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    Tuesday, February 28, 2006
    Jason Kottke waving the white flag.
    Jason Kottke is a blogger that decided to make a full time living from blog and he just waved his white flag said

    Jason Kottke, a Web designer who quit his job to run his blog full time, has abandoned his plan to make a living through blogging after exactly one year.Kottke announced on Wednesday that he is no longer seeking payments from people who enjoy his blog, He said he hasn't managed to attract enough readers or developed "a sufficient cult of personality" to support the subscription model.

    He also explained that he wasn't able to keep providing the time and energy needed to make his blog successful enough. "My (unstated) intention from the beginning was to approach the site as a start-up, but along the way, life intervened (in a good way), and I couldn't focus on it as much as I wanted to. The site became a normal job, a 9-to-5 affair, which meant that I could keep up with it, but growth was hard to come by," Kottke wrote. - via

    I have no idea what will be his next step for his future and his blog. But i hope he can find some time to blog as usual. His method of making a living was by using donation from readers. He raised a total of $39,900 from his blog readers and decided to work on the full time blogger on Feb.22 2005.

    Reading his statement, "....hasn't managed to attract enough readers or developed "a sufficient cult of personality" to support the subscription model." made me realize that even blogging need hard work. Jason, as we refer as among the first riding the first wave of blog, made it clear that you need to blog like it is your full time job. It took hard work and plentty of time. To Jason, all the best to you in the near future.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:42 PM  
    Deja vu again.
    I just hate deja vu sometimes. It flashes images that is not pleasant to my mind. Just now i saw 4 bloggers came to me with big axe's in their hands. Huhuhu...want to chop off my head eh?

    I have to admit, deja vu can save lifes. I have no solid evident how but i strongly believe it can. Many books about deja vu or hypnosis of sort will point out that deja vu can help you to gain safety and such. Yes, i do believe in deja vu and i'm looking for a solid answer for it. Or was it i blog too much? Maybe or maybe not.

    Talk about deja vu, lately more and more bloggers use some sort of income making from their blog. Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with that but over-doing it is not a pretty picture. A blogger that runs solely for Adsense will publish..errr...."unrelated" post. The word unrelated is the best that i could think off. These bloggers will write almost about anything that associated with high paying keywords ( so they thought ) and not knowing about what they just wrote. Nice eh? Well, thanks to "free-for-all-articles" directories, creating ( or is it pasting? ) content based on "high-paying-keywords" is easy. Just copy and paste and pray that the money will start rolling in.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:30 PM  
    Keep your private part PRIVATE.

    This not a backdoor or hack, just a sort of information for webmaster. Many webmaster forgets to protect their protected pages and it's open to an "open-teenagers-party". I'm talking about affiliates know, the page that have a direct link for buyers to download.

    Many software that can do that in just minutes. This is how the software works, it will scan the domain and caches the result. Let say your domain is, the software ( some are free and shareware ) will scan your domain to find your sub domains. Let say your landing page is and that is where buyers will download your eBook or products.

    I'm not going to reveal what software or website i tried, so don't email me asking about it. The reason i write about this is to remind webmasters to protect their landing page.

    The step that i used to dig the landing page is fairly easy. As i have told you before, using software can scan "open" domains ( landing page ) and the second method is by using Google. Yes, you read it right, Google! You can read about Google hack from Johhy Hack Stuff.

    In order to protect your landing page, you must tweak your Robot.txt. Read the manual to avoid search engines from crawling you "protected" page.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:07 PM  
    Monday, February 27, 2006
    Another social bookmarking hybrid tool using AJAX.
    This is cool AJAX website. You can actually watch the latest entries, live!. Using Digg and Delicious, this tool is way too cool to ignore. DiggLicious is the new AJAX website ( or some refers AJAX to Web 2.0 ) that monitors Digg and Delicious at the same time. is a mashup of two fantastic websites; and If you are not familiar with these sites, go and check them them out then come back and enjoy this portal into the best of both. is a news site where users post links to articles and cool websites, you then vote (digg) for ones that you like. Articles that recieve enough diggs will be promoted to the frontpage. is a bookmarking site where users can keep track of all their internet bookmarks (favourites) online. It has a great system that lets you see what sites are being bookmarked by users from around the world.

    DiggLicious combines information from these two sites to provide lists of items that are being dugg and items that are being bookmarked on The main page uses AJAX technology to automatically update the stories as they are being dugg and bookmarked. Stories or Sites that are both Dugg and added to delicious are a must see! via DiggLicious About page.

    So, wait no more my friends hoppy-dee-dee-hop to DiggLicious. Why not add Slash Dot? Well, if you're looking for a combination of Slash Dot, Digg and Delicious, head to
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:41 PM  
    What Google and Bush have in common?
    The answer is, both of them need to give out a list requested. Remember when Bush asked Google to give out their searched database? Now Bush needs to give out the "Ace List" from the Guantanamo Bay Prison.

    Although the administration has previously released thousands of pages related to hearings on whether individual detainees are "enemy combatants," it always withheld the names of the prisoners who participated in those hearings. U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff has ordered the Pentagon to release the names by next Friday.

    Pentagon officials have confirmed that they will not appeal the ruling, but said the release won't be a roster of the 490 or so detainees now held at Guantanamo. Instead, it will contain names associated with about 390 hearing transcripts. Some detainees did not participate in the hearings. - via News.Xinhuanet.

    This is a good news for us. Bush always talks about human rights but the torturing of the prisoners are not in the list. Now it is Bush turn to hand over the list.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:24 PM  
    Setting your autoresponder email using GMail.
    This is great if you still don't have a proper autoresponder to manage your emails. Use your GMail to act as your auto responder and it's simple to setup.

    It's called GMail Vacation Responder and you can use it as your auto responder tool. This is great if you setup your own store or affiliate programme.
    You can set up a vacation response in your Gmail account that will automatically reply to anyone who emails you. While the vacation responder is enabled, Gmail will send a response to anyone who contacts you.* If that person contacts you again after four days and your vacation responder is still enabled, Gmail will send another vacation response to remind the person that you're away from your email. - via GMail Support.

    To use this feature, follow the steps below:
    1. Login to your GMail account.
    2. Click the Setting.
    3. In the General Tab, pick "Vacation responder on"
    4. Click Save Changes.

    You can disable it whenever you want. Use this feature as your auto responder tool for your new signups, buyer and the list keeps going on. I'm sure you know how to figure out what is what. Happy responding.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:29 PM  
    The myths about Adsense keywords.
    Bloggers and webmasters are looking for a way to make money from Adsense. They are looking for the highest paying keywords in the market. They spent hundreds of dollars to buy keywords so that they can built the most profitable content to feed Adsense.

    Shall we take a look at the myths?

    "Mesothelioma is the highest paying keywords!". That was true several months back but now, mesothelioma is not the highest paying keywords. Let me explaine what is happening behind the curtain of keywords. Adsense comes from AdWords and you must pay close attention to AdWords in order to understand the basic of Adsense keywords.

    You must look at keywords like the stock exchange. Yes, you must think like the stock traders in Wall Streets or Bursa Malaysia. No, i'm not a nutcase but i'm telling you the truth. Keywords is a living thing, same as the stocks. Think like a stock traders? How? Before that, i must explain to you about what i meant by "keyword is a living thing".

    Keywords are based on what words people use to search and how popular the keyword was determined by how often the keyword was typed. Now, we must understand what triggers the popularity of the keyword. Same as stocks, what triggers it will determine how high the price will be. I'm sure you already got the idea what i meant by think like a stock traders.

    You can guess what is the next high-paying-keyword, but you can't 100% sure if it will triggers the price. To make thing more easier to understand, remember that the above paragraph.
    Keywords are based on what words people use to search and how popular the keyword was determined by how often the keyword was typed.

    Yes, the main keyword in the paragraph is PEOPLE. As a creature of habits, we tend to change our mind a lot. For an AdWords holder, he or she can change the keyword bid in seconds. They also are looking for the right keywords for their AdWords campaign. For Adsense publishers, the more they change their minds, the harder for us the get the highest paying keywords. That reveals another myth about Adsense.

    The more popular the keyword, the higher the price. That is not true at all. Again, we must look at AdWord to understand about Adsense keywords. Many people reported that the popular the keyword the lower the price. AdWord holders will not bid for the higher price if they saw a sharp trend of popularity of the keyword. The reason is, more clicks on their AdWords means they have to pay more to Google. Using pure logic, we will see a drop in the price of the keyword as the popularity of the keyword rose.

    You can use the popularity of the keywords just to predict about the general trend not as the main tool. Using Google Suggest can help you to predict what keyword is in. Overture, Wordtracker or 7Search is another great way to predict your keywords. Let say that you saw a sharp increasment of the word "ecruiting software" and you want to create a content about it. This is what you have to do:

    Search the keyword using Suggest, Overture, Wordtracker, 7Search or any other tool you can get your hand on. Compare the popularity of the keywords and the estimated price. Again, the price is NOT fix because keyword is a living creature. From there, you can predict what keyword is paying the highest or the lowest price. This will leads to another myth of Adsense.

    The less popular the keyword, the higher the price. At first, yes that is true but gradually the AdWord holders will lower their bid because no clicks on their AdWord campaigns. Why pay more when we can save the money right. By lowering their bid for the keyword, they can save money but they can put their ads for a longer period of time.

    I know some of you bought the keyword list and not making any money from Adsense and now you know why. Remember what i told you about think like a stock trader? Look for the latest trends and use it for your Adsense campaign. Creating a website or blog just for Adsense is against Adsese TOS, just to remind you guys.

    Let say you got a keyword that is paying the highest price. Then you have created a content around it, now what? Ok, you'll upload your content to your website or blog. Then what? Start counting the cash? Not really true in this scenario. Again the life of the highest paying keywords are short and again it is a living thing. Shall we take a look what i meant by that?

    Adsense takes about one week to give you related ads for your Adsense. Now, search engines takes about 2 months to get on their list. Will your keywords showing the same price tag after 2 months? I don't think so. What was the search engines talk all about? Easy, people will find your website or blog from search engines. If they can't find your blog or website, your Adsense worth nothing. No people means no clicks and no clicks means no money for you...duh.

    To end this post, i'm looking at keywords buying is not a wise idea. First thing is, we don't know the "life span" of the keywords. What if the keywords you bought was the 2004 list? Do you think that list still survive todays AdWords campaign? Again, look for the trend and make use of it. Don't look for the high-paying-keywords only, create a quality blog or website and the money will follow. No use using keywords too much if you can't attract visitor to your blog or website.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:47 AM  
    Will Google dominate the internet like Microsoft did?
    For several month i have this draught of this post. Yes, i do draught my post before posting it to my blog to make sure everything in my mind going the right way. At first, i didn't want to give this post a serious thought but i just can't get it out of my mind. The question of "Will Google dominate the internet?" for me is a huge question. Here is my view about Google and my view might be wrong in some areas.

    For a starter, let us look back at what Google was at the early stage. Yes, Google was just the little kid of search engines trying to walk along with the big boys. That boy is now officially one of the big boys. Everybody nowdays use Google like it was part of our kidney. I must admit, i use Google pretty heavily for my online life and i just love it.

    Then Google making several step forward by offering new products and services to the public. Of course before releasing it to the public, Google normally select several beta testers from all over the world. Have you stop by at Google's "more"? There you can see Google has been expending their service such as Adsense, AdWords, Labs, Scholar and more. Fo me, all the new services are great not just for day-by-day usage but for research and learning new stuff. Believe me, i'm hooked with Google. If Jamloceng said so, you better listen to me closely.

    Google is now covering almost every aspects of the internet and that scared the hell out of me. Looking at Microsoft anti-dominate court cases, people need more freedom for their real life and for their online life. It's just like "I don't want IE in my Windows, so i'll sue them for $40 millions" kind of thing. People nowdays give an eye for their privacy and security. For Google...errmm i don't know about them.

    Already people are suing Google for reasons i don't want to touch. Some claimed that Google doesn't respect their privacy or Google is showing some private data and such. Does Google over-done it? Perhaps they Google should take a look at their policy more often. I'm referring to loophole in their policies such as doorways and such. Too many loopholes mean more "court-attending" for Google and i'm sure they will try to preserve their company's image in any way they could find.

    What about privacy? Does Google snoops around when we use their service? Several forums reported their finding about Google tracking users who used any one of their service. I don't know if this is true and that is why i do not reveal the URL of the forums. As you all know, i will not post something that is not comfired yet. So this post will be sticky for a while.

    From my point of view, everytime Google launched a new service, people will swarmed like bees to get their hands on it first. Nowdays, people not just want to try the new service from Google, they will blog about it in hoping to be the first to spread the new ( you know the drill, SEO+Adsense bla bla bla thing ). I'm looking at Google from the positive side. New service means more option for us.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:57 AM  
    Friday, February 24, 2006
    Can we improve our Adsense ads using tagcloud?
    Some of you have noticed that i have a tagcloud in my blog. So, what's got to do with Adsense? Well, nothing to be honest. I'm using pure javascript to generate those tagcloud, so as we all know Adsense doesn't read from javascripts.

    Back to my post, the answer is maybe. Yes, i typed "maybe", tagcloud can improve your Adsense ads. I've seen many bloggers are using tagcloud and their Adsense ads are improving really nicely. Again, Adsense will not read from a script so how those bloggers create the tagcloud? By coding it manually of course.

    Poking at their source code, i can see their tagcloud is not in scripts but it was done manually. Just create some keywords that looks like a tagcloud and feed the Adsense bot. I'm sure this is against Adsense TOS but yes, the ads are improving and more related to the content. Some of the bloggers are even smarter, they use Adsense Section Targeting and it improves the ads about 10%. No, i don't have a solid data to back that statement about the percentage but looking at their Adsense ads, it's working nicely.

    If your tagcloud is in scripts, forget about it. It will not improve your Adsense ads but if you want to use the manual tagcloud, be prepare to read Adsense warning or banning email. Don't play dirty just play it safe and legal too. A nice example of a person using Adsense is Joel. He made $25,000 from his Adsense and he play it smart and legal. If i were you, i'll be using Joel's method to make money from Adsense.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:37 PM  
    How to recover a deleted file in 2 minutes.

    I've found a great article about how to recover your deleted file using simple steps. This was done in FAT32 environment and you can try it on NTFS but this would be too advance for non geeks.

    A floppy disk is composed of 2879 sectors:

    0: Boot Track
    1-9: First FAT
    10-18: Second FAT
    19-32: Disk Directory
    33-2879: Data Area

    For any FAT 12 and 16 volumes, the directory listing is always located right after the second FAT and has a fixed length. Under FAT32, the root directory is treated like a normal directory, and can be relocated and expanded in size. The FAT32 starting cluster is located in the boot sector at offset 2Ch (Most of the time, it points to a location after the second fat anyway). - via GeeksAreSexy.

    Please be carefull while trying this tips, you might end up with a full corrupted drive. Just try this tip on a floopy disk not on your hard drive. If you want to know more on how to recover deleted files on NTFS drive, read this nice articles about it. This tip is the way to recover your files. If you want to recover your files, use a real file recovery.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:14 PM  
    How to brand your blog - Basic review.
    This morning, an email from Zahid rose a nice topic for me to write. He asked me about branding his blog and what required to brand it. I'm no marketing guru but i can answer question about blog. I'm going to make this post short and sweet so you can get the general idea about branding your blog.

    What is your name?
    All of us use our name in business, filling in forms, applying for loan and such so your name is important. Let say your name is John, would you like people to ask "Who?". Built up your name to get the right attention.

    Pick a name ( your real name or company name etc ) that will make a lasting impression. Look at the big brands in the market such as Sony, Xerox, Googles and more. Let we examine Google for example shall we. I'll break it down into several sub topic so you can unerstand about branding your blog. I know Google is not a blog but hey, this is just for example only.

    1. What's that sound?
    try to use a name that sounds different or funny. Look at Google, people will remember it easily because the sound is funny. Our mind will remember things that are funny and different. Remember how Edward De Bono and Brian Tracy told us about mind mapping? Yes, the same concept applies to your name selection. This is what you need to do in order to pick the right "sounding" name for your blog. Pick at least 10 name that came across your mind. Don't think about it just write down what ever came across your mind. The more spontaneous the better your selection of name. Keep your list for at least ten days.

    On the first day, look at the list and cross-out one name that you don't like. Keep the remaining name in a safe place. The next day repeat what you did on the first day until you have reach the ninth day. At the last day, voila the last remaining name is your blog name.

    2. Avoid the confusion.
    The name or, which is yours? Avoid picking a name that will confuse visitors. Let say your blog name is but your visitors actually visiting because they thought they are visiting the right blog. If you're into Adsense or any affiliate programme, that means you will see a drop in sales and i'm sure you don't want that. Another thing is avoid using X and Z for your name. Just like Xerox for example, we can spell it as Zerox. Avoid those two letters before picking your name.

    3. Keep it short, shorty.
    Maybe this is the most important thing you should take good care first. Use a short name for your blog branding to make sure people remembers it easily. The keyword here is ETR (Easy to remember}. The easier to remember a name, the more efficient your blog branding will be. I know looks cool but there is a better way to get the ETR working. Use the 10 Days method as your guide.

    That's it for now and i hope Zahid can try the tips i've given out. Another way to understand how name branding is important, you might want to read how some brands got its name.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:30 PM  
    Thursday, February 23, 2006
    Podcast with
    Interesting podcasting between Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur with Merlin Mann of
    Inside the Net with Amber MacArthur episode 12 is up and ready for your enjoyment. Sorry about the audio levels on this; I'm in Toronto and don't have my trusty Adobe Audition to hand, but it's a fascinating interview and well worth the listen.- via TWiT.

    You must listen to this interview, full of info about blogging, spam and such. To listen to the interview, please enable your speaker and click here.

    They talked about website traffic and about making money from blog. What i like about this interview is, Merlin Mann told bloggers to blog about their passion. Ermm....this is when i say "I've told you so" but i'm sure you already know about it. Some bloggers tend to blog for money way too much. Keep it simple and sweet.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:11 PM  
    Democracy Player, watch internet videos like you watch TV.

    Download and watch all the best internet TV shows and videos in one powerful application. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide.

    Stop squinting at tedious web videos-- sit back and watch big, high resolution videos one after another. It's so easy to use that you'll be watching interesting videos in moments.

    Now you can watch internet videos like you watch TV with Democracy Player. I've tested it and it went okay, not that smooth but okay. This is an open source software so i'm looking forward for more update in the future. You can add your own channel with their "Add Channel" function.

    You also can download the video while watching it. Yes, no more waiting for the whole video to fisnish download. My favourite channel is DJ Battle. Focusing on the DJ,scratch and turntablist culture. Nice demo too.

    If i'm not mistaken, VideoLAN also can playback streamings. Faster and smaller if you want to try VideoLAN.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:20 PM  
    Wednesday, February 22, 2006
    Microsoft Wndows Vista.
    MS Vista was said to be the most stable OS from Microsoft using 64bit coding. With their tagline "Brings Clarify To Your World" MS tends to market it's 64bit OS early 2006.

    Linux already running on 64bit and so does Vista. We will see more complex software soon and again stability is the main issue. But, is it smooth enough to run Vista before hitting the stores? A reader of mine emailed me this photo and i don't know if this photo is real or a fake.

    Notice the "Blue Screen Of D"? Yup, the computer is sitting next to a MS Vista bunting. My fingers are itching to type "Install Linux!" but i'll try to keep them off the keyboard.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:12 PM  
    Adsense, the new mind game for some.
    Reading a thread at Digital Point, i'm seeing users treating Adsense as an art of camouflage. The better you hide it, the better you can get money from Adsense.

    Adsense does allow us to blend the ads but blending it too much is like tricking people clicking it. Well, Adsense allows it so it's ok to blend for now.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:54 PM  
    The 5 Best Timewaster Websites
    I found this link and this is fun. Okay, now i'm feeling a bit guily about playing this "timewaster" website. Some are fun but some are just took too much time LOL. If you are online during office hour, don't visit these website or you'll forget about fetching your kids from school.

    1. Darth Outsmart you - Nice game but very demanding ( grrrr...)
    2. Draw your dream house - Draw it, save it and do whatever you want with your house.
    3. Home Run - Drunken master for you to smack around.
    4. The Dancing Skeleton - Aaaa...a classic video of the dancing deadman.
    5. Beauty and the re-touch - Oh, how painful the truth is. This is how a photographer retouches a fashion model with average-level looks and converts her into a knockout bombshell Cover Girl. See a real-life digital disassembly of a magazine cover... and the real truth underneath.

    6. I'm bored - Funny and hilarious website that will make you laugh.

    7. Blogspot - Oucchhh....that was hard.

    So you think you're a smart guy eh? Why not take this test.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:44 PM  
    Learn Morse code.
    What is Morse code? According to Wikipedia:
    Morse code is a method for transmitting information, using standardized sequences of short and long marks or pulses — commonly known as "dots" and "dashes" — for the letters, numerals and special characters of a message. Originally created for Samuel Morse's electric telegraph in the mid-1830s, it was also extensively used for early radio communication beginning in the 1890s. - via Wikipedia

    I'm thinking about learning Morse code one day. Who knows, one day the earth is at it's last day; i can transmit my last message to my wife or cancel my bank loan. Is there a software that can create Morse code or receive the code? I mean, chatting with my friends using Morse code should be fun. But wait, we have encyption during chats.

    Can we create an encypted-Morse code soon? I don't know, maybe the software already in the market. Seen or used one of it? Drop me a line.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:56 PM  
    Free award-winning book for you.

    Bruce Judson is a successful go-it-alone entrepreneur, a bestselling and award-winning author, and one of the nation's leading experts on marketing and entrepreneurship.

    Judson's unique approach is to "battle test" his innovative ideas by founding real businesses based on his evolving principles. These practical tests of his theories, combined with his extensive research, then form the basis for his widely acclaimed books.
    Over half (56%) of all Americans dream of starting their own business. The United States is the land of opportunity, but so few of us ever make the leap to this fundamental aspiration. Work is a central part of our lives. Each week for 35 years or more—over 70,000 hours and often half of the time we are awake—most of us work (and travel to and from work). Yet, only a very few of us ever feel that we set our own course, work at what we do best, and are doing what we most love doing. Indeed, in late 2003, the Conference Board reported that U.S. job satisfaction hit a record low: Over half of all Americans are unhappy with their jobs. The Gallup Organization asked 1.7 million employees in 101 companies from 63 countries, “At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?” Only 20% of the responding employees working at large firms answered yes. Finally, a 2004 Gallup poll found that over 70% of U.S. workers are “disengaged” from their jobs, meaning that almost three of every four workers have mentally checked out and lost any real commitment to their work or their company.- the first page.

    If you're into marketing, this free book can help you. I've read his real book before years back and i love it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:45 PM  
    Don't just blog, take notes!
    So you're now a blogger eh? That's great and i hope more blogger will blog soon. New blogger can actually make money using Adsense or any other form of affiliate programme. Today i'm going to share with you my own experience about blogging.

    Domain or not - This is one of the biggest debate among bloggers and still no solid answer to it. For me, it's okay to blog from a free blog provider such as but if you want more personal, go for your own domain. People will find your blog with or without your own domain from search engines sooner or later, so you don't have to worry about not getting the right "spotlights".

    Let us take a look at the pro's and the con's of free blog shall we.

    Free blog Pro's
    1. Easy to setup and no HTML or other "hocus-pocus" codes. With pre-built template, you can blog in just minutes.
    2. No money on the table of course-- FREE!
    3. No headaches regarding server maintenance.
    4. No limits to open multiple accounts.

    Free blog Con's
    1. Can't put advance coding ( limitation ).
    2. Frequent down-time.
    3. Poor search engines visibility.
    4. Associated to spam blog.

    It is up to you to choose your blog domain. If you're not up for a paid domain, using a free ( sub-domain ) blog is where you can start. Once you have the idea about blogging, move up to a paid domain.

    Make some money from blog? - More blogs mean more money? Not really because you need to create an unique blog and huge traffic. Yes you can make money from your blog and it's pretty easy to understand. You can gain $10, $100 or $1000 monthly from your blog by using several methods. I'm sure you have read about how to make money from blog but if you are here for the first time, i'll tell you in general.

    This is the biggest and easiest way to make money from blogs. Advertisers are willing to pay you just to show their ads in your blog. Last year, estimated about $10 billions spent on ads. Don't you think it's time for your to monetize your blog? Come on, that's more then enough for all of us don't you think so? Below is the service you can use to gain revenue.

    1. Adsense - The biggest paying ads service not only for blogger but for websites. More and more people are making money from Adsense such as Joel. In my blog alone, i have gave out tips about how to maximise your Adsense income and some of my readers applying it already made huge income leaps. But if you're looking for the advance method, you need to understand and crack the Adsense code.

    2. AdBrite - Also a great alternative for bloggers. Advertisers will bid each other to place their ads on your blog and this means more money for your. THe higher they bid, the more you can make monthly. You can control who and how the ads should appear on you blog. Use AdBrite to gain money from your blog or website.

    3. Chitika - a new but promosing service to gain high income from your blogs. Fast payout and easy to apply for non-programmers such as you. More people are making money from Chitika serves a new way of advertisement, they are the number one choice for bloggers and webmasters.

    Yes, affiliate programme is not dead yet and it' getting bigger. By using affiliate programme, you don't have to deal will emails or handling and so like. The big boys of affiliate is Amazon, Barne&Nobles, ClickBank etc. What to sell from blog? That entirely up to you and easy to pick the right product.
    My name is Rosalind Gardner, and I earn 100% of my income from the 'Net. Between January 1998 and June 2003, I did business online by promoting ONLY affiliate programs.
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    Paid promotion is great if you are willing to spend some money. Many promoting company are giving away cheap fee for you to pick. You can place your own price to get a higher visibility in search engines. You can exchange link with other blog or your can use software to promote your blog in just several clicks. Popular websites and blogs are using a simple method of promoting their websites and blogs using promoting software and it's proven the increase sales and visits.

    If i have more tips for you, i'll update this articles later. If you're looking for more tips, you know where to go. Happy blogging folks.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:08 PM  
    Tuesday, February 21, 2006
    Need a free hard drive partition manager?
    Forget about using FDISK and format C:/s using floopy disk. Partitioning your hard disk is easier and safer to do it on your own. Remember to backup all your data before running any partition manager. If you want a Pro Partition manager, try Partition Magic from Symantec.

    Below is the list of partition manager that i've tried. I'm using a 40Gb hard disk for this test and it's working nicely. Again backup your data before playing with this apps. You have been warned!

    1. Partition Logic - Simple to use even for a first timer users.
    2. Ranish Partition Manager - Support Windows, Linux, FreeDOS and FreeBSD.
    3. SwissKnife - Fast but got plug-in problem.
    4. QtParted - A Partition Magic clone using C++.
    5. Partition Resizer - Support multiple OS and NTFS.

    I hope you can try the apps above to manage your partition. Ermm...Linux handles partitioning pretty well i might ask, okay all of you get Linux!
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:47 PM  
    Do you take off your pants online?
    Couple of hours ago, i saw a blog ( i like her way of writing tho ) who take off her pants online. No, i'm not talking about some Playboy model blog. Come on this is a family blog!

    The blogger seems to talk about her private life too details and that's not a wise idea while on online. She gave out her home number and address, things like that. Maybe she's okay with it but in the long run, she is destroying her own private life. Yes, she's from Malaysia and yes she is still single if you might want to know.

    Being online for several years thought me not to reveal myself too much. The danger of opening yourself too much is dangerous. People can use your picture for wrong reason and for this blogger, people can go to her house! I can't imagine that.
    The reason i love to blog is to get to know people.

    There's nothing wrong about making friends but hey, even in our real life we keep our distance from each other. Just give away your secondary email for your readers to get in touch with you. Talk about email, a friend of mine told me that his inbox is full of spam emails and he just put up the white flag.

    I asked him, is that the only email you have? You've guessed it right, the answer is yes, one email for business, family and clients. No wonder he got "all-in-one-spam" every ten minutes. It is better to signup for a new email ( Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail etc ) for different reason. Let say your primary email is and you can give that only to your clients or family. For the rest, use your secondary email(s).

    I'm using my secondary ( honestly, i have lots of emails ) for my blog. I can focus to one email at a time and it saves me time filtering spams. If i want to read my emails about my blog, i just open my blog email ( ring4blog[alias] yahoo ) and i don't have to gone through headaches. Same goes for my business email address, i can save time and effort regarding spams.

    Nowdays, i'm dealing with 200-300 emails per day just from my blog email alone! But, i can ( at least ) keep the spammer at bay. No need to pull out my hair just to figure out which is which and who is who. I'm using Thunderbird for my email manager and i just love it. Who said free stuff is no good?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:06 PM  
    Monday, February 20, 2006
    Jamloceng is crazy? Not quite.
    Early this morning my inbox were fulled of emails from readers. Even my best friend "smacked" me a bit. To make long story short, they just don't quite fond of my more recent posts. The reason is, it was craps!

    First of all, i do honour our relationship and yes my post were ugly. I have a solid reason for that. I'm seeing blogging getting near to the "blog-burst" and that is why most of my post were not up to the standard. I want to know what kind of blog readers love to read and what made them keep coming back. One way of analyzing this "soon-to-be-blog-burst" was by posting ugly content.

    I know this seems to be difficult for you to understand but try to look from a different view and you'll understand why. Remember the web-burst in the 90's? After that, blog took over the internet and more people blogs. Is it too many blogs nowdays will bursts the bubble? It might be the answer if we take a look at the history of web-burst. At that time, so many people instantly became webmaster and millions of domains were sold overnight. Same goes for blog-burst.

    Honestly, i don't know for long blog phenomena will stay floating above the wave and i don't know for how long i can blog. For me, i'll take it one step at a time but future planning stands now. Should i move to more stable blog server or should i use Web 2.0/AJAX as my CMS? Too many question but again, one step at a time.

    Hanging tight to one income of source is dangerous. "Don't put all the eggs in one basket" and i do agree with that. Clinging solely to Adsense is dangerous, so better make a future plan fast. Diversify your source of income! If you want to make money from internet, you need to see the internet trend in whole not in smaller scales. After you have looked at the internet in whole, it'll be more easier for you to scale it down.

    The danger of looking at one part and overlooked at the other side will take your blog crumbling down faster then you could think of. My view about blog have shifted to 180 degree since the last 2 years. More and more spam blogs created just for Adsense, more to come in the next 6 months. I know a blogger ( can we call him a blogger? ) run about 6 blogs with million of ads and yes, Adsense in it. The best part is, this blogger will blog about almost anything and i bet he don't know a jack about what he wrote.

    I'm not saying it's bad to create more blogs with Adsense in it but ask yourself, "Can i run all of this blog without sacrifying my dignity?". You can run multiple blogs but what is the point updating your blog once a month? Is it worth doing it? How much does this blogger made from Adsense anyway? Is it about $5000 per month or was that the figure he paid for the host and domain fees?

    Using your blogs as a business blog also not a wise idea but if you mix it with a normal style of blogging can help you alot. Nowdays, more and more business blog emerging and they made huge money. The only logical reason i can relate is, human relationship. Yes, we love blogs because it's more human compared to a website.

    Plan now and save your $$$
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:44 PM  
    Another Linux packages.
    This morning, two packages addressed to me. I opened the first package and Fedora Linux CD's was in it. This is strange, i never order Fedora. Another package is Debian Linux. This is getting strange situation for me.

    I sat down, looking at the packages. "When did i ordered Fedora and Debian?" i said to myself. I looked inside the packages and a small card in it. Ermm...a secret admirer maybe? No name or email address on it.
    Dear Jamloceng,
    This is a copy of Fedora for you to play with. I hope you are happy with it. did this person know my address? Oh well, i'll play with Fedora later. Another package, Debian Linux. i remember, a friend of mine from Australia ( Jack the Mouse ) once said that he will post Debian Linux to me to test. This is a modded version of Debian Linux. He made it with his team. Thanks Jack, next time send me some money LOL.

    Again, i'm not accepting any software or operating system for beta testing purpose. But trust me, i'm happy to have all those beta versions. Don't get mad at me if i never highlight your software or Operating System.
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    Friday, February 17, 2006
    Wear your nametag please.
    Scott Ginsberg wears his nametag for the last 5 years and going to wear it for the rest of his life! The reason, it will him you more approcable. Wow, this is great in making friends or business partners.

    Scott also being featured in Wall Street Journal by Jeffrey Zaslow called "First Impressions Get Faster".

    "Sure, humans have always made snap judgments. But as our culture swirls faster and faster, first impressions are being indulged at hyper speed..."

    "In St. Louis, Scott Ginsberg, 26 years old, is now testing theories about first impressions. For more than 5 years, every day, he has worn a nametag that says, 'HELLO, my name is Scott.' The former marketing student says the nametag allows people to develop a first impression of him in seconds. His goal is to appear friendly and more approachable, and to tap into those instincts of others. Women who mock or ignore him probably aren't right for him, he says. But those who engage in conversation about the nametag learn things about him that lead beyond first impressions."-via Scott's blog.

    Would you wear your nametag 24/7? It took huge courage and shaving off your ego a bit. For me, i'm thinking about it.....hard.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:41 PM  
    Thursday, February 16, 2006
    Stop blogging for Adsense for blogs sake.
    Enough is enough. I'm looking at more blogs for Adsense. Full of keywords in hope of scoring big money from it. They took other people's content, inserted more keywords and made it as they made it.

    Why can't they blog just like the rest of us. Yes, we all use Adsense but we are not giving it the most important thing in our blog. The content is still the King and NOT Adsense. If you blog for Adsense, you might lowered the quality of your content because you're aftering keywords and stuff. To be honest, i don't really pay much attention to keywords but once in awhile i do maximize my keywords for Adsense. But, i never blog for Adsense.....period.

    I know i gave out tips about Adsense but that doesn't mean i'm an Adsense junkie. If you really want to generate money from your Adsense, get you advance tips here. I must warn you, this advance tips will flood your bank with money.

    Always give your readers something fun, interesting or new articles. Readers are not going to return to a blog full of Adsense keywords or Get-Rich-Quick plans. They want something to read, written by a human not by a content-scrapping-softwares. We all need money but hoping for it too much will not lead you anywhere. It's all about human-relationship and i do believe that strongly.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:25 PM  
    Bush administration, the next millionaire using Adsense and AdWord.
    Yes, you read it right. President Bush will be the next millionaire by using Adsense and AdWords. The reason i said that is because if Bush administration won the fight with Google, all of the database that can be use for Adsense and AdWords are in his hands.

    Imagine all those top paying Adsense and AdWords keywords in Bush's office. Wohaa...maybe Bush administration can share some of the top 10 keywords if he wins the court fight with Google. I'm guessing, in the next future ( if Bush won the case ) we will see more blogs and website solely for Adsense and AdWords. Forget about searching keywords, all the top paying keywords are in their hands.

    Ok, i know this post seems to be weird but consider this post as the "What if..." post. What about keywords from other search engines? Wow...millions of top paying keywords laying around in White House. Come on, give us some hint about the keywords will you...or maybe not.

    Oh well, since i haven't blogging for almost a week, maybe this post can cheer you up. I had a bad fever and i just stay at home,laying on the bed doing nothing. Woke up and play with my 6 months old daughter and sleep some more. The medicine given by the doctor were strong at making me sleeping on the dinner table.
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    Friday, February 10, 2006
    Me and my buddy slacking togerther.
    tgnpjg: erk kat ner tuh...?
    telipon: dpn opis aku
    tgnpjg: kadi adtis tuh ker...?
    tgnpjg: yg uat sign bod ker...?
    telipon: a'ah
    tgnpjg: a'ah...
    tgnpjg: aku lepak kat cc dkat situ...
    tgnpjg: siap tido lagik...?
    tgnpjg: tu yg aku msg ko tuh...
    tgnpjg: igt nak mintak stuff skit...
    telipon: pehal tk ckp ko kt situ....adehh
    tgnpjg: hehehe
    tgnpjg: hahaha
    tgnpjg: aku dgr ko cam sebok jer....?
    tgnpjg: lagik pun aku tgh mandi waktu tuh...
    tgnpjg: hehehe
    tgnpjg: maner tau...
    telipon: kekekeke
    tgnpjg: saper kasik tau...?
    telipon: aku nampak la ko
    telipon: dah ko dok dpn opis aku
    tgnpjg: asal tak jerit...
    telipon: dh panggil dahhhh
    telipon: ko buat derk katak je
    tgnpjg: yer ker....?
    tgnpjg: asal tak call lak...
    tgnpjg: ari tuh aku demam larr...
    tgnpjg: so pekak larr kot....?
    telipon: kan aku dh kata, credit tarak la
    telipon: nk call cmana
    tgnpjg: pkai fon opis larr....
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    tgnpjg: waktu tuh aku nak blah...
    telipon: opis lak line tgh baiki
    tgnpjg: tapi helmet takder....?
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    telipon: helmet?
    tgnpjg: aku nak tumpang member aku larr...
    tgnpjg: dyer bawak moto...
    tgnpjg: mintak dyer antar larr....
    telipon: oooo
    tgnpjg: tapi takder helmet...
    tgnpjg: aku g larr jmper member aku tuh kat situh....
    telipon: oooo
    telipon: album apa yg beh?
    tgnpjg: erath crisis...
    tgnpjg: ep nyer...
    tgnpjg: baru siap donlot...
    telipon: aku tk brape klik la earth crisis
    telipon: aku suka ill nino
    telipon: beh gak layan latin metal
    tgnpjg: lor cam lambat jer....?
    telipon: tah ko
    telipon: aku laju je
    tgnpjg: pekater kalu ko send ikut email....?
    telipon: ko pkai line apa? aku streamyx 3.5Mb
    tgnpjg: tah tak tau....?
    tgnpjg: camner nak cek arr....
    tgnpjg: hehehee
    telipon: email? lg la slow
    tgnpjg: yar kar....?
    tgnpjg: aku ok jer....?
    telipon: tah
    telipon: ni mesti kes selsema burung kat thailand ni kot
    tgnpjg: hahaha
    tgnpjg: aku raser pun cam tuh gak larr...
    tgnpjg: Ill Nino One Nation Underground Advance 2005
    tgnpjg: ko da ader ker....?
    telipon: ill nino tak complete lg
    telipon: tgh nk dwl
    tgnpjg: best ker album nih....?
    telipon: boleh layan la gak la
    telipon: tp soulfly baru mmg teruk skek
    telipon: cam lagu slipknot yg lagu ikan paus tuh
    tgnpjg: ill nino nyer album maner paling best....?
    telipon: aku pun tk ingat
    telipon: janji beh, aku layan
    tgnpjg: huhahehi....
    tgnpjg: asal lagu yg ko kasi nih cam potong jer...?
    tgnpjg: cam ader skip2 jer...?
    telipon: ye ke?
    telipon: aku dgr ok je
    tgnpjg: a'ah....
    tgnpjg: putus putus....?
    tgnpjg: solo tak abeh....?
    tgnpjg: asala arr....
    telipon: tah
    telipon: aku dgr ok je nih
    tgnpjg: mcm da edit plak....
    tgnpjg: takper...
    tgnpjg: tuggu siap donlot larr....
    tgnpjg: aku igt ko kasik kat aku yg priviewnyer...?
    telipon: cehh
    tgnpjg: ko da dgr soulfly yg baru....?
    telipon: dah
    tgnpjg: aku tak dgr lagik ler....?
    tgnpjg: best ker...?
    tgnpjg: sgt ker...
    telipon: 2 setengah bintang la
    tgnpjg: lot....?
    tgnpjg: half jer...?
    telipon: byk sgt lagu2 cam eksperimen
    tgnpjg: aduh...?
    tgnpjg: aper da jadik ngn max caverlera aku nih...?
    tgnpjg: ker da jadik maximum cover selera...
    telipon: gamaknya la
    telipon: ada satu lagu tuh, anak dia main gitar skali
    telipon: punya la lama lagu tuhhh
    tgnpjg: lor...?
    telipon: cam lagu slipknot yg bunyi ikan paus tu lal
    tgnpjg: huhuhu....?
    tgnpjg: slipknot ader kuar album baru ker...?
    tgnpjg: siap 2 dics lagik...?
    tgnpjg: ker koleksi album jer...?
    telipon: tah la
    telipon: beh skek album prophecy
    telipon: aku carik lagu bob marley versi live lagu stand up get up
    telipon: ko ada tak?
    telipon: lagu dia dlm 12 minit
    tgnpjg: takder kot....?
    telipon: ari tu la aku dgr kt hitz...beh gilerr
    tgnpjg: erk...?
    tgnpjg: kat hiz...?
    telipon: aku skang byk layan raggae lak
    tgnpjg: kener carik nih....?
    tgnpjg: lor....?
    tgnpjg: jadik raggea metal lak member aku nih....?
    telipon: ari tu jamm ngn kembo pun aku asik "ter"main reggae
    telipon: nk buat cmana, influence byk sgt kekeke
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    telipon: kan aku ikut Max Cavalera
    telipon: dia pun layan bob marley
    tgnpjg: poyo larr lu beb....
    telipon: mugagagag....dah tua2 ni manade nk ikut trend sgt dah
    telipon: umur skang ni main from heart dah
    telipon: kekekeke
    tgnpjg: aku pun layan gak reggae beb...
    tgnpjg: tapi tak hardcore lagik ler...?
    tgnpjg: huhukukujijuju
    telipon: nak hardcore, ko layan sevenfold avanger la
    telipon: tak pun Bleeding through
    telipon: kita kena main style cam tribal metal skek la kot
    telipon: cam soulfly ke
    telipon: sepultura ke ( album roots bloody roots)
    telipon: aku kalu ada pitih, nak je aku beli didgeridoo nih
    telipon: nk buat,tak reti
    telipon: mugagagaggaga
    telipon: tp time anugerah juara lagu, zainal abidin siap pakai berimbau lagik..pehhh
    tgnpjg: perh.....?
    tgnpjg: gilo...
    tgnpjg: mental da member aku nih....?
    tgnpjg: emo....
    telipon: tah la...view aku psl muzik ni makin lama makin kompleks
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    tgnpjg: tapi kalu ko minat nak main cam soulfy
    tgnpjg: aku pun nak beb...
    telipon: aku sendiri tk reti dah nk dgr lagu cmana nk leh puaskan ati aku
    telipon: tp soulfly mmg ngam la kalu nk main
    telipon: tp kembo tu apa cite? kekekekee
    telipon: kt sana ada org jual didgeridoo tak?
    tgnpjg: aku dyorg still power rock kot....?
    tgnpjg: tah tak tau lak aku...?
    telipon: diaorg stay power metal kot kekekeke
    tgnpjg: hehehehe
    telipon: tp ok la, janji heavy
    tgnpjg: ader metal lagik ker si kembor berdua tuh...?
    telipon: kepala otak aku ni asal heavy...jalan je
    tgnpjg: hahahahaha
    tgnpjg: tapi aku makin layan doom metal larr beb....
    tgnpjg: cam best jer....?
    telipon: aku kt sini takde kaki la nk jam betul2 metal cam spulfly
    telipon: doom ok gak layan
    telipon: tp kalu nk beh, ko layan album2 lama cathedral
    telipon: ko pasang siang...malam kang tk abih lagi mugagagagaga
    tgnpjg: wow...
    tgnpjg: best nih....
    tgnpjg: aper band lagik....
    tgnpjg: aku nak study nih....
    telipon: nothern side beh gak layan...tatau la ada lg tak jual album nih
    tgnpjg: Cathedral Forest Of Equilibrium
    tgnpjg: yg nih best ker....?
    telipon: cathedral bg aku cuma first dan second album je beh
    telipon: yg lain cam hampeh nu-metal lak
    telipon: kekekeke
    tgnpjg: takdapat larrr...
    tgnpjg: puas aku carik...?
    telipon: weh....ko reti tak buat didgeridoo tuh?
    tgnpjg: lor....
    tgnpjg: ko tanyer bart alrr...
    tgnpjg: bart agats...
    telipon: payah tul nk jumpa samad tuh
    telipon: asal aku pi terminal ke...takde
    telipon: ari tu kt ktn parade ada,tp dia lak nk cepat
    tgnpjg: lor..../
    telipon: candlesmass ko tk minat?
    tgnpjg: takper nanti try pakai mr bond tangkap dyer....
    tgnpjg: aku tak byk dgr...
    telipon: paradise lost?
    tgnpjg: dyer main camner sebenornyer...?
    telipon: my dying bride ok gak la
    tgnpjg: PL best...
    tgnpjg: tapi aku tak minat...
    telipon: otai doom yg aku minat cam until death overtakes me
    tgnpjg: perh maner nak cari beb...
    tgnpjg: puas aku ranjau...
    tgnpjg: tak dapat...
    telipon: dia cam Funeral,shape of despair,stabat mater
    telipon: aku pi kt irc je kalu nk cari metal2 nih
    telipon: pi kt server phazenet
    telipon: #metalmp3
    telipon: #deathblackmetal
    telipon: #blackcore
    telipon: etc
    tgnpjg: :-S
    tgnpjg: perh mereng aku kejap...?
    telipon: kekekeke
    telipon: kata minat doom
    telipon: cathedral la yg plaing beh kalu doom
    telipon: cuba ko try usha kat Erache Record punya website
    tgnpjg: tu la pasal...
    tgnpjg: nak kena start dari bacis nih...?
    tgnpjg: basic...
    telipon: sukati ko la nk mula dr mana kekekekeke
    tgnpjg: aku sangap giler nak main metal keras sekeras kerikil...
    tgnpjg: aku sini takder kaki yg best...
    tgnpjg: semer layan power metal...
    tgnpjg: ko minat larr kot...
    telipon: sini lg la aku tak kenal sapa2. ko kat sana ok la, ada gak Kombat
    telipon: aku lak minat power metal...tu kembo la
    telipon: kekekeke
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    tgnpjg: budak umah aku nih plak dok layan in flames larr COB larr...
    tgnpjg: maklum larr budak kolej...
    telipon: cob beh perrr
    tgnpjg: biler aku kasik band pelik sikit da lain...
    telipon: kekekeke
    tgnpjg: besh mmg besh..
    telipon: trendy kot
    telipon: mugagagagaga
    tgnpjg: tapi diorg nih lain....?
    tgnpjg: a'ah...
    tgnpjg: mcm tu larr kot....
    tgnpjg: ko tau MCR...
    telipon: mcr? apa tuh?
    telipon: mc hammer aku kenal la
    telipon: kekekekeke
    tgnpjg: yg tuh pun dyer layan mcm metal berat sangat...?
    tgnpjg: my chemical romen...?
    tgnpjg: boring betul....
    telipon: nya
    tgnpjg: tul pas kalll....
    tgnpjg: bosyann gilorr...
    telipon: baik aku dgr sevenfold lg beh
    telipon: kekekeke
    telipon: eh, cd yg aku bg ko ari tu,cd apa?
    telipon: sil-khannaz je kan?
    telipon: official site cathedral
    tgnpjg: maner ader sill gannaz...
    telipon: bukan ek? album apa aku post kt ko ek
    tgnpjg: voci...devi driver...ngn amor...
    telipon: ooooo
    tgnpjg: sill gannaz tah der larr...
    telipon: takpe...nanti aku ada masa,aku burn lain
    tgnpjg: takper...
    tgnpjg: take ur time...
    tgnpjg: don be rush rush...
    tgnpjg: huhujujukuku
    telipon: mugagagaga
    telipon: skeeping lak ko ek
    telipon: aku jd beh lak layan lagu cinta boneka nih
    telipon: ada skek2 ska dgn rock-steady
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    tgnpjg: amek nih...
    telipon: ape tuh?
    tgnpjg: mat saleh bangang....
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    telipon: ko ni video pelik2 ko suka la bg aku
    tgnpjg: kongsi2 larr...
    telipon: kekeke
    tgnpjg: ko tak suker yg camnih ker....?
    tgnpjg: baru core ...
    tgnpjg: hahahha
    telipon: ko kan suka mayat2 la
    telipon: aku suka rama-rama mugagagagaga
    tgnpjg: hahahahaa
    telipon: radio ni kira ok la reggae dia
    telipon: tp siap ada ragga-muffin adehhh
    tgnpjg: camner nak dgr nih....?
    tgnpjg: pelik jer aku tgk....?
    telipon: guna winamp la
    tgnpjg: lor.....?
    tgnpjg: kalu tak guner tak ley ker...?
    tgnpjg: media player tak ley...?
    telipon: tatau..aku guna winamp je
    telipon: media player tk support
    tgnpjg: adoh....
    tgnpjg: plak da....?
    tgnpjg: takper aku book mark...
    telipon: ko pi je shoutcast, berlambak online radio nih
    tgnpjg: yg berat ader...?
    telipon: eh...ko dah dgr cassandra dgn dethmute tk?
    tgnpjg: surf...?
    telipon: ko search je, macam2 ada
    tgnpjg: casandra...
    tgnpjg: local band tuh...
    telipon: beh gak core diaorg cassandra nih
    tgnpjg: di sebabkan band nih lar aku sakit tengkok 3 hari waktu rock da world 6 baru nih....?
    telipon: beh diaorg main?
    tgnpjg: maner plak gambar nih...
    telipon: ko leh setup online radio ke sendiri kalu ko nak
    telipon: ari tu aku tolong member utk setup online radio server dia
    telipon: kekekeke
    telipon: tak pasal2 aku kena jd dj sebulan
    tgnpjg: owow....
    tgnpjg: redio maner....?
    tgnpjg: aik...
    tgnpjg: uhuk uhuk...
    telipon: tp aku dah close dah radio online nih
    tgnpjg: batuk aku jap...
    telipon: sajer, tolong2 member
    tgnpjg: siti norhalipan ker...?
    telipon: tapi ramai org protes la
    telipon: mugagagagaga
    tgnpjg: lor...?
    tgnpjg: asal lak....?
    telipon: mau tk protes, slipknot kuar...sepultura kuar
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    telipon: deicide kuar....death immortal kuar
    tgnpjg: patut larr....
    tgnpjg: giler kot...
    telipon: mau tk kena protes dgn bebudak pop-cengeng nih
    tgnpjg: tapi sempoi gak....
    tgnpjg: hahahaha
    tgnpjg: saper nyer kejer....?
    tgnpjg: ko nyer kejer ker....
    telipon: aku la
    tgnpjg: sah ko nyer kejer nih.....
    telipon: aku kan jadi dj terjun sebulan
    telipon: ko setup la online radio ko
    tgnpjg: tuh larr saper suruh amek ko jd dj....
    tgnpjg: hahaha
    telipon: tu la pasal
    tgnpjg: camner nak setup...
    telipon: sat...aku ada buat manual dia
    telipon: ko pi kt blog aku, ada link online streaming
    tgnpjg: ader blog mamat nih....
    telipon: blog sajer2 mugagagagaga
    telipon: kira ok gak la buat blog nih
    telipon: ko bayangkan la betapa celarunya muzik aku skang, lagu silat pun aku collect
    tgnpjg: ko nih da mantol kot....?
    telipon: kepuasan tu takde
    tgnpjg: zapin tak nak...
    tgnpjg: zapin ska ker....
    telipon: zapin? ada 3 CD
    tgnpjg: hahaha
    telipon: aku beli kat badan kebudayaan johor tahun lps
    telipon: mahal nk mampos....kalu cd ori takpe gak
    tgnpjg: hahahah
    telipon: ni cd burn...dia caj rm50
    tgnpjg: tuh larr support larr oiginel...
    tgnpjg: hahahaa
    tgnpjg: mcm KEJAan lak...
    tgnpjg: kakaka
    telipon: ko main tak game RO?
    tgnpjg: tak
    tgnpjg: tak minat larr...
    tgnpjg: tapi nak try gak...
    tgnpjg: cam best jer....?
    telipon: kekeke...OST dia ada band angel corpse
    tgnpjg: oit...
    telipon: aku pun tk minat main game tuh
    tgnpjg: yer ker nih...
    tgnpjg: biar betik....?
    telipon: yup
    telipon: album moonspell baru cam babis je
    tgnpjg: cam syall kan...
    tgnpjg: ramey org cakap....
    telipon: aku beli cd dia ptg, mlm tu aku patah2 kan cd tuh
    tgnpjg: lor....
    tgnpjg: kalu kasik kat aku pun ok....
    tgnpjg: per arr ko....
    tgnpjg: jgn bekawan ngn setan...
    telipon: dah angin satu badan beb
    tgnpjg: membazir amalan setan....
    tgnpjg: hehehehe
    telipon: sbb tanak kwn setan la aku patah2 kan cd tu
    tgnpjg: hehehehe
    telipon: kalu aku dgr, lg la angin satu badan
    tgnpjg: :))
    tgnpjg: >:)
    tgnpjg: >:)vsO:-)
    telipon: ko ingat tk ari tu yg aku beli CD lagu2 tradisional Bali?
    tgnpjg: wakaka
    tgnpjg: a'ah...
    tgnpjg: ader lagik....?
    telipon: ada lg
    tgnpjg: aku nak...
    telipon: nanti aku burn
    tgnpjg: burn pun takper gak....
    telipon: ko minat ke?
    tgnpjg: eh tapi aku da pindah umah...
    telipon: uiks?
    tgnpjg: aku minat music...
    tgnpjg: tak kesah music aper pun....
    tgnpjg: janji music...
    tgnpjg: aku minat...
    telipon: ni mmg beh band nih As I Lay Dying
    telipon: rasa cam ada aku bg ko album nih
    telipon: dia punya core beh
    tgnpjg: yer ker....?
    tgnpjg: yg maner...?
    telipon: cam besa la, dh tentu aku minat drumming dia
    telipon: aku ada mp3 cassandra..full album diaorg
    tgnpjg: mak aik...
    tgnpjg: maner dapat....?
    telipon: mugagagaga...donlot la
    tgnpjg: ader ker....?
    telipon: dh aku donlot, ada la
    telipon: tp kt irc la aku donlot
    telipon: kt server webnet chenel mp3zs
    tgnpjg: cheh...
    tgnpjg: igt ker kat torrent...
    telipon: cuba ko dgr as i lay dying sat
    tgnpjg: nanti larr tak siap lagik....
    tgnpjg: starting cam best...
    telipon: abih ni kalu ada masa, aku kasi ko bleeding through
    tgnpjg: perh...
    tgnpjg: drum dyer mmg best....
    telipon: ko tk dgr lg dia buat mechine gun pedal
    tgnpjg: erk...?
    telipon: kang ko dgr bleeding through lak
    tgnpjg: warghh....
    tgnpjg: tidak....
    tgnpjg: aper nih....
    tgnpjg: camner aku nak carik kord nih....?
    tgnpjg: power syalll....
    telipon: ko dgr minit ke 1:20 punya drummimg
    tgnpjg: :((
    tgnpjg: da lepas dah....
    tgnpjg: dasat giler....?
    telipon: giler baboon punya pedal
    tgnpjg: cap ayam per yg dyer guna...?
    tgnpjg: m-16 ker....?
    telipon: styer kot
    telipon: tak pun AK-47
    telipon: muagagaga
    telipon: the Bled pun beh
    telipon: byk nk bg nih
    tgnpjg: monohawk nyer speeding pun kalah...
    telipon: now, aku tgh dgr bleeding through sambil garuk2 kepala
    telipon: :(
    telipon: jadah pedal apa dia pakai tah
    tgnpjg: hahaha
    tgnpjg: aku raser dyer nyer kaki pakai kai lipan kot....
    telipon: kontan ni bila la nk naik metal?
    tgnpjg: tak naik dah...
    tgnpjg: eh ti jap....
    tgnpjg: baru ader sedara aku dyer ckp nk uat raggae fest kat kontan....
    telipon: cuba ko preview mp2 cassandra
    telipon: uiks? beh tu. bila?
    tgnpjg: kalu jadik bulan 4 or 5...
    tgnpjg: projek nih sedara aku combain ngn aru...
    telipon: ok la tuh
    telipon: soh la dia hello2 aku kekekeke
    tgnpjg: dyer nak ajak kucalana...
    tgnpjg: prana...
    telipon: adeh...prana aku tk paham sgt album diaorg
    tgnpjg: tak lar...
    tgnpjg: dyorg da start main raggae....
    tgnpjg: pening aku....?
    tgnpjg: posser kot....?
    telipon: tah la
    telipon: abih ni mesti ko muntah ijau la dgr bleeding through
    tgnpjg: kucalana pun dyorg cakap main ragge tahap best gak...?
    tgnpjg: lor...?
    telipon: nape tk ajak rosewood?
    tgnpjg: tak dgr lar....
    telipon: rosewood band kajang
    tgnpjg: tgh bincang dalam kertas kerja kot....?
    telipon: kira ok gak la eggae diaorg
    tgnpjg: baru nih roswod masuk blast off ko ader tgk....?
    telipon: tak tgk
    tgnpjg: aku tak sempat...
    tgnpjg: aku tau pun awek aku kasik tau....?
    telipon: ermmm...ko perasan tak, kita asik ckp pasal band2 KL,Ipoh,JB
    telipon: tp takde pun band kontan
    tgnpjg: aku ader cakap pasal band pantai timur jer...
    tgnpjg: kucalana....
    tgnpjg: ko dgr tak lagik....?
    tgnpjg: giler....?
    tgnpjg: aper ko buat nih....?
    telipon: kuchalana je la satu, yg lain?
    tgnpjg: yg aku tgk tak der identiti sendiri pun...
    tgnpjg: mcm band member aku yg baru nih...
    tgnpjg: johari's club...
    tgnpjg: tak best gak....?
    tgnpjg: tapi bab member punyer pasal nak uat camner....
    telipon: kalu tk main from the heart, payah la
    telipon: ko dah dgr first album Dethmute?
    tgnpjg: tak lagik larr...
    tgnpjg: takder maser...
    tgnpjg: nak carik manjang tak juper....?
    telipon: cehhhh...takde masa ke dh bersara?
    tgnpjg: sorry larr...
    tgnpjg: besara tuh belum....
    tgnpjg: tapi da takder ruang nak kasik...
    tgnpjg: nih pun nasib baek aku malas nak g kejer...
    telipon: baru ni, haidir kata aku ni dah rupa cam soulfly
    telipon: dgn janggut aku pajang paras2 dadanya
    telipon: pastu aku jalin lak janggut aku
    telipon: kekekekeek
    telipon: ko try dgr bleeding through
    tgnpjg: hahaha
    tgnpjg: memang pun bab arituh aku ader nampak ko....
    tgnpjg: panjang syalll....
    tgnpjg: ni amek nih...
    tgnpjg: tgk salah satu band kontan...
    tgnpjg: member aku...
    telipon: bak mai
    tgnpjg: aku frust ngn band nih...
    tgnpjg: tapi nak uat camner...?
    tgnpjg: tgk larr sendiri...
    tgnpjg: bukan semer band dari kl best....
    tgnpjg: yg lak band dari kl...
    tgnpjg: budak umah aku jadi gitaris utk band nih....
    tgnpjg: nih mcm band projek larr...
    telipon: dgr star wars nya
    tgnpjg: tapi tak best larr...
    tgnpjg: owner dyer apek...?
    tgnpjg: budak dicibel...
    telipon: lagu apa nih? cam bebudak baru blajo pegang gitar je
    tgnpjg: eh yg maner....?
    telipon: johari club ni la
    tgnpjg: tuh lar yg aku frust nih....?
    tgnpjg: takder indentiti langsung....
    tgnpjg: koya malay pop...
    tgnpjg: mcm indo pop...
    telipon: versi disagree budak 4 tahun
    telipon: nk buat strategy kot
    telipon: eh dah abih ke aku bg ko mp3?
    telipon: <--- blog aku
    telipon: mostly aku ckp pasal Linux dan tah pape
    telipon: kekekeke
    tgnpjg: oyear...
    tgnpjg: ok aku cek nanti....
    tgnpjg: da petang pernyer...?
    tgnpjg: mesti ko nak balik kejer....?
    tgnpjg: bila lak ley chating ngn ko lagik....
    tgnpjg: tu larr...
    telipon: kol 5.30 la blk
    tgnpjg: masuk larr intenet kat umah...
    telipon: aku dh ada streamyx
    tgnpjg: bley donlot blue hahahahaha
    tgnpjg: lor....
    telipon: tp umah yg aku pindah ni line tipon tarak
    tgnpjg: bley larr on9 lagik mlm nih....
    tgnpjg: hahaha
    tgnpjg: syall larr lu beb...
    tgnpjg: :))
    tgnpjg: ko duduk maner arr....
    tgnpjg: bukan kat sg. isap...?
    telipon: selang 2 umah dgn umah ayah aku
    telipon: dekat je
    tgnpjg: lar...
    tgnpjg: situ gak....
    tgnpjg: kira tak masuk tipon jer largik...
    telipon: kebetulan adik ipar abg aku pindah, aku masuk la
    telipon: line tipon tu ada, tp yg duduk dulu tak potong2 lg line dia
    telipon: aku nk register nama aku tak leh la
    tgnpjg: lor awtnya....?
    tgnpjg: blacklist karr....?
    telipon: dah, line tipon kt umah tu still atas nama org lama
    telipon: dia lak tak potong
    tgnpjg: tisat....
    telipon: aku nganga la
    tgnpjg: lagu nih best larr...
    tgnpjg: Dawn Of A Golden Age
    tgnpjg: mcm setan abes...
    telipon: kekeke
    tgnpjg: layan tuh...
    tgnpjg: ni memang taste aku....
    tgnpjg: ko minat Arch Enemy tak....?
    telipon: 08. Dawn of a Golden Age

    Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH) - vocals
    Matthew K. Heafy (TRIVIUM) - lead and rhythm guitars
    Justin Hagberg (3 INCHES OF BLOOD) - rhythm guitars
    Sean Malone (ex-CYNIC) - bass
    Mike Smith (SUFFOCATION) - drums

    Music written by Matthew K. Heafy
    Lyrics written by Dani Filth
    telipon: Arch Enemy kira ok gak la
    tgnpjg: lor...
    tgnpjg: patut larr drum best giler...?
    telipon: Danni COF
    tgnpjg: tu pasalnyer...?
    tgnpjg: dyer yg buat lyric pernyer...?
    tgnpjg: patut larr jahat...
    telipon: nama pun Danni "Posser" COF
    telipon: kekekeke
    tgnpjg: aper ko kasik nih...
    tgnpjg: curraptt semacam jer....?
    telipon: senarai2 lagu roadrunner
    tgnpjg: tak ley bukak...
    telipon: takleh bukak ke?
    tgnpjg: file corrupt...
    tgnpjg: tah dyer cakap...
    tgnpjg: ok...
    tgnpjg: thx a lottest bro...
    telipon: Independent beh...MAX CAVALERA!!!!!!
    tgnpjg: maximum cover selara...
    tgnpjg: yuyuyu
    telipon: ko penah dgr tk lagu max dgn corey (slipknot)?
    telipon: tajuk lagu jump da fuck up
    tgnpjg: penah...
    tgnpjg: kadang cam best...
    tgnpjg: kadang cam kureng....
    telipon: bg aku beh banget
    tgnpjg: tapi aku tetap die hard fan max...
    tgnpjg: sebab corey kan...
    telipon: leh feel suasana masa diaorg record
    tgnpjg: mcm tangkap muat jer....
    telipon: bukan sbb individual, tp sbb feel suasana dia tuh
    telipon: ala...tangkap muat ni la kekadang lg beh
    telipon: beatles pun ada yg tangkap muat cam album yellow submarines tuh
    tgnpjg: tapi kalu tangkap muat cam spontan tuh memang best...
    tgnpjg: yg tak best kalu nak sumbat sampai penuh...
    tgnpjg: tuh yg tak best...
    telipon: aru koffin kanser pun tibai je masa album blind tribe
    telipon: kekekekeke
    tgnpjg: hehehehe
    telipon: ari ni beh layan chat...sbb sume pasal muzik
    telipon: mugagagagaga
    telipon: kalu dgn org lain, aku dh tekan dh button close
    telipon: mugagagagagaga
    tgnpjg: dah lamer tak chat memang larr best....
    tgnpjg: nak lak line yg samer...
    tgnpjg: lagik ler bestnyer....?
    telipon: mugagagagagaga
    telipon: ko burn la bg haidir...ari tu dia dh sound aku pasal album roadrunner nih
    tgnpjg: oyer ker...?
    tgnpjg: tapi biler dyer balik...?
    telipon: dia kan skang dh jd org bujang
    tgnpjg: rayer ciner baru nih pun dyer tak balik....
    tgnpjg: biar betik....?
    telipon: raya cina dia pi anto bini blk kelate
    tgnpjg: o yer ker...?
    telipon: skang dia bujang la....muhahahahah. one-man show la tu malam2
    telipon: bulan depan dpt anak la tuh
    telipon: abih ni pakat bawak anak bini la pi jamming voci,rotting etc
    telipon: mugagagagag
    telipon: takleh aku bayang
    tgnpjg: mcm metallica yg aku tgk larr...
    tgnpjg: dvd nyer larr...
    tgnpjg: some of monters...
    tgnpjg: try larr donlot...
    telipon: aku tgk gak
    tgnpjg: kan dyorg bawak anak bini masuk studio...
    telipon: siap bwk anak naik moto pi recording....sempoi
    tgnpjg: besh besh....
    tgnpjg: memang sempoi...
    tgnpjg: member aku da balik tapu nasik aku...
    tgnpjg: maklum larr...
    tgnpjg: aku ari nih demam....
    telipon: apa mp3 yg aku dh bg ko sample?
    telipon: ko dgr band indon nih
    tgnpjg: as i lay...casandra...bleeding...cathCBRearthmessiah....tarian melayu...broken drum...
    telipon: sempoi gak la nu-metl dia
    tgnpjg: indon...
    tgnpjg: alamak...
    telipon: yup
    tgnpjg: aku kureng sikit larr...
    tgnpjg: bab aku benci indon...
    tgnpjg: camner nih....?
    telipon: ko dgr je sample
    telipon: tak suka,delete apa susah
    tgnpjg: aku payah nak delete...
    tgnpjg: tapi jadik harta tak terusik larr kot....
    telipon: aku suka drum dia je
    telipon: yg lain aku buat bodo je
    telipon: kekekeke
    telipon: drum dia punya style cam jazz half-stroke
    tgnpjg: weih aku nak makan jap nih...
    telipon: sila2
    tgnpjg: tapi makan kat depan pc larr...
    tgnpjg: mcm hackers lar...
    telipon: aku nk layan rokok
    tgnpjg: hahaha
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    Thursday, February 09, 2006
    The forgetten keyword search method.
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    To make thing simple, just check out the links below:

    1. PixelFast.

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    I forget all about it but it's here.
    Yesterday, i received a package from Ubuntu. "Who sent me this Linux CD's?" i asked myself. After several minutes ( ok, it took me 3 hours to figure out this thing ), i remember about asking the free CD from Ubuntu last month. You can ask for the free CD's by filling in the form at Ubuntu Linux. Starting last year, i've been talking about Ubuntu pretty loud. The reason? I just support any Linux distro...easy as that.

    In the CD's containing 2 CD's. First is the Live-CD and the other is the full Ubuntu Linux installer. As a debian Debian user once, Ubuntu is easy to use. To be honest, i use Suse Linux as my OS and Win98. To be on the safe side ( actually, i'm lazy to install the full Ubuntu ), i use the Live-CD. The setup was fast with no major hick-ups. Ubuntu detected all hardware without problem at all and voila...Ubuntu is running nicely on my computer.

    As usual, softmodem was not a good idea if you want to run Linux. You better change to external ( hardmodem is what we call it ) if you're serious about using Linux. For me, Ubuntu detected my NIC and my existing LAN setting ( with router on top of it ).

    Ermm...can i emulate Windows softwares from my Ubuntu? I don't know yet, maybe the full installation might. As we all know, i use AutoCad heavily so i'm wondering if i can Wine'd AutoCad since Ubuntu is using Debian core.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:44 PM  
    Is auto-complete worth to enable?
    Some of use use Toolbar with our browser to make our life easier but most of the toolbar uses "auto-complete". What is auto-complete? It's a function that will complete words that is being typed by you. The question is, is it worth it? To answer that, i have to divide it into 2 section.

    Big searcher - Most of us search alot and by using auto-complete, you can save your time. You can try Firefox with a buikd-in Google toolbar. As we all know Google is the best search engine and FireFox is the best browser and by combining both, you can search faster using Google's toolbar. You can download Firefox+Google Toolbar from my blog.

    Privacy on board - The down side of auto-complete is, it just like an open invitation to a New Year's Party. Let say your computer is being used by several people ( family computer or public cyber cafes ) and you previous search is open for all to see. I'm sure you don't want people to know if you're Elvis person or Paris Hilton person.

    The conclusion is up to you. If you have nothing to hide, auto-complete can save your time. But if you're a "privacy-freek", you can disable it from the option. If you're using Firefox+Google Toolbar, you have to option to disable it in just several clicks and your privacy is safe.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:24 AM  
    Tuesday, February 07, 2006
    Fast website creator for non-programmer and make money from it!
    Creating a website i hard for some and learning HTML, javascript, DHTML etc going to take time. Why waste your time creating something that you're not good at? I've found a way to create website with several clicks.

    XSite Pro is a great software for you. With great template, you can upload your website in minutes. You can make your family website or your own product website. This software is great if you want to make several website at one blow! Yes, several website in several minutes and you're on the way to sell your products or just a family website.

    As usuall, all software reviewed by me is highly recommended. What i like about XSite Pro is, the professional looks of the templates. You are not risking your reputation with ugly templates by using this software. After looking at the XSite Pro website, many users are happy with the software.

    "I have tested every single feature promised in your sales letter andXSitePro delivered them all and much more. XSitePro has taken over all the step-by-step processes of website building and made it easy to put a site together in record time! If you have many websites like me, it is no joke managing them. But with XSitePro it is a breeze, thank you Paul.

    If you've been warming the bench far too long and never seemed to get started with building an online business even though you want to but are put off by the hassles of dealing with HTML code and no technical know-how skills, you must jump right in now and get started cranking out web sites, XSitePro is an awesome piece of software and Paul is pricing it way too low at $197!

    I highly recommend XSitePro. Content is still king regardless of the continuous changes and updates of search engines' algorithms. With XSitePro, you can free up more of your time to focus on supplying REAL customer focused content rich sites for your visitors. Thumbs up for top-notch software and your excellent after-sales support!"
    Adam Lok

    What works great with XSite Pro? Yes, Adsense is working really fine with XSite Pro. You can create several ( up to you how many you want to create ) website and plug your Adsense into those website. By using Adsense you can make at least $200 daily but what if you multiply it with 20 newly-made website using XSite Pro? I'm sure you got the idea.

    I strongly suggest you to try making websites using XSite Pro. It's easy and you can make several website in just clicks away. Don't forget to get your Adsense codes into your website in order to gain more income. I'm sure you can pay your domain only by using Adsense alone! Have fun creating your own website and don't forget to promote it to search engines.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:02 PM  
    Recruiting software for human resources.
    This is interesting, using software to recrute workers. Maybe this is done using the web application so that wider selection can be made.

    (PRWEB) August 31, 2005 -- recently announced the launch of a new website,, which provides comprehensive information about executive recruiting software, recruiting database software, personnel recruiting software and related information.

    According to, businesses must be fully staffed in order to live up to their potential. All job openings must be filled as quickly as possible with the best candidate for the job. With all of the quick decisions needed when hiring, it is important that recruiters are able to instantly access any information that they need about applicants.

    High-volume call centers need to hire new employees quickly. When a new call center opens up or seasonal help is needed, it is important to hire qualified call center employees fast.

    According to, it is vital that companies have efficient management. While it is common for companies to hire from within, meaning that they promote current employees to executive positions, it is not always possible. There are times when companies must search outside their own ranks in order to find the most qualified executives. -via

    Maybe i might try this software one day. Who knows, someone actualy hire me as their full-time blogger.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:22 PM  
    Don't waste your money-beware of eBook scam.
    An email to me from Ed Graham about an eBook he bought recently. He told me how angry he was with eBook author making more money from users. He just wasted $90 for an eBook that do nothing.

    In the eBook, Ed told me that the eBook just pointing to bunch of affiliate links. Yes, this is annoying about eBook buiness lately. Let say an eBook about making money from internet and you bought it with high dreams. Paid for it and installed it but in it, full of affiliate links asking you to buy something else.

    "If you want to get more money, check out this link [affiliate links]" or "Track your money using service from XYZ" got the idea. Honestly, it's nothing wrong with eBook linking to affiliates. Some topic, no affiliate needed because it just straight forward but some topic just can stand on its own.

    You can build wealth by reading eBooks because some are great. If you're serious about making money from your blog or website, listen to me and get Adsense. It's easy and you don't have to figure out which is which, just copy and paste. Adsense is just easy to generate income not just for active blogger like me but anybody can gain more income using Adsense. Single-moms, housewives, students can use Adsense to pay their bill and such. Even some bloggers quit their day-job because of their Adsense income!

    You don't need many blogs or website to generate incomes. It's how you promote it is important. But if you already running several blogs, you can add Adsense to it. To make sure you get the most of Adsense, you need to promote your blogs or website. Combine both ( Adsense and promotion ) will make huge different. Getting on the top spot of major search engines is important to gain more income from Adsense or your affiliate programme. Creating a good-looking website means nothing if you can't sale anything. To get out the words faster to the public, you need some promotion.

    I hope Ed Graham gets the general ideas about eBooks and how he can make more income using Adsense.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:58 PM  
    Monday, February 06, 2006
    Happy Birthday to Roadrunner.
    I remember back then when i'll buy album with Roadrunner logo on it because i know that album is a serious heavy metal album. Yes, Roadrunner is 25 years old and it's getting stronger everyday.

    What more to ask for a birthday party? An album full of Roadrunner's All-Stars playing heavy metal, that's what it's all about. Lead by 4 leaders, this album is full of great musician such as Corey Beaulieu (Trivium), Glen Benton (Deicide), Dez Fafara (DevilDriver) and more are making loud noise with old school metal right up to death metal. Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Dino Cazares (ex-Fear Factory), Robert Flynn (Machine Head) and Matt Heafy (Trivium) are the leaders and they are the icons in heavy and hard rock.

    In June 2004, Roadrunner's owner, Cees Wessels, asked me to come up with an idea to celebrate Roadrunner's 25th anniversary,” recalls A&R visionary Monte Conner. “I knew that for it to be really special, we would need to come up with a record that involved many musicians, one that was truly a collaboration on a grand scale, with songs written by, played by and sung by different people. An album that would cover the entire history of Roadrunner and feature some of our most legendary artists from the past, right up to and including musicians from our newest signings.

    With 56 artists and 45 bands, this is the album for heavy metallers and the CD will be always playing in my player. I'm not a fan of Korn or Limp Bizkit but yes i do listen to their album but this All-Star album is huge.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:08 PM  
    Shifting to Open Source Word processing.
    You use MS Words alot? You paid for it? Yehaa..another freebies from Jamloceng. Today, let me introduce you to 3 great alternative to MS Words.

    OpenOffice is great replacement for your MS Office suits. It have "all-in-one" just like MS Office but it's open source. You can run OpenOffice on your MacOs X with no problem. Linux,FreeBSD, Windows are supported by OpenOffice so it should be no problem running it with deifferent Os's.

    StarOffice is from Sun and it's kind of weird in term of interface. Less advace compared to OpenOffice but still nice to work with. Using low level requirements, StarOffice is nice for old computer.

    AbiWord is another nice word processing program that can be run on several Os's such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD and other *nix flavoured OS. They have stop their version of AbiWord for BeOS tho.

    Have fun replacing your existing word precessor.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:13 AM  
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