember the kompang ritual? Because i haven't play it for ages.

    More kompang video from YouTube.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:16 PM  
    Bush speaking in Malay.
    Who said Bush can't speak other language? Not many know this but Bush can speak in Malay and Arab most recently. Ok, maybe his Arab getting better nowdays after watching Al-Jazeera every morning.

    Funny yet going to gives me nightmare.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:09 PM  
    Sodipodi freeware vector editor.
    If you want to make some nice vector graphic, try Sodipodi. Small and easy to understand and doesn't take much of your system resources. How can i forget to mention Sodipodi before? Maybe i'm a big fan of GIMP.

    Sodipodi will work fine in Windows 98SE, ME, XP and GNU/Linux. The best part of this editor is, you can run it in floating windows. Meaning you can easily move around the menu and editor tabs.

    If you're looking for a light-weight and free vector editor, get Sodipodi. Running their beta version for Windows, some hick-ups while running the app. You need to tweak little bit but don't worry, it's easy to tweak it.

    You need to install the latest GTK+ 2 in order to tweak Sodipodi to work on your Windows ( ME, XP, 98SE ). After you have install the latest GTK+2 and Sodipodi goto C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\GTK\2.0\bin ( default path ). Copy ZLIB1.dll and rename the copy as ZLIB-1.dll. That should fix the problem.

    Remember, this post was base on the beta version. It might work for me but not for you. Happy painting.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:58 PM  
    Switching art students to GNU/Linux.
    This is a great article about getting those art to work at the lowest cost you can imagine on Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Recently, a new friend of mine asked me about graphic, web editing etc in GNU/Linux.

    The next step was to determine which applications I'd use. For digital painting and image editing tools to replace Photoshop and Painter, the GIMP was the obvious choice. Krita is gaining some interesting painting capabilities, and next year I think I'll teach that too.

    For a vector graphics design program to replace FreeHand, the choices included Skencil, Inkscape, Sodipodi, and's Draw. I chose Inkscape because I especially liked its user interface and features such as Tile Clones. As a side benefit, Inkscape's Help menu offers tutorials that are concise, useful, and inspiring.

    For a page layout program to substitute for QuarkXpress, I considered Scribus and Passepartout. Scribus seemed to be in a much more mature stage of development, so it seemed to be the better choice. At the time I overlooked Cenon, and I haven't investigated it much since, but Scribus has worked well.

    To replace Dreamweaver, I reviewed Bluefish, Nvu, and Screem, but I chose Quanta Plus because I liked its user interface and its project management features. - via NewsForge.

    Who said we can have fun with GNU/Linux? Come on, if you can't run em' WINE em'. So Adlan, i hope you can deeply think about installing Ubuntu GNU/Linux on your box eh.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:17 PM  
    Thursday, April 06, 2006
    Techniques Used To Sell Fraudulent Investments.
    Some cold callers wait before turning up the heat. In their first call, the "warm-up", they'll try to build your trust by describing their firm's past successes and the high quality of its research. They might ask your permission to send a brochure and call again if an "exciting" deal comes along, but won't pressure you to buy.

    You are considered a lead when you accept a brochure from a qualifier. They will then say to watch the paper for the stocks price and they'll call you back. You will soon be rejected if you appear to be a professional or official who might ask too many questions. Younger women are also avoided because they will fight for justice rather than just feel shame when taken in.

    In their second call, the "setup", they'll whet your appetite, telling you about a fabulous deal they "think" they can get you into. In their third call, the "close", you will be passed on to an "opener" who will set the hook with an initial sale of stock by appealing to your ego and desire to make money. They'll urge you to buy now or miss out. - via Crime Of Persuasion

    That was fun eh. Great tips on how to hang up on tele-marketers. For me, i just loooove going in circle with tele-marketers. Why? Because they don't understand what NO means. At the end, i won! Yeahhh for me.

    I know they just doing their job but calling me up every hour is not the best idea in the world. They already given the chance to "sell" and i'm not interested so move on will you. Once, a guy from some credit card company kept on calling me and i need to do something about it.

    "Why don't you give it a trial?"
    +"You name again? Sorry i didn't get it the first time"
    "My name is Rajan from XXX company and i would like you to...."
    +"Rajan from XXX right? I thought you said XYZ"
    "No, i'm from XXX and i would like you to..."
    +"Did you own a car?"
    "I don't know if the answer going to help but yes. I do own a car"
    +"What kind of car? Is it a super fast sport cars?
    "No, just a simple family car. Mr. [my name], i would like you to..."
    +"Wait a minute. Family car? You and your family bought the car?"
    "Mr [my name], i'm not a car sales person. I'm from XXX credit company and i wou..."
    +"So, you bought the car or your family bought it for you?"
    "Yes, i bought the car ( the tone changed )

    See, i've told you so. When i said NO for the first time, i'm not going to change it the second time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:38 PM  
    "Hey, do that Haka stuff for me"-- I'm not Maori mind you.
    Last week, i went to a bank to bake a cake ( withdraw some money...duh ) and looking at the long line i decided to buy some ice cream. Yes, i have sweet teeth and i love chocolate too.

    At the ice cream parlour, 4 English men having their ice cream looking at me. At that time i'm wearing a snowcap ( no, Malaysia is not a snowy country ). That snowcap written New Zealand All Black and it was my friend's.

    One of them asked me to do the Haka! For those who never heard about Haka, it's a war dance of the Maori's in New Zealand. i look like a Maori to them? I don't know maybe Polynesian look the same. I'm a Malay not a Maori okay. I'm not going to do the Haka in the public. Yes, i'm a big fan of the All Black rugby team but doing Haka in the public? You want me to get arrested by the police? No way, i'm not going to pay for "being crazy" summon.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:01 PM  
    Thank you for everything Lizz.
    SOB ( Successful Blogger ) just gave a huge exposure. Thank you Lizz for the exposure. You can visit SOB here.

    At first i can't figure out why my blog getting tonnes of hits per day, then when i search "jamloceng" from Google i saw SOB. i get it. Lizz, i'll put your badge later on okay ( once i can find a good time tommorow ).

    Hint: Look for the red banner with my name printed on it
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    You've been hypnotized while shopping.
    Ever wonder why you always picked up stuff you don't need? You have your own shopping list in your hand but still, you bought something not in the list.

    Yes, you've been hypnotized the moment you step into the supermarket or a mall. Several ways to hypnotize ( shopping-craze ) you. Do read this post of mine before going buying stuff off the supermarket.

    The design.
    Architects made their design stands out and easy to move around. The more easy the shoppers moving around, the more people will bring back stuff they actually don't need. Don't believe me? How many items you bought while shopping during the peak hour compare to not-so-busy hour? Yes, we tend to buy more items during the second option.

    That's why the design of the mall is important. If the mall is cramped with people, most likely you'll get only the item you need. The more easy for you to move around from one shop to the another, the more you'll buy items that are not in the list.

    They told you to buy.
    If you look closely, the most dominan colours is red and yellow. Most of the big shopping spot will put huge posters or signage using red and yellow. On that posters or signage are several items printed with big text on it, am i right? You just glaze it for half of second and at the end of the day, you'll end up with those items i your bags. This is not a big secret among advertisers because studies shown that red and yellow is easy imprint into our mind ( our subconsious mind of course ).

    Remember when the mall kept on repeating their products over and over again? Yes, after they "told you" using colours ( viuals ), they will harden that advertisement using audio. Our mind is like a drunken monkey; it will do anything it was told to do. Now you can't escape the iron-claw of the shopping Satan.

    Mix it with smell and you just been sold.
    Big mall usualy have bakeries or food court. Now, i know you just bought a shirt that is not in the list but what does a cake got to do with it? Easy, you maybe not bought the cake but you have been re-directed to something that reminds you of the shirt. Once, i bought a shirt with a chocalate logo on it after i pass by a bakery! Weird eh? Business for everybody now eh.

    Sniffing at the sample perfume will make you buying something similar to the smell or images related to that perfume. Stay away from perfume booth or you'll end up with 2 bottles of toilet perfume.

    How do i know all this stuff? Because i'm one of the victim ( sigh ) and i love reading stuff about this kind of articles or books. I'm talking about subliminal advertising. Watch the footage below to understand how subliminal ads force us to buy things.

    Stay away from malls, they're evil!
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:51 PM  
    This blog was brought to you by the letter J.
    This is the complete list of Sesame Street character. Some, i never heard before. Created by the late Jim Henson, Sesame Street is the idol for kids.

    The most popular character from this show is Big Bird of course. I remember when Buddy Rich in the Muppet Show playing with Animal. For those who don't know who is Buddy Rich, he is a legendary drummer. Nobody can copy his drumming strokes...really fast drumming from this guy.

    Did you know Miss Piggy was not created for Sesame Street but for The Muppet Show? The only character that appears on both show is Kermitt The Frog.

    My daughter only 7 months old but i do hope she can learn something from Sesame Street re-play from our local TV station. Right now, she only love to listen to the montage....oh well, better start somewhere right.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:37 PM  
    New concrete design; a see-thru wall.

    I work closely with concrete or any civil engineering design. This concrete is great to interior designer or as a partition wall. It can transmits light and provide a natural scene for any home.

    housands of optical glass fibres form a matrix and run parallel to each other between the two main surfaces of every block. The proportion of the fibres is pretty small (4%) compared to the total volume. What is more they mingle in the concrete because of their insignificant size, they become a structural component as a kind of modest aggregate. The surface of the blocks therefore still reminds of homogeneous concrete.
    In theory, a wall structure built out of light-transmitting concrete can be a couple of meters thick as the fibres work almost without any loss in light up till 20 meters. Load-bearing structures can also be built of these blocks, since glass fibres do not have a negative effect on the well-known high compressive strength value of concrete. The blocks can be produced in various sizes and with embedded heat-isolation too. - via Litracon.

    In their site, Litracon did not mention about the strength of the concrete. In order to start designing any structural design, we need to know how many weight it can take and how long can it lasts. Looking at the picture, there's no bars in it so i assume this is another version of light-weight concrete.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:19 PM  
    The Millionaire Meditation-- FREE to download.
    I just love reading stuff like this and thte best part of it is, it's FREE! Don't you just love free stuff? Forget about the price, the most important thing is the content of the eBook.

    This eBook from Paul B. Farrell gives out tips and ways to overcome problem or chanllenges by using meditation. On the cover of the eBook printed "The Offical Handbook for Wall Street Corporate America & Entrepreneurs" and the author said it will work.

    Maybe Paul should consider a shorter title for his book next time. Study shown that the best title should be written in 6-8 words. People just scan the tile and if it's too long, the book will never leave the bookstore.

    Get your The Millionaire Meditation and maybe you can learn something from it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:41 AM  
    Tuesday, April 04, 2006
    How to catch Leprechauns.
    A Leprechaun is an Irish "elf". Leprechauns are small in size, and some say they look like a tiny, old man in a top hat and red beard. They are tricky fellows and like to play pranks on unsuspecting people. Legend says that Leprechauns are shoemakers (also called cobblers). Curiously enough, they only make one of each type of shoe. You can tell a Leprechaun is near if you hear the tapping of their hammers.

    It is very difficult to catch a tricky Leprechaun, but you can sure have fun trying! The first thing you need to do is build a trap. There is no right or wrong way to build a Leprechaun trap- via

    Can we trade Leprechaun with a new computer? Just imagine, one pot of gold per elf! Wow, now i can't get myself a new SATA hard drive with a dual AMD processor.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:11 PM  
    How to Write a Thank-You Note.
    This is a great post by Leslie Harpold. A "How-to" article on how to write a thank you note with details and instruction. I wish more of this type of "How-to" created by writers.

    As extra motivation, I will also grudgingly tell you the hidden secret of thank-you notes: They improve the frequency and quality of the gifts you receive. People like being appreciated, and if they feel you actually notice the nice things they do for you, they’re more likely to give an encore performance. Do not, however, use this as a strategy to avoid writing thank-yous to those who regularly give gifts you do not like. Every gift deserves a thank-you. Even the ‘Keep On Truckin’’ blacklight poster your crazy Uncle Alvarez gave you when you moved into the dorms. - via Morning News.

    Anybody wrote any "How-to" articles on how to make up with girlfriend or wife?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:50 AM  
    Top 6 TV series/show i can't stand watching.
    1. West Wing - Watching couple of people walking so fast from one room to another is not fun to watch.
    2. Gilmore Girls - Watching 2 person talking so fast and kept interuping each other is annoying.
    3. Friends - She was my wife but now she's with my friend but now she with my other friends's wife bla bla bla. For God sake just tell her you want her back!
    4. The Lost World - They explore alot but why can't they draw a map? They kept on walking in circle.
    5. WWE - Wrestlers got hit by a folding chair when the referee is not watching or knock out dead.
    6. Who Wants To be Millionaire ( Malaysian version ) - Kept repeating "Was that your final answer" over and over again. At first episodes, yes that was cool but after watching the show several times, that's annoying.

    I must admit i like The West Wing but without the visual. It kind of dizzy watching people going round and round from one room to another don't you think so? The only place they will stop wondering was at the President's office and when they held a press conference. Other than that, they will move like the Enegizer Bunny.

    Notice the people in the background of the series? Yes, they work like mad man. It's like it's the end of the world for them working in the White House. Neither the Democrats or Republicans work that hard ( not including preparing a war after another ) i'm sure. The funny thing was, if i'm not mistaken, only one coffee machine for the whole staff including for the President. Wow, the Senates can't approve several coffee machine eh? Oh i forget, they gave it to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:24 AM  
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