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    Book i read.
    Friday, March 31, 2006
    Ghost captured on video.
    This is scary. Full of the F word in it but funny.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:44 PM  
    Respect me or die in the milk bottle!
    I rarely blog about myself but sometimes i need to get things out from my system. This is my evil side and i'm not proud of it. As a human, i have my own limit. I'm talking about respecting your neighbour and how that can bring more smile ( or sour ) into your life.

    On Monday i had enough with my neighbour. Enough is enough. Not that i haven't talk to them nicely but this is off the line. As you all know, my 7 months old daughter need more sleep compared to her father. Come on, we all know babies sleep more often and if they don't have enough know the rest.

    Not just me who complained about the neighbour but most of us had enough of the noise. Yes, they made lot of noise and we just had enough. This has been going for about 2 years! Notice how nice we were but this neighbour just don't understand Malay. This neighbour brought along his friends and boy, more noise that was.

    Last Saturday i had enough of this noise makers. My daughter can't sleep and i can't enjoy my weekend properly. I must admit, when i'm mad, i am mad. Rushed outside and saw those noise maker making more noise. Time to strike back with a 0.12mm gun in my hand little patience left i shout at them.

    They ran in panic and i chased them. Don't tell me i haven't warned you...i'm kinda mad at that time. You can run but you can't hide.

    Monday, just got back from work and saw the noise makers looking at me; scared. This time they don't have time to run. I put on my "i'll-kill-you" face and i can see they face turned pale. Now they know i'm serious and i need my respect.

    For an hours and half i brainwashed them but this time no more Mr.Nice Guy for them. I told them to shut up or i'll call the police. We'll see what will happen after this.

    Everyone need some time out and so does me. If anyone invade my privacy, they are asking for trouble. After a long day at work, i deserve a nice quite time with my family. On weekends i need some quality time with my family too and some space for my own. I like to read books during weekends and i can't read my books in hectic surrounding.

    So what the milk bottle got to do with this story? Nothing i guess just playing with some headline.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:09 PM  
    Adsense is chasing away readers?
    Any blog or website need some exposure; small or big. Loosing a reader will hurt my blog; will it? Or will i see more income from Adsense?

    If you clicked on Adsense ads, you will be redirected to the site according to the ad you just clicked. Yaahoo...the publisher just made some money from the click but "darn", just lost another reader.

    For a not so popular blog like mine, every visit counts. I'm building human relationship with my readers and i'm looking for more readers. Adsense is chasing away my readers? Let me tell you the full scenario from the start.

    For a "first-time" visitors, they normally did not bookmark my blog. Why? Because they are the firs timers, they never heard of my blog before. They will only bookmark my blog only if they found it's worth bookmarking. Now what if readers clicked on my Adsense, they will be directed to another website and i'll make some money from it. So what is bothering me so much?

    This is what; most users will click the close button instead of clicking the "back" button ( which will bring them back to my blog ). It's easy to be forgotten in this case don't you think so? Imagine if you already in the website you just clicked from my Adsense, i'm sure you will click the links you can find from that website. The more you clicked the further you're from my blog.

    I'm hoping that Adsense can change their javascript so that it will open a new window when someone clicked on Adsense. Not only i win but Adsense too. I still have a change to "impress" my readers and Google still can make money.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:39 PM  
    A cow is smarter then a blogger--said Kreamlin.
    Yes, it's true; a cow is much more smarter compare to a blogger. Some said cow is the dumbest creature on this planet ( some said even on Mars ) but after comparing it with a blogger, the cow won the race.

    First thing first, who in the blue heaven is Kreamlin? Well, Kreamlin is my friend and we talked about blogs and blogsphere yesterday. He gave me several "interesting" facts about his discovery. Are you a blogger or are you the cow sitting behind a computer? Read on and answer the question for the sake of the human race.

    A cow never lie.
    A cow just eats all day long and spit out some saliva once in a while. The cow only doing what it knows best; eating, sleeping, eat some more and spit some more. Have you seen a cow drinking a cup of coffee at Starbuck? No, because that is not its nature. But for bloggers, we lie so much from Alaska right down to Singapore, even FedEx can't handle it.

    A saw so many blogger that lied to their readers. Yes, they wrote some nice content but i'm sure Linux don't run EXE! Why wrote something you don't know? Here's why, most of these bloggers are placing Adsense in their blogs. Yup, they need to look "smart and clever" so they wrote things that they don't really understand. Earth to Mars.....drop that attitude will ya.

    A cow doesn't speaks in riddle.
    It moooo's and never quacks. If it want to eat, it will moo, if it want to sleep; it will moo some more. What an easy life eh? And don't forget, honest life.

    For blogger? Oh boy, they spoke in riddle even they can't understand! Weird eh? No, i'm not talking about using those 3L|t3 language. Why is that? Again, these bloggers are Adsense publishers and they will kept on repeating keywords so that their Adsense will show the right ads. Some got smarter and not just repeating the same keywords but inserting related keywords.

    I saw a blog ( not from ) using that method and i can't understand what the post all about. The only thing i can understand was money, income, revenue, profits. The content was about miniature boat!

    A cow stupid enough to spams.
    How true it is because a cow don't use a computer for its daily life. The only "dirty" thing a cow did in public was leaving its dung behind. Come on, its a cow remember? Don't expect a cow to go to the nearest toilet because it won't.

    Bloggers just love to spam each other. "Hey, i found a great website that teaches you how to hack iPod [direct link here]" and that comment was supposed to be about a cat. Now you know why i disable comments from my blog. Spam filtering is not my full-time job mind you.

    So we talked about for another hour about cow and blogger. Too many "interesting" comment from Kreamlin and might started a molotov-cocktail-throwing scene if i post everything.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:53 AM  
    Wednesday, March 29, 2006
    Did someone said need to know about subconscious mind?

    Just a quick link. If you need to know the power of your subconscious mind and how to increase it, you should get a book from Dr.Joseph Murphy. Great book and i always re-read the book.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:38 PM  
    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    Vending machine down the hall.

    I notice that when ever i went to my favourite shopping mall, i'll take some time to visit a drinking vending machine. The funny part is, several vending machine standing with a "I'm here you moron!" sign near me but i always pick "that" one. I'm sure you have your own "vending machine" sitting down the hall.

    Why did i pick the same one everytime i went to the mall? I can't really give out a solid answer to that. Maybe the surrounding contributes to my decision making. Yeah, maybe that is the answer. Not to many people there and the machine is sitting near to a gift store. Yes, deep down i feel safe and comfortable with the surroundings.

    Linking the vending machine to my blog ( or any blog ) i know that i need to be like the vending machine down the hall in order to pick up more exposure. Sure i know my English is not at the best standard but i'm moving one step at a time. Will lack of perfect English hold back more readers?

    For me, language is just a tool to deliver the whole story. The most important thing IS the story. Just look at our friends using sign language. It's not a verbal language, it's just a sign to tell the whole story. We still can understand what they are trying to "say" right?

    Will my blog become the vending machine down the hall? Only time will tell and of course massive backlinks might help.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:35 PM  
    Monday, March 27, 2006
    How to annoy me--Read and learn how to get blacklisted by Jamloceng.
    It's about time to write about the DO's and DONT's. I'm not saying that i'm in my "mood-swing" phase but just to lay down several rules before sending me emails/YM/calls.

    Don't buzz me every 5 seconds using Yahoo! Messanger. I can't reply every YM because sometimes i've work in my hands. Don't worry, i do read your YM but buzzing me is not a wise thing to do. Sometimes, my readers just buzzed with nothing written in it. Oh boy, don't make me add your ID into my "hatelist" because i hate adding people into my blacklist.

    Don't ask to ask--just ask.
    I got this alot and really annoying. "Can i ask you something?"..that's it! Please ask and i'll try to get back to you. Dealing with several hundreds emails per day is not my full time job so please understand if i'm not asnwering your question. Sometimes i'll answer similar question in my blog so that others can read it too.

    Call me from office while i'm in bed sick.
    This really piss me off. When i'm sick, i'm sick so why the need to check if i'm home or in Vegas or some sort? I'm sick so i'm not going anywhere mind you. I've work hard for the company and they kept "giving me the hermm" thingy. Still don't trust me? Come on, i've been working for the same company for nearly 9 years. The best part is, they will hung up after i said hello. Wow..that was so 12-years-old. Grow up! Ok i know this is not related to blogging but it's annoying.

    I'm not a parrot and i don't repeat myself.
    I do hope people will treat me like a human not as a parrot. Asking the same question several time will most likely to end up in my spam list. My readers know that when i answered any email, it's in details. Again, i'm handling not only one or two emails per day and repeating myself is not funny at all.

    Don't sell me your penis or breast enlargement pills.
    Ahh...the classic spam of all. I don't need your penis enlargement pills or cream. I'm happy with my current "buddy" thank you. Hello...that was so 90's spam! Wake up, we are now in the Web 2.0 year. I know in marketing, sex sells but don't try selling it to me. Take it somewhere else because i know it's a spam.

    Redirect me and you'll be in the list too.
    I hate when people using re-director in their emails. Don't paste your affiliate link that will redirect me to some wierd website please. Not only i'll add your email address in my blacklist but also in my HOST file. Yes, i'll block your URL ( including your re-directors URL ).

    Now that i've lay down some rules, please read it before clicking that "Send" button. One more thing, don't call me a snoob just because i don't reply your email or YM. Happy reading folks.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:40 AM  
    Friday, March 24, 2006
    How fast can you read? Is it fast enough?

    This is interesting topic. You can test how fast you are reading per minute. It's fun learning speed reading and it can improve my reading speed so i can read more books and get my job done faster. Care to test your speed?

    It is safe to say that almost anyone can double his speed of reading while maintaining equal or even higher comprehension. In other words, anyone can improve the speed with which he gets what he wants from his reading.

    The average college student reads between 250 and 350 words per minute on fiction and non-technical materials. A "good" reading speed is around 500 to 700 words per minute, but some people can read a thousand words per minute or even faster on these materials. What makes the difference? There are three main factors involved in improving reading speed: (1) the desire to improve, (2) the willingness to try new techniques and (3) the motivation to practice.

    Learning to read rapidly and well presupposes that you have the necessary vocabulary and comprehension skills. When you have advanced on the reading comprehension materials to a level at which you can understand college-level materials, you will be ready to speed reading practice in earnest. - via UCC.Vt

    I found 2 site that will test your reading speed. This is online their free online demo, if you want to get the rest of the test, you can download their software. will teach your eyes to read more faster but if you have eye muscle problem, it's wise not to over-do this. EyeQ was made by a Japanesse ( who i can't pronouce it properly ) and big companies from Japan is using his method to improve their staff speed reading.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:39 PM  
    Wednesday, March 22, 2006
    First finance next Google Health?

    What else in the Google teams mind? They covered almost everything but not health. They have their own Google Finance, Google Mobile, Google that Google this. Pretty heavy work load for their think tank.

    Maybe i'm wrong but everything is possible when it comes to Google. They can integrate Google Health with Froogle, AdWord, Adsense or any of their Lab service. By using their huge cached database, i'm sure Google can release their own health service pulling info from multiple source.

    Health products and health care service is making billion of dollars per year and it's growing even faster during mid 90's. If you look at the popular searched keywords, health is on the third spot after webhosting and finance. Hey wait, Google also offers finance! i on the right track predicting Google's next move?

    The only thing Google haven't "test the water" is Operating System. Well, so many debate about Google going to release their own OS using Linux. But maybe it's wise for Google not to touch the OS market because Linux is doing it nicely. I'm not going to install OS with load full of Google service allover my OS. After the court asked Google to hand over their database, it's better to stay away from Google OS, just my honest opinion.

    Will we see Google Cooking in their "to-do" list? Go ask Larry.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:16 AM  
    Monday, March 20, 2006
    Blog blockage? Here is how to unblock your idea.
    As a blogger, sometimes i just can't think properly. You know, what to write or where to start kind of thing. Sometimes, too many idea is not leading anywhere. Below are the steps i use to get things started.

    Read spammy blogs.
    What? Read more spammy blogs? Uh, well yes. The reason is, so that i know my blog is better compared to the spammy blogs. That will gives some boost before i write for my blog. Sometimes, spammy blogs contained some nice content too ( yes, they copied from some other blogs ) and that can jump-start my idea.

    Do something you never done before
    Ahh...the most classic example. This can give you a new fresh view of things not just regarding your blog. Cook for your kids or try lock-picking or anything. You can use that experience for your blog! Neat eh? Make sure it doesn't involves a knife or a gun. You want to make sure you are still breathing before you blog.

    I know it's hard but give it a try. For 10 minutes a day, you might get your focus on the right track. Breathing is important and meditation can help you with your blood and oxigent circulation. Yes, more blood and oxigent mean your brain wil work better.

    Map your idea.
    Using a mind mapping tool really help me in getting things done. Not just for my blog but also for my life. You can map your ideas on a piece of paper or you can download a mind mapping software. Heck, even Google put a big whiteboard for mind mapping in their office.

    See from a different view.
    Don't laught but sometimes i'll sit of top of the highest building i can find and just enjoy the view. Trust me, it can help you in shifting your view about blogs or life.

    Flash some ideas
    In my previous post, i wrote about subliminal. This is not a new thing for me because i've been using this method for years and it helps. I know you might say "rubbish" but hey, never hurt to try eh. A great software for you to try is Subliminal Blaster, a free tool for you to play with.

    Sleep on it.
    This is what i called, the last resort. Need to say more?

    I'm sure you have your own way to get those blockages out the system. There's no right or wrong method here, just my private view about blogging and how to blog.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:08 PM  
    Double-boiled NO-NO for this guy.
    Another Adsense publisher just can't play fair. First they ask users to click on their Adsense ads and the second thing is they put Adsense in their software. Both are big NO-NO and this guy is doing it like it's legal. Care to report to Adsense?

    Please help keep Hypno-Doctor FREE by clicking on 3 Google Ads on the website and INSIDE Hypno-Doctor.

    We have placed ads INSIDE Hypno-Doctor for your convenience. These ads will NOT popup new windows, but will simply load inside the original space. We have designed the ads this way to have NO impact on your experience. The ads INSIDE Hypno-Doctor help us the MOST! - via
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:47 PM  
    Subliminal blogs?
    I read couple of book on subliminal and how you can put it in your ads, now i'm wondering how do i apply subliminal into my blog? Some said this is a "hypnotized ads".

    The term subliminal message was popularized in a 1957 book entitled The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard. This book included results from a study of a theater that supposedly flashed subliminal messages during a movie to increase the sales of popcorn and Coca-Cola at their concession stands. However, the author of the study, James Vicary, later admitted the study was fabricated.

    In 1973, Wilson Bryan Key's book Subliminal Seduction claimed that subliminal techniques were in wide use in advertising. The book contributed to a general climate of fear with regard to Orwellian dangers of subliminal messaging. Public concern was enough to lead the Federal Communications Commission to hold hearings and to declare subliminal advertising "contrary to the public interest". - via Wikipedia.

    Now, using subliminal messages in ads are not new, even Bush used it in his election. To be honest, i've been testing using subliminal method in my blog to see if it can be use to increase my hits. Seems that, it's not 100% working. Maybe i'm not using the right tool. Using subliminal text is harder compared to images.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:00 PM  
    Friday, March 17, 2006
    Why countries search result from Google differs?
    Google created Google Search for several countries to "localized" the search result. For me, this scenario carries both good and bad opinion. What's my opinion about this? Long story short, read more.

    The Good.
    Easy to get a niche market for AdWords holders. AdWords holders can instantly know what is the best keywords for their ads campaign. Let say i'm using PPC marketing to sell my Adsense eBook and i want to know how deep the interest of visitors for the keyword Adsense, eBook, make money etc. By using proxy, i can type in the keywords so that i can "spy" on my competitors. By knowing the result, i can easily create my own PPC plan.

    Adsense publishers also can use this feature for their niche marketing. That is why, Adsense provided us with their toolbar ( Adsense Viewer ) to give us the details of the search result. Visitors from US see my Adsense about Adsense eBook and visitors from Malaysia will see similar result right? So how does this info help me in getting the right ads? Easy, by tweaking my content so that Adsense will show the right ads.

    Let say your main target is from US ( even if you're not in US ), Adsense Toolbar can identify which ads are showing to your target visitors. Simple enough eh?

    The Bad.
    Nightmares for most of us, so they told me. If you want to make in the top search result, this is pain in the back. Before that, i must briefly explaine to you why webmasters want to get on the top search result of Google. The reason is to make sure they got all the attention from visitors, especially if they are selling products. Making on the top list of Google's front page result is important for them and to AdWords holders. Now back to the story....

    Let say i type my keyword or URL in and i'll not see my blog on the top list but if i use, my blog is in on the first page ( sometimes in the second page ). If i'm selling something to you, this is not a good sign and my marketing strategy using search engines will suffers even more. I know we need to create a website that's "search engine-friendly" but that is not the issue when it comes to indexing. Google will index your pages according to their calculation and the more they pushed your result, the more you will suffer.

    I have a mix opinion about localizing Google search result. I know some of you might say that Google is using the language according to the visitors location but what about the results? I'm fine with the languages but Google will use the "nearest" result accorsing to your location. In my honest opinion, Google should stick to one result only.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:00 PM  
    Thursday, March 16, 2006
    I hate liars!
    I saw a website that promises you a higher page rank in Google. With a $200 to pay, they said your page will be on the top list of Google and all major search engines in 2 weeks span. What? This is interesting.

    So i said to myself can these guys be trusted? By the way, i'm using Firefox browser with Google Toolbar with it. You can download your copy of Firefox from my blog. Back to the story....

    I saw the page rank of that website is...... nothing! Ermm...a company that promises you a higher page rank doesn't have a rank at all. Maybe my trusted brower gone wacky-wack for a while. So i wait for another minute and clear the cache and press the F5 ( refresh ) button. Yeaaaa...liar!

    If the company is so good at making your site on the top list, why can they put their own site on the page rank list? It doesn't made sense for a company that offers you a higher page rank! "Hi, i'm a doctor and i'll will operate your brain"-where's the proof? Talk is cheap nowdays, just like Seth Godin said, people need proof not some cheap talk.

    If you're thinking about paying them a fee, think again. Make sure the company's page rank is at least 7/10! Lower than that, forget about it..they're liars! Hey, even Seth gave a speech about "All marketers are liars".
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:19 PM  
    Will Adsense put a limit sign for their publishers?
    Just had a chat with a friend of mine about the topic. To be honest, my chat with him was a mind-blowing topic to start with. This is how it got started. My friend told me that Google stocks are getting high demands and making big impact to the growth of the company and the holders. For $300++ stock in hand, Google is enjoying a nice beach party in Jamaica or somewhere else.

    Then i told my friend what if Googles stock diving into the red zone in the next 3 months? Why 3 months you might ask. Normally a stock benchmark was based from the last 3 months and the rest is history.

    That question made us going "hmmm.." couple of times. So we decided to brake down the topic focusing to Adsense. Now things going to be interesting.

    Remember, this is my What if post, not a real news buzz so don't start posting it to your blog or Digg. We predict that Adsense will put a limit sign for their publishers if their stocks getting under the red zone. Adsense will limit to $300 for non-premium publisher and maybe $5000 for premium publishers. Ermmm....can this be done? Most likely, yes because this might triggers a chain reaction between Google and their AdWords advertisers.

    To bounce back on their track, Google might put a higher tag for their AdWords advertisers and in business, we will bargain for the best price. As i said earlier, about chain reaction, Adsense publishers will see a drop in their income. Please remember, this is just a talk between friends and not the real thing ok.

    Adsense maybe will lay down new policies regarding new registration. Now they will approve your application easily but not when the hard time actually come. My friend predicted that Google will setup a higher "visits per month" to normal Adsense publishers to mantain the balance of their account. Only high rated website or blog can signup with Adsense just like their premium level.

    "What, bigger font like those Web 2.0's?" my friend said to me when i told him about getting more attention from users. Think about it, to get more attention from their text ads, they need to make it big. The only way they can do that is by using bigger fonts. Maybe i'm wrong on this or maybe i'm right...who knows.

    Adsense already using theme ads and animated ads, so using bigger fonts is not a surprise.

    Another thing ( i hope this is not going to be real prediction ) is, Adsense will filter out existing publisher that made "too low or too many" per month. Well, that is interesting statement. Countries in the "grey area" will be forced to be on the "blacklisted area". Adsense is not opening their door to everybody, even now Adsense is not openning it. Romous said that, some countries in the "grey area" actually exist and Adsense will add them phase-by phase into the "White list".

    Adsense checks will be in the snail mails. Yes, only if they ran out of money to use DHL or any other courier service. Yes my friend, wait for 2-3 weeks before the checks arrive in your hand. Plus another 2 months to cash it!

    Looking at Google, i'm sure they already made a proper business plan for the future. One thing that worries me is, Google kept on buying startups. Again, maybe i'm wrong about this and i'm sure Google's Money-machine team already figure out this.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:01 PM  
    Adsense Q&A -- A Forgotten Stupid Formula for Adsense Publishers.
    Another email about Adsense in my inbox. I just love reading my readers emails and sometimes i'll pick a question and try to answer it in my blog.

    I still don't make a dime from Adsense. Why and how to get started?
    I've wrote several post about Adsense in my blog but this time i'll try to add a twist to it. From my point of view, you can make massive income from Adsense by pulling several methods. Before i go into the details, i'm not a guru or such, i'm sharing my own experience with you. So don't call me "The Grand master" or "Guru" ok. By the way, the question above was from Greek_Kidz.

    I'll start with the "WHY" first to make sure Greek_Kidz can understand the ground of Adsense. I like to give Adsense a new name; ADD SOME SENSE. Yes, you must use your common sense in order to get some nice juicy check from Adsense. Put yourself into your visitors shoe and then work from there. What i meant by "put in the readers shoe" was, you need to analyze the DO's and DON'Ts.

    Ask yourself a question; "Do i enjoy looking at ads and more ads?" or "Will i click the ads?". These kind of questions might help you in order to figure out what is the best for your Adsense plan. Again, ADD SOME SENSE into your question. That is how i put my Adsense in my blog and it works. This is not a 100% result for you but i doesn't hurt to try. Always ask questions before publishing your pages. A wise man said "Crawl before you walk".

    Where did you put your Adsense blocks? Will it interupt your visitors? Those are the questions related to the position of your Adsense blocks. Again, ADD SOME SENSE before deciding to place your Adsense ads. Where is the best position? What is the best format? What is the best secret colour? To answer that, you need to read the tips that made publisher $25,000 richer. I don't have all day to explaine everything to you, but if you want more tips about where to put your Adsense, please read Joel recommendation.

    Now it's the HOW part. For this section, i must divide it into two parts; MORE and LESS. I'll explaine the MORE first okay? If you want to go to the restroom, better go now-this going to be looooong one.

    In order to make money, a businessman will sell more product right? Now, let us put it in reverse shall we. In order to make more money, you need to built more webpage or blogs! Simple as that and that is what the big boys did. See, just a common sense used. Let me go into the details on MORE. You need to do:

    1. Built more websites or blogs.
    2. Put Adsense on every pages of your existing site or blog.

    You have two option now; built more pages or put Adsense on every pages of your existing website or blog. It's wise to combine both method and you'll see more income from Adsense. I saw webmasters placed Adsense only on the front page and the rest of the pages are not making them any money. Just imagine what if they put Adsense on every pages of their website? Yes, you're correct indeed; more money. Now that i've covered the first section of MORE, shall we go to the next part?

    The LESS section normally falls for the "I only have one website" kind of person. If you thought they are not making any money, think again. They only play smarter and that resulting more income for them. I'm talking about people who uses high paying keywords. They search for the most expensive keywords and turn it into gold. These guys don't have to create multiple website to earn revenue because they already making money from one website or blog only! Another evidence of ADD SOME SENSE. I'm not going to cover how to find the high paying keywords because i've wrote about in my blog.

    So Greek_Kidz, i hope you can sleep well now.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:18 PM  
    Wednesday, March 15, 2006
    Spongebob Square Pants on drugs.
    Funny to watch and i can't stop laughing. Sure Spongebob sounds like a German guy, but still, it's funny.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:46 PM  
    Noise cancelling for better focus.
    I'm not alone and i'm sure most of you just hate noises while working. The phone ringing, co-worker cracking jokes, sound from high-heel shoe from a girl next door etc is what i call "annoying noise". I can't focus on my work if the noise level is high, especially the "co-worker cracking jokes".

    So i use Sennheiser PCX 250 headphone. It work really well and i put it on all day long. A perfect fit for my ears and the it's an semi-active noise canceller. It can filter out noises thati've mentioned above and i don't have to worry about noises anymore. Well, as i said, it's a semi-active not active canceller but better than nothing right? Some said Bose headphone is just overpriced, but it's worth buying if you ask me.

    Using a high quality headphone i second to none if you don't play some white noise. It will cut out almost 80% of noises around you. Sometimes, even my co-worker have to shout at me to get my attention. I'll put on some classical music like Mozart or anything that doesn't contain any vocal in it. That helped me alot in focusing the job in my hands. You can also listen rain drops mp3 as your "musical filtering tool". Notice how we respon when it's raining? Yes, a nice soothing feeling and made us happy inside-out. Same goes for white noise.

    A nice software to use is BrainWave Generator ( shareware ). With so many presets to choose from, you can filter out the noise around you. Have fun filtering the noises. Roger Johansson, have a nice post about what can noises can do to you and what type of noise cancelling headphone to use.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:08 PM  
    An open letter to my computer.
    Dear Computer,
    How's life? I hope this letter is not taking much of your time and i know you're a busy computer. First of all, i would like to say thank you for all the good time we had...all the ups and downs. Since 1997, you have been my best friend and i hope this will continue for another span on time.

    i would like to file a complaint about you and the things inside your rusty casing. First thing is, your casing is rusty and i don't like looking at it. I know the rust was from the big flood we had in 2002 but it seems to get annoying. You need to change your casing in order to look nice when my daughter is using you.

    Your hardwares are old stuff and i can't run those latest 3D games or software. I know you're old and lack of memories but getting a bigger RAM not going to solve my problem. It's hard to find SD-RAM nowdays and it costs a fortune. If i want to upgrade your RAM, i need to get a new mobo ( motherboard ) and again, that will fork out more money from my wallet. Let say i bought a new mobo, then i need to replace your Slot-1 CPU with a typical CPU slot. Finding a Slot-1 mobo is like finding my car key in the ocean. At that time, your CPU was the fastest around and i'm proud to use it but now, a 450 Mhz Pentium 2 is not that fun anymore.

    Running 3D game with a built-in slot with 8Mb sharing memory is utterly out of question. I tried running the latesst FIFA game from EA and your memories failed to run it properly. I know that game wouldn't boot but, i just can't help it to install it. Your mobo also runs on non-USB port and that is a big shame. I can't copy file from my USB drive to your hard drive.

    I must say that i love your hard drive. It has survived the out-surge several time and by by using SpinRite from, i can recover most of my data. Again, if you could change the drive to a SATA would be nice.

    You're running an Operating System that can be attack by virus and i don't quite fond of that. I have to backup my data and sometimes re-format my FAT32 drive. That took me several hours and i'm sure you too don't like to waste your time. Your OS crashed almost 5-10 times per month and that really made me want to smash you to the wall. After updates and more updates, your OS still runs like a mad cow. No, i'm not saying it's a bad OS but i'm sure it can be better. Downloading Service Packs after another on a dial-up is like walking from Malaysia to Chicago on bare foot.

    Your OS kept forcing me get their latest OS in order to run this and that. An OS should work for me and not forcing me to buy their latest OS in order to get the latest updates. Runnig a "close" softwares and OS is pain at the back. If i want to open a document made from their latest product, i can't open it and a message box will ask me to upgrade.

    I hope you can read my open letter in a calm maner because i just install Ubuntu and man it runs great! No need to upgrade my hardwares and no more waiting for softwares to boot. Thank you so much.

    PS: You still need a new casing tho.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:05 PM  
    Limitation to MegaUpload.
    MegaUpload is a free hosting for your files ( flash, images, doc etc ) and i use it as a storage for my files. Easy to use but now they have limits to how many slots per country. Maybe they want to save their bandwidth but this will only downgrade their reputation in the long run. For the premium service, maybe they don't put any limits for us.

    I never bumped into their limitation before or maybe i'm missing something. If you want a free web storage, try
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:26 PM  
    Monday, March 13, 2006
    How to make your own bean bag-weekend activity with family.
    This is fun project for family that just got cut-off from the internet or their Play Station just ended in smoke. i'm willing to try this project next week.

    Small, easy-to-make beanbags can help kids learn how to play catch. Plus, they put your scrap fabric to good use. Follow these steps to make 10 beanbags that are 4 inches square. - via eHow

    With pictures on how-to's, it's fairly easy to make it on my own bena bags. Post your own "home-made" bean bag and i'll post it back here.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:52 PM  
    Cool pen tricks for us to watch ( or learn ).
    I've found this link from Digg about this this great video on pen tricks. You know, spinning, twirling stuff using your pen. What made this video interesting is the song used as the background music. Remembered me of Halloween and Children of Bodom. Hye,check out the video, maybe you can produce the slow-mo version of your pen tricks.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:39 PM  
    I have an idea- WikiTorrent.

    I use Wiki heavily for my blog and torrent for my downloading method ( normally huge file like Linux's ). Why not combine both service? Yes, Wikipedia and Torrent in one software.

    As we all know Wiki is the biggest online library and torrent is the easiest tool for downloading. This is how my idea going to be. A torrent client will search Wiki file so that i can edit/add it. Not only that, it will searches torrent users that have the same file as i am. Once the torrent client found a match (from Wikipedia and other torrent users ), it'll validate the file before update it to Wikipedia.

    For example, if John have the latest update of Wiki file, the torrent client will notified me about it and ask me should i "merge" the file with mine. By using A.I, the torent client can put an "updated" version of file to Wiki. Let say i have create a new paragraph and Johns Wiki file does not have the new paragraph, the torrent client will "add" my new paragraph and "merge" it before update the file from Wiki.

    I know this sounds complex but once you understand about it, it's easy. We don't have to go to Wiki everytime we wanted to update files from Wikipedia. Not only that, by using torrent as the main tool, we can "share" the latest update among us. If you would like to make this software, please release it as Open Source for varies OS ( Windows, Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac etc ). You can release the software at your website or blog but please give me some credit for my idea. All i'm asking is a backlink from your website or blog. A link from within the tool also a great help.

    Please spread this idea to Digg, Delicious or any social bookmarking service or put a link from your blog or website.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:07 PM  
    Disney teaches business to your kids.
    This flash game is fun for your kids to learn about business. In this game, you need to setup a store ( game store, comic store etc ) so that it can make profit in 6 weeks. Disney is working with Kauffman Foundation for this game.

    Hot Shot Business is a 2D game and easy to understand. Of course, you don't have to worry about "adult" thing like The Sims. Play it and your kid might be the next Donald Trump.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:19 AM  
    Friday, March 10, 2006
    Tribute to my legends.

    BOB MARLEY AND FRANK SINATRA. Both plays important role in my passion for music. Thank you for all the great music.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:18 PM  
    Republic Of Brickfield, Malaysian old skol reggae band.
    Need to say more? Aru the front man of ROB also playing with a metal band, Koffin Kanser. I'm sure i've post about this band but i can't find it. If you want some good reggae/ska/rock-steady band from Malaysia, keep an eye for this ROB. If they're playing near your town or country, better buy the tickets fast. In the video, you can see the crowd "reggaing" along with ROB.

    If i'm not mistaken, the above video was taken at Hard Rock Cafe or maybe not.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:37 PM  
    A reason not to loose your sight--Million dollar lost!
    This is funny video from Who Want to Be A Millionaire from YouTube. This shows that, anything can happen under preassure. This guy just won...nothing. Maybe better luck next time.

    So next time if want to enter a big-buck winning game show, take a deep breath of fresh air an don't take any alcohol or something. You might end up like this guy most likely.

    But this lady won 1 million dollars and became the first women winner. Great life.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:25 PM  
    Thursday, March 09, 2006
    Hoax Websites of Lost TV series.
    I found a link about Lost and the only thing that caught my attention is the number from Lost (4 8 15 16 23 42). Put that numbers into Google Maps, it's an island! Maybe this is the real place where they shot the series. But i doubt it because from what i heard, the series were made in Hawaii.

    After getting the first season of Lost on dvd for christmas, I've become hooked on the show. Although I'm beginning to suspect that the writers of the show are simply going to introduce one mystery after another without ever offering an explanation for anything. But anyway, here are some hoax websites related to Lost: Oceanic World Air (the airline that the Lost passengers were flying on), Dharma Industries (the mysterious project that was being conducted on the island), and The Hanso Foundation (The philanthropic foundation funding the Dharma Initiative. This page is part of an alternate reality game, as is the Dharma Industries site). If you know of any other Lost-related hoax sites, let me know. - via MOH.

    Any Lost hoax out there?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:27 PM  
    Most popular myths in science.
    LiveScience has a list of the 20 Most Popular Myths in Science. Included in the list are classics such as:

    You get less wet by running in the rain.
    It takes seven years to digest gum.
    A penny dropped from the top of a tall building could kill a pedestrian.

    The best strange-but-true is A chicken can without its head. Ermm....i want to add another myth; "A blogger can't live without his/her blog". LOL
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:57 PM  
    55mph video won the prize.
    Four Atlanta students pulled a dangerous stunt: they all drove exactly 55 mph on the highway, in a line, thereby blocking the flow of traffic and reating an enormous traffic jam just to prove that the speed limit (55 mph ) is so yesterday.

    Take a look at the picture, they formed a line and creating huge traffic jam. As for me, their act was just a "one-inch-from-the-trigger" for the rest of the drivers. Maybe some of them ( drivers behind these students ) need to go to work or to hospital, don't you think that will trigers even more violence?

    You can watch the video at Google Video. Yes, thry have proved that the speed limit is stupid but what if the speed limit change to 70 mph? Will it solve the problem? I don't think so. If several cars driving side-by side at the same speed, of course it will be a massive traffic jam. Not just driving side-by side at 55mph but at any speed at all, traffic jam will happened. The student forget about one thing, to calculate the time and the speed before conducting their test.

    If Car1 took of first and drive at 55mph and Car2 took off 3 minutes after Car1, will it be a traffic jam? This is what the students forget, the calculation between speed and time. Driving side-by side will create a massive traffic but what if driving in a long line?

    David Spear, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation, said if the students weren't blocking emergency vehicles and were going the speed limit, "they didn't do a thing wrong." Spear added that the speed limit was lowered to 55 because it saves lives. "In Atlanta, the actual effect of it is we expect the people going 75 to move over so the people going 95 can have the right of way," he said.

    Oh well because of the video they won a prize at Campus MovieFest as the best comedy film. Huh?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:39 PM  
    Japan's invisible man.

    Wow..this is cool, an invisible man walking around town. Japan invented so many great stuff, what else they haven't invented yet? A talking dog? Wait, they already invented that.

    It looks like as if three men walking behind are seen through the body of graduate student Kazutoshi Obana during a demonstration of optical camouflage technology at Tokyo University on Wednesday.

    The demonstration conducted by Professor of Engineering Susumu Tachi is an early stage of his research that he hopes will eventually render camouflaged objects virtually transparent by wearing an optical device. - via CNN.

    What else? An invisible spycam? That would be huge buzz for us all. What about an invisble nuclear site? No wait, Google Maps deleted the Chinesee nuclear site and that made it invisible right? Oh well, i'm waiting for an invisible iPod.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:22 PM  
    What if Counter Strike game would be like in text mode?

    I'm sure may of you played Counter Strike with all the high-end 3D graphic cards but what if CS in text mode? Well, maybe it would be like this:

    I pick John, George, Sam, you in the red hat and you with that silly smile.

    Pick you guns.

    Pick M16, 6 round of bullets, 19 grenad, smoke bombs and some pistol with 3 round of bullet please.

    You, you and you follow me and the rest of you do your own thing.

    Changing guns...reload it..and no, too late, somebody shot me.

    Arghh...i'm taking heavy attack. You got covered.

    Who shot my leg? not so good..argghh.

    What do you think about my version of Counter Strike in text version? I'm CS fan will quickly point their cursor to "Uninstall CS" after 3 minutes of that game. Remember, this is my another "What if..." post, so don't post it to Digg. But if you want to, go ahead.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:07 PM  
    Added Delicious tagcloud.
    I need to track my post and by using tagcloud, not only i can track my posts but my readers can easily read what's hot. Ok, not that hot but something to digg or delicious about. Hope you all love it. Thanks to Samston for pointing this out.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:54 PM  
    Mandriva Live-CD goes beta 2.
    According to Mandriva Club, the Live-CD is now beta 2 with couples of fix and update.

    The second beta of Mandriva Linux One 2006, our new installable live CD, is now available from most public mirror sites. This fixes a range of issues from the first beta: here is Warly's list.

    rename occident Americas-Western_Europe
    load usb-storage and sleep a "small" bit to be able to boot from USB
    CD-Rom drives
    move ide-generic to end of loaded modules- via Mandriva Club.

    I haven't tested their Live-CD yet due to my limited resources and time. If any of you could kindly report back to me about Mandriva Live-CD beta 2, would be great. Finished download Utonto Linux but can't find time to test it. From what i heard, Utonton is working great on /i386 and /486 machine. Maybe it's time for me to get a 64bit machine.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:09 AM  
    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
    Be the pink cat when you start blogging.
    You're stupid....dull etc. That were the comments i got when i started blogging. At first, that was not the best feeling i had but after several months studying other bloggers, i know that i must be the pink cat. Let me explaine what pink cat is all about.

    Here you are, driving all alone just came back from office. With a heavy headache, the journey is not a really pleasant experience. You saw bikes, cars, trucks etc but your eyes stopped at a pink cat! Sure you seen cats all over the place but a pink cat? What will you do? Yes, you'll stop and touch the cat to make sure it is real.

    Now, back to blogging. Are you the pink or the typical one? Study showed that, you only have about 5-10 seconds to grab your visitors attention. Same goes for the "think-pink" method. Be unique and people will keep coming back to your blog. Yeah sure it will take some time to turn your blog into a "million-visit-per-day" kind of blog but why wait? Start now and think pink.

    Once your blog is "pinked" ( i just made up the word "pinked" ), people will tell their friends or digg it or tag it or bookmark it. Viral promotion? You can say that but once you got pinked, you can asure that more people will re-visit your blog. Remember the first day Google start searching back in the 90's? At that time, there's no AdWords or NFL ads..nothing. But Google getting more hits per day. Yes, because Google is pinked.

    Ever saw a little kids showing their hair clips to each other? They thought theirs are more great compared to their friends but the hair clips are just a normal hair clips. Tiffany is great at the pinked. Don't believe me eh? Look at the box and the bags when you bought a diamond ring from Tiffany. Don't you think it look so nice? Again, think pink.

    Like my post? Why not submit it to Digg, Delicious or Technorati. Have fun and don't forget to pinked!
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:40 PM  
    I prefer a text version of Seth compared to video version.
    I'm not saying that i hate Seth Godin but i rather read his blog next to watch his speech. His speech was great but the style of his speech was not like Seth. From what i seen before, he really pumped-up kind of person while giving speeches.

    His style while giving the speech was like i watched some Multi Level Marketing marketer who just learn how to make a public speech. Again, i'm not one of Seths haters. His is a great person but i prefer his blog. Maybe in the video, a mood-swing hanging near Seth. If you want some inside story about marketing, Seth is one of the best.

    In the video, Seth was talking about Google and the title of his speech was "All Marketers are Liars"! Ermm...Google equals to liars? Watch the video and you'll understand what he is talking about.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:18 PM  
    Bozo The Clown turns 60.

    I remember watching Bozo making funny animals form from ballons. Oh..the good old days when i don't have to graduate and get a job. The only thing in my mind was "Bozo is on" and the world was turning without me in it.

    Bozo turns 60 this year. Bozo was created by Alan W. Livingston; a children strotytelling athour and were extremely popular in 1949. Capitol Records and Livingston setup a tie with manufactures and television station for use of the Bpzp character. Bozo was reportedly grossing over $150 million in merchandise worldwide.

    Bozo became even more famous after Larry Harmon purchased the licensing rights to the character in 1956, and franchised it to local television stations in 1959 as a daily half-hour show with a live Bozo the Clown — a different man in each city in front of a studio audience of children — along with five-minute Bozo cartoons. Unlike many other shows on television, Bozo was a franchise as opposed to being syndicated, meaning that local TV stations could put on their own local productions of the show complete with their own Bozo. Another show that used this model successfully was Romper Room.- via Wikipedia.

    I don't know if Bozo still exist or not.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:52 PM  
    Stronger toilets for Aussies, a sign of obesity.
    This is a sign of obesity increasement among Aussies.

    Sturdier toilets may be on their way in Australia to cope with the country's increasingly obese population.

    Standards Australia, a nongovernment group that establishes safety and design standards, is considering recommending strengthening loos for larger users, a spokeswoman said Tuesday. Obesity levels have been rising for years in Australia.

    Standards Australia spokeswoman Kate Evans said the current industry standard for toilet seats is just 100 pounds and that the group is looking to increase it to 330 pounds. Experts will examine the seats "from the perspective that people are getting bigger," Evans said.

    Steve Cummings, a committee member for Standards Australia and head of research and development at toilet maker Caroma Dorf, told Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph that toilet seats need to be strengthened for larger Australians. - via NWiTimes.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:56 PM  
    MIT organized origami competition..and the winner is.....
    Brian Chan, a graduate student in mechanical engineering won the first prize for his beaver creation. The winning entries from the fourth annual juried Student Origami Competition are on view at the Wiesner Student Art Gallery on the second floor of the Stratton Student Center, through March 15.

    For me, the best origami is from Jason Ku with his Nazgul from "The Lord Of The Ring". The only origami i can make is a ship and the paper plane. Ermm...i don't know if the ship and the paper plane falls under origami category. Oh well, the best origami i can make is a paper that looks like a rubbish...wait a sec, it is rubbish. Blahh..
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:46 PM  
    Who's eating my cheese space? Free up some space and open the Windows.
    A mouth full title i might add. Well another spring cleaning for Windows. You have clean out those pesky spyware and viruses so does the registry cleaning and now to big part; cleaning those "big-chunk-of-trash-that-you-forget-to-delete" stuff.

    For those who use their computer for surfing and writting letter or doing some balancesheet, maybe you don't have a problem locating the junk or less used file. As for me, sometimes i test many softwares and download (*cough*) torrent that is big in size. Long story short, i forget all about it and it took my hard drives space.

    Last year, i've found a tool that can give you a visual stats about your drive. Easy to use and fast to load all the files in your hard drive. ON my machine, it only took about 5 seconds to read all my files. SequoiaView is a free tool for you to identify which is which in no time. I must say that the website takes some time to load so take your breakfast first. Download also takes time so again, prepare your lunch first. Maybe they're facing some serious bandwidth problem or something but it's worth waiting.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:17 PM  
    Open source Rally Game.
    Trigger, is an open source rally game for you to try. You can create your own level by tweaking the code. Small in size but still a fun game to play. The graphic of the game pretty nice and it will work for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

    Below is a demo of Triger from Google Video.

    You can also download maps from the website and Trigger will read the zip file without a need to unzip it. If you want a nice rally racing game, get Trigger because Jamloceng says so.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:58 AM  
    Tuesday, March 07, 2006
    Didgeridoo post again.
    I don't know why but lately ( ok not lately about 3 years now ) i'm interested in didgeridoo; an Australian music instrument. Just a long hollow wood that the people play hundreds of years ago. The price of didgeridoo here in Malaysia really high. I told a friend of mine who study in Australia to buy me a didgeridoo, guess what that was 2 years ago and he already came back to Malaysia. Any reader from Australia who would like to sponsor me a nice didgeridoo? Contact me if you would like to sponsor my didgeridoo and i'll get back to you.

    If you want to watch some didgeridoo video, several video from YouTube is a good start. The first picture was taken during Christmas in Singapore.

    Have fun playing the didg.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:20 PM  
    The Goat is officialy sold.
    Pingoat is a nice pinging tool for blogger. Pingoat ans are no longer under Kailash Nadh administration.
    irst of all let me introduce myself. I am Tim Phelan and I have been making a living online sice mid 2004. I love this business and am totally involved with it.

    It fascinates me and excites me. I am sure most of you feel the same.

    When I saw that pingoat was for sale by Kailash I thought this would be an interesting site to look into. I had used pingoat myself for a few months and I knew that is was used by many of the people I was in contact with online. I also realised that blogging was super hot and would remain that way for quite a while.

    So after emailing Kailash a few times we agreeed on a price based on traffic mostly as he said he wasn't monetizing the site much. We went through the buying process and now we are here. - via GoatLog.

    Well, Kailash never state any figure about the sale but i'm guessing about $10,000 or more. Below is what Kailash blog about the sale., one of my most successfull misc work, has been acquired. In a short span of seven months, Pingoat grew phenomenally and because one of the most popular blogger tools on the internet. Pingoat made me a lot of new friends and vast contacts; Pingoat eventually became my dear pet :)

    Anyway, hopefully Pingoat will grow even further and flourish under the new management. Good luck abd Bye bye Pingoat.

    PS: also got acquired along with Pingoat

    I wish Kailash all the best for his future and study. Kailash, if you're reading this, please answer my email to you quick :P.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:32 PM  
    Sleep position gives personality clue.
    This is interesting topic. I never knew our sleeping position can tell me something. Maybe tonight i'll ask my wife to take a photo while i'm sleeping and tomorrow i'll get back to you guys.

    Scientists believe the position in which a person goes to sleep provides an important clue about the kind of person they are.

    Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, has analysed six common sleeping positions - and found that each is linked to a particular personality type.

    "We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious posture says about us. - via BBc News.

    Below is the most popular sleeping position. Which is yours?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:08 PM  
    I hate folding clothes--this is a fast way.
    Found this video on how to fold your clothes in 20 seconds. No, i'm not lying, it took only 20 seconds. Now my wife is happy with me now. LOL.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:37 PM  
    Is this the new layout for Google?
    Yesterday, a finding about new layout for Google generates plentty of emails for me. After playing around with Google, i found a link within Google domain. Maybe this is the next Google layout or am i missing something?

    The layout clearly said "In partner with Google" and i've no idea who is After visiting page, it's about file backup service or some sort. With a PR of 5, Current is doing nicely in search engine listing. Ermm...looking at the logo, it just look like Ubuntu's logo.

    Another strange looking layout from Google is with Mozilla name in it. Check out the layout, maybe you can tell me something about this.

    How did i found this strange Google pages? Easy, just click here. If you found more Google weird or easter eggs, email me and i'll post back to my blog with your link in it. Need some drink? Try Google Gulp.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:25 PM  
    Monday, March 06, 2006
    Google new layout...not that new of course.
    James Yu has a screenshot of a new design Google has been testing lately. I've seen the layout since Dec 2005 and sometimes that layout keep popping up in my search.

    Maybe Google should place their sidebar on the right just above the Adsense ads. Oh well, this is a testing layout and maybe in the mid of 2006, we will see a new layout. Numorous romous floating around saying that Google will add more new function to their search page.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:14 PM What is that?
    We are excited to announce the appointment of Larry Brilliant as executive director of Google is extremely fortunate to have found in Dr. Brilliant the combination of experience in building and scaling successful programs and ventures in the fields of medicine, philanthropy and technology. His passion for making an impact by tackling some of the most difficult international health issues facing humanity is exactly what we hope he will bring to bear as he helps shape Google’s philanthropic mission and strategic goals. via GoogleBlog.

    This is something new to me. Never heard about and what is it for. Looks like Google is giving back to the world and that is great. Lets take a look at what all about shall we.

    In addition, one of our early Google projects was to create the Google Grants program, which gives free advertising to selected non-profits. To date, Google Grants has donated $33M in advertising to more than 850 non-profit organizations in 10 countries. Current Google Grants participants include the Grameen Foundation USA, Doctors Without Borders, Room to Read, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. For information about the Google Grants program, please visit: via
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:59 PM  
    Arabic GNU/Linux in the making.

    This is an effort to bring GNU/Linux to the Arab speaking users. Based on Debian, Arabeyes looks promosing.

    Arabeyes is a Meta project that is aimed at fully supporting the Arabic language in the Unix/Linux environment. It is designed to be a central location to standardize the Arabization process. Arabeyes relies on voluntary contributions by computer professionals and enthusiasts all over the world.

    Nice effort from the Arabs. Malaysian? Don't get me started with that. Near yet far.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:53 PM  
    Stop for 10 seconds and you'll find something important.
    Yesterday, as i walked home, i saw a messy thrash bin. I know it's only a bin but it doesn't have to be messy. Papers flying all over the place and maggots crawling with beers in their mouth. So i stopped at the bin to pick up the mess. Most of us don't really pick up other peoples thrash but for no reason, i decided to clean the bin a bit.

    There i was, getting my hands dirty picking up dirty things and BAMM... i saw something. A check in an envelop between the thorn papers. It's a cash check with a small "sticky note" on the back of the check. Afzan bin Jazzir and the full adress. Ermm... i take another look at the check and it's a whooping RM20,000 ( USD5,000 ). Called the person and he thanked me for finding the check. End of the story, everyone is happy.

    What's the story got to do with blogging you might ask. Simple, not every blog is a junk. A less popular doesn't mean it's a junk blog but a "popular-blog-in-making". So we all read ProBlogger, Blog Herald, Matt Cutt or other popular blogs but sometimes we overlook the less popular blogs because simply it's not popular and doesn't rank well in search engine list. True, but like i said, some of the less popular blog is in the path to make under the bright spotlight.

    I'm not going to reveal the less popular blog now because i want to keep track their progress in a month or so. Maybe the phrase "Don't judge book by its cover" is not accurate. People do judge ablog by its cover. I'm talking about the way the blog looks like or a simple word; template. Blogger just love to use a built-in template and forget about it. This is not a good idea if you want people too bookmark your blog. Again, people do judge your blog from you template.

    Try to look for a different template for your blog. Make it stands above the rest and make it sexy (?) so that people can remember your blog more easily. I know some of you don't know how to code but if you search the internet, plenty of free template ready for you to use. Just copy the templates code and you're done.

    Make sure your template doesn't not contain full of ads or flash animation. Stick to text ads if you really need to show your sponsors. Adsense is a great way to show ads in your blog. A informative way to place your Adsense in your blog to make more money is being discuss here with Joel. Joel made over $25,000 per month using Adsense and he is the right person the talk to on how to place Adsense on your blog.

    Keep your links short. Too many links will lead to...yes, NO WHERE! I know you have thoundsand of friends but think of an alternative way for your links. Learn anything that might help me to improve my blog? Email me please.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:20 AM  
    Friday, March 03, 2006
    Suse 10, here i come, almost.
    Some said Suse 10 is far better then Suse 9x in terms of installation and hardware support. Heading to OpenSuse to get their ISO so that i can play around with Suse. I'm downloading the ISO using torrent as i type this post. Ok, i'm getting Suse and Utoto all at the same time.

    Maybe i need to clear thing a bit. The question about "What distro of Linux i'm running" is not a new to me because i got it alot in emails. So let me explain it to you. Yup, history lesson again, so bear with me.

    I tried all sort of Linux distro and most of it Debian-based linux. I don't know why but i felt ( maybe i'm wrong in some way ) that Debian-based Linux work perfectly on my box. I tried from the most popular Linux down to the less-known Linux distro. Let me list out the distros i have tried since 1997 in no particular order.

    1. Corell Linux
    2. Debian.
    3. Slackware.
    4. Mandrake.
    5. Suse.
    6. Red Hat.
    7. Fedora
    8. Gentoo
    9. Xandros.
    10. Ubuntu.
    11. Yellow Dog.
    12. TurboLinux

    1. Knoppix
    2. Slax.
    3. PCLinuxOS

    BSD flavour.
    1. FreeBSd
    2. OpenBSD
    3. FresSBIE
    4. NetBSD
    5. DragonFly BSD ( not my type of BSD ).

    That's all i could remember. Like i said, i tried to many GNU/Linux and BSD distros. The funny part is, i'm stuck with Win98 at office...hahahaha. I still can emulate AutoCAD so that it will run properly on Debian or Suse. Some said AutoCad runs smoothly on Mandrake..huh i need to dig out my CD collection AGAIN! Oh well, one step at a time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:06 PM  
    My computer said 'Requires Windows XP or better'. So I installed LINUX.
    Need i say more? I don't think i have to say anything about it but i'll tell you about it as a geek., i'm not a geek i'm just Jamloceng. I tried a software for HTML editing and a MsgBox ( message box ) said that i need to install XP or better. I'm using Win98 SE because i want to save my RAM from loading those "do-i-really-need-that" GUI of XP.

    So i use WINE to emulate it on a Debian machine. Works fine but with hickups here and there but this is better then running something that is hungry for resources. Why must certain software forces users to use certain module of OS's? Why can i run software that was made for XP on Win98? I don't think it's about the language or new implementation of coding from Microsoft. If you're using Delphi, VB, VC or any language, it should be ok to run on any version of Windows.

    A secret "i'll-scratch-your-back" agreement maybe? I have no idea. Software should give users more freedom. Don't force us to upgrade our OS or hardware. Let that option as an option but not as compulsory. Oh well, now the software running ( emulated ) on Debian, i'm happy with it and guess what, i'm using the same computer with the same hardware. Man, give me a break.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:41 PM  
    Report splog and make this blogsphere a better place to live blog in.

    Do you hate splog ( spam blog )? Found any? Why not report the splog so that the rest of us can put it in our blacklist. Now you can submit a splog using Splogspot.

    What is SplogSpot?
    SplogSpot is service that keeps track of spam blogs or Splogs. The splogspot spam database can be queried by anyone using the SplogSpot API. This will help blog related services, directories etc keep their sites clean.

    How does it work?
    SplogSpot mainly feeds on the blacklist that Pingoat generates. Pingoat has automated software that can detect spam blogs. SplogSpot also accepts manual splog submissions, that are first reviewed and then added to the database. - via SplogSpot About page.

    Always take a look at their latest splog list to save your time. I use it pretty heavily nowdays to avoid wasting my time opening splog link. Seems that so many splog are coming from Blogspot ( oucch..! ) and I AM on Blogspot. i'm corious, will my blog be on their splog list? Maybe some mad person decided to put an end to my blog might submit my blog as splog. Ermm....
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:48 AM  
    Turn your blog into an eBook for FREE.

    I'm thinking about converting my blog into pdf file and after searching for the manual, i found a free and fast way to convert my blog into pdf. It's not the exact feature i'm looking for but it's a good start. I'm looking for a way to convert my whole blog and turn it into pdf file. Oh well, maybe i need to search for more info or use my mighty Adobe Pro to convert my blog.

    Shall we proceed? First point your browser to RSS2Pdf. I'm sure you can figure out what to do next because it is easy. Just drop your URL and press a button. RSS2Pdf will convert your blog to pdf file in seconds.

    I wish FeedBurner can compile my whole post and turn it into a pdf file. Or does FeedBurner already offering that to its users? If you have an answer for me, don't be shy to email it to me. Talk about email, i always get emails asking me why i don't enable comment function for my blog. Long story short, i hate spams. That is why i've created my own group. Just enter your email to subscribe to my group. I'm using Google Group to manage my group. You can post your comment there if you like. any idea on how to improve my blog also welcome. Hate-mail also welcome there but don't use bad words of course. See you there.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:32 AM  
    Thursday, March 02, 2006
    Talking monkey email.

    This is funny email. The monkey can speak and wears a wig. You can change its look and pick your own monkey character. This email comes with voice, so make sure you pick the right setting. You can pick the pre-recorded voice, text-to-speech, record by phone or use a mic.

    It's hard to make the monkey say "Jamloceng is a very smart guy". I have to seperate the word Jamloceng into "Jam low chang" so that the monkey can say it properly. Nice way to get fired from your company, just send this email to your boss.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:42 PM  
    Wednesday, March 01, 2006
    Will we see tax deduction for emails?
    I had a crazy idea about this. I have no idea where did it came from but like a big truck heading my way, i saw the title flashed across my mind. Okay, this might sound weird too some but what if this is true?

    Many of us use emails for business purpose and in the real world we can get a small deduction from our tax. What if, the tax department decided to deduc your tax based on how many emails you have sent. I know we should be charge for tax if we use for business purpose but think about it. We are actually saving the government cost for postage, milage etc by sending reports, paperwork etc using emails.

    Ermm....any suggestion? Lately my mind keep on giving me crazy idea for my blog. Oh well, maybe i'm blogging too much or too fast. Anyway, i'l start counting my emails so that if the tax department decided to give it a go.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:29 PM  
    Utoto Linux - recommended by Richard Stallman.
    I pick up Utoto Linux because Richard Stallman said it is the only distro he recommend to use. Ermm...if this is coming from Stallman, i'm sure it's worth using it.
    UTUTO is a GNU/Linux distribution whose name remembers a small lizard or Gecko from the north of Argentina. Its first version, massively distributed in October of year 2000 in Argentina by Diego Saravia of the National University of Salta, was very simple to use. It worked from CD-ROM with no need of installation. It was one of the first "lives" of the planet.

    Argghh...where is Malaysian Linux group? Ketupat Linux? It's gone my friend.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:04 PM  
    Linux Day in Jamloceng country.
    Sorry about the GNU/Linux post. I know most of my readers are using Microsoft as their OS. My main goal is to promote Linux to Malaysian or to where ever you are. No, i'm not a GNU/Linux guru but i'm willing to take the dive into Linux.

    I have been using Linux since mid 90's and still, learning about it. So don't call me GNU/Linux guru like what Suzzie called me just now.
    Heya Linux Guru, can you help me about Linux?

    Now my face is turning red.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:38 PM  
    Richard Stallman delivers a lecture at the Australian National University in Canberra October 2004.
    Topics covered include open software development, privacy, copyright, the history of linux. A lively presentation in which RMS wears a hat as worn by IT deities.

    This recording covers the second half of his two-hour presentation. Courtesy The National Institute of Engineering and Information Sciences (NIEIS) and The Australian Computer Society (ACS).

    My jaw dropped while watching the video. Stallman talked about copyrights, privacy and such. I love the part when he talked about Microsoft and the confusion on Linux kernel. Stallman said that GNU is not Linux and Linux should be type and spell as GNU/Linux. Free software is being confused as free-not-to-pay.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:28 PM  
    Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth in a Q & A session.
    Nice video about Ubuntu and Debian. This video is about 1 hour and full of information. The way Mark delivered the session really interesting ( not like any boring Linux security session kind of talk ) and for newbies, you can understand the foundation of Linux from this video.

    At the first part, Mark tells us about his background and how he got involve with Linux ( Debian and Phyton ) OS. From now on, i'll try to use video as a part of my blog content. The reason is, many emails kept telling me the same question "How can i do that?" or "Can you please explaine it again, this time in details" that kind of emails. Anyway, back to Mark...over to you Mark.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:55 PM  
    Indian hacker on Linux.
    The hackers of Indian Linux Localization, speak about what, when, where & how they got involved with Linux Localization. The only problem is i can't really understand Indian-English so i assumed too much. The best thing is, they speak in Tamil in some Malaysia whould take Linux as its main OS. Okay, not as the main but as the secondary OS because most of us are too "hooked" to Windows.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:39 PM  
    Getting the right advise from
    They said they test the Web to help keep you safe from spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. They will test websites to make sure you're safe from spam, scam etc. Nice job and you should use it too.

    They also have plugin for IE and FireFox. I'm testing their FF plugin with myFireFox running on my Win98 SE. The plugin works great in telling me about illegal acts coming from that website. For example, if i search for Kazaa, SiteAdvisor will show a red X mark and that is "code red" website. Just click the "more" link and it will show me about Kazaa website. You can use this info to find out about spyware, phishing, scam etc in single click.

    If you want to be save while online, get Siteadvisor plugin.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:05 PM  
    Google dance again?
    Last week my pagerank was at 4 then gone up to 5. Now my pagerank is showing my blog is a 7 PR. Oh well, maybe it's time for another Google dance for this year. Lately, forum members kept on swearing-on-their-XboX-name, PR is testing a new formula. I don't have any inside about Google PR new method but if you can supply me with a link, i'm happy with it.

    Almost a year now and my blog is getting more visitor. Thank you for visiting my blog and don't forget to tell your friends about thi blog.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:24 AM  
    Quicken alternative--FREEWARE (Win only).
    If you're using Quicken to manage your account, why not try several freeware below. Who knows, maybe some of it are better compared to Quicken.

    Zeal Money Manager.
    Simple Checkbook v2.1
    Kraetive Cash.
    Banana Cash Book.
    Ace Money Lite.
    Budget Tracker.
    Cash Express 2000.
    Personal Finance Assistant.
    Easy Cash Manager

    So, try the freewares to manage your money and save it for collage. Happy testing.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:59 AM  
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