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    Friday, January 27, 2006
    Caring or condemning?
    Recently a "not-so-pretty" thing happened in the local blogsphere. To make thing short, a blogger decided to ask his readers to click his Adsense. This clearly against Adsense's TOS.

    This is how the story goes. A blogger spotted another blogger asking his readers to click his Adsense. Then the blogger posted his finding in his blog. Now things getting ugly since his blog is a famous ( is it? ) blog and his readers started to flame the other blogger. The blogger who posted the finding is not the one to blame entirely but the comments from the readers are little bit off track.

    Stupid idiot…should i report this to Adsense Team or should we wait him to realize that he is wrong? Maybe this punk dont read the Term Of Service at all…i’m thinking to report it to Adsense Team before Adsense team decide to ban all Malaysian…thanks [removed] for reporting this…

    Is this how we advice people? Yes, the blogger who asked his readers to click his Adsense made a huge mistake but by looking at the comments, this is not the right way to advice others. Everybody made some silly mistakes once in a while but using bad words or cursing is not helping either.

    Looking at the person who commented, he too got flamed by other bloggers. Darren from is one of his victim. He copied Darren's article and put it in his blog like it was made by him. After several complaints, he apologized to Darren for his stupidity.

    Now the funny part is, how can this person gave an advice to others? I can't see how he is the "right" one to advice others. Cursing is not giving you the status-quo, it will leads you into more enemies. Maybe his main idea about blogging is Adsense because in his blogs are full of ads. I tried looking for his email but guess what, i can't find it. Is this what we call splog ( spam bloggers )? I'm not the one to judge his true intention but most of his content are just copy and paste.

    Nothing wrong copying a small part of the original article but please give backlink. Bloggers love to quote interesting article because we are not journalist! Be nice to other people before you open your beaks. This is why i love to read book from Dale Carnegie.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:48 AM  
    Open-the-code-sessame for the EU.
    Today, an interesting news from about Microsoft going soft with EU.

    In the report, Microsoft must make thier code open so that competitors need to make products compatible with Windows. The company's chief counsel Brad Smith said called the move "a bold stroke" and how true it is. This is a big step for MS because they are facing with millions of Euros lawsuits. In March 2004, the EU levied a record Euro497 million ($613m) fine against MS, ordered it to open their code and offer an unbundled version of Windows without Media Player.

    Not long ago, MS also faced demands to remove their browser ( Internet Explorer ) from their OS's. I guess people just need to know what is "running" behind their back. Why bother about close-source OS when you can get Linux instead. Ok, i'm a little bit bias about this but Linux is open.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:09 AM  
    Thursday, January 26, 2006
    So, what is the result? An account has been disabled.
    Yup, in my previous post, the bad blogger's account has been disable by the blog provider. What a fast action don't you agree?

    Above is the "before" i filed the official complaint. To view the full image, click here.

    Now, if you were in my shoe, will you:
    a. Smile.
    b. Mad.
    c. Don't care.

    As you can see, the account has been disable. Making blogs just for Adsense is not a wise step and you might ended in the drain. Create your on content or at least give some credit to the original author. Yes, pasting a small portition of content from the original is ok but please give him or her credit by linking back to where you found the article.

    Copying the whole article will hurt you more than you can imagine. People will not trust you and you will not getting any readers. This will lead you to...nothing! If your site or blog is business oriented, you will not make any sale from it. Again, human trust is far more important then other people's article. Using a content scrapper software also not a wise move. Come on, people can trace you back and don't expect you can get away with it. Content scrapping should be ban for good. Hey, lazy blogger will use lazy tool right?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:30 PM  
    Another bad blogger.
    Why can't blogger write their own article? Why must this lazy blogger blog? This is not the first time my article being copied and now i'm getting really mad. I can't track back my articles so don't think lazy blogger can get away with it easily. I'm not going to make this my full-time job but in order to protect my hard work, i can guarantee you, i'll will take action.

    Hi to the abuse team,
    I would like to complaint about my copyrights. One of your users took several of my articles without my permission. The link to this blog is Below are the articles taken from my blog:

    1. The Chronicles of a Blogger:The Penguin, the Blogger and the Computer. ( the original post from my blog is )

    2. Islamic link ( the original post from my blog is )

    3. Pendapatan Adsense ( the original post from my blog is

    4. Make money from internet ( the original post from my blog is

    This blogger is breaking the rule of CreativeCommons ( I'm not happy with the way blogger copying my original articles for their profits sakes. I suspect this blogger is making money from Adsense by copying my articles. The Adsense ID of this blogger is pub-7376351046621707

    I have all the rights to ask to delete this blog account without any prejudice. All of my hardwork from researching ( books,internet,tv and all sort of media) is being copied without my permission.

    I hope BlogDrive will delete this blog as soon as possible to mantain a good public viee of your service. This email will be sent to several address such as Adsense and local government bodies.

    I do know that BlogDrive respect others hardwork and i'm sure BlogDrive will cherish and respect my hardwork.


    Am i being hard? Not at all. I'm protecting my hardwork and my reputation. Jamloceng is not a 5 years old school kid blog but Jamloceng is a well known blogger in blogsphere. That is why i'm angry at lazy bloggers, they will bring my reputation as low as it can gets. Many people are reading my blog and they know i'm an honest blogger. But this must end now.

    Copying my whole article is one part but not giving me the credit is another part. These lazy bloggers just broke 2 rules of content copyrights. Will they go deeper? Yes because i saw a blogger inserted his affiliate code in my article! Just imagine people who bought or use the service from this lazy bloggers. Yes, you're opening the door to theives and hackers. Your credit cards and identity is being used with your permission. Always get products or services from Jamloceng. Why? Because you all know Jamloceng is an honest person.

    As for the blogger above, i will track him or her down. I just filed a complaint to his or her ISP and they will take action. Why did the ISP read my email? Again, this is the proof that Jamloceng is an honest blogger even the ISP read my email.

    Why can't these blogger blog on their own? Why must they steal other peoples hardwork? I'm sick of this kind of action.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:49 AM  
    How NOT to use emails to promote your bussiness.
    If you thought e-mail marketing was revolutionary, wait until you see this. Don't just email your client, you need something extra in order to get the orders. I know some of us use email marketing way too much and seeing no revenue.

    If you've been using e-mail to market your products or services online, you're probably sick and tired of problems like:

    1. Bogus spam complaints that can instantly cripple your business.
    2. E-mail filters that mistake your messages for spam...
    3. "Bad" or expired e-mail addresses that bounce back to you.

    ... and all the other drawbacks of e-mail marketing that lead to unresponsive e-mail campaigns. But now there's a way you can BYPASS e-mail altogether! And it's guaranteed to change the nature of Internet marketing as we know it!

    Using this new non-emails system can increase your sale about....well almost 90%. This is great for small start-ups company and every sale is important to. You can read more about this system here.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:12 AM  
    Wednesday, January 25, 2006
    Don't follow my footsteps if you want to stay out of trouble.
    Yup another mouth-full title. Lately i used some heavy and weird title for my own greedy needs. Nah...i'm just joking with you all. Before i forget, i know my post are getting less nowday. The reason is, i'm ran out of post! I just love to draught my post in bulk then publish it when the time is right. Yes my friends, my 2005 post stocks are out of stocks.

    Starting this year, i'll add NoFollow tag for all my links. The reason is to stop spammers from spamming another site. Before this all my links are just straight forward but starting today i'll add nofollow.

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Another Site</a>.

    All search engines encourage us to use nofollow tag to reduce spams. It work best for comments and signature but it's not wise to put nofollow tag to all links. Some site need promotion ( big or small ), so don't add nofollow tag for sites that you think deserve a promotion. is dead? Not really because some "zero-knowledge-webmaster" will get their hands dirty. I don't think link-farmers will put the nofollow tag at their doorpages. They will do anything just to get their website or blog on thetop spot of search engines.

    This not 100% way to stop spammer but small step can make huge different. Let me know if i accidently add nofollow tag.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:12 PM  
    Tuesday, January 24, 2006
    Student loan anyone?
    Student loan is important for those who don't have a Gates or Trump family name. To learn about student loan more it is wise to get several things right before applying it.

    How much - Every student loan have its limit. Always check the limits and does the loan support your course. Yup some course doesn't supported by banks and such. Most major banks will offer you their student loans scheme.

    Payment method. - Ask for the payment method. If the bank offers you direct tranfer, ask for the fee and compare it with several other banks. Normally a small fee will be charge for student loans. If they pay you using checks, ask them if you can cash it in the time span of your choice.

    It's pay back time. - Calculate the interest rate before signing up. This is important before you apply for any student loan. You don't want to owe the banks for the rest of your life. High interest means more money coming out from your wallet.

    Check the papers. - Read the student loan contract several times. Take the student loan contract home for several days because you need to study the terms. If you have a family lawyer, ask his or her opinion regarding your student loan contract. Make sure your student loan contract is fair for both side. If you found any questionable terms, refer back to your student loan officer as soon as possible.

    The above tips are from my past experience regarding my student loan. Always ask for second opinion before getting your student loans. Don't just ask one or two banks, better if you search for several banks that offer student loans. The reason is, you can compare their fees and terms more easily.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:37 PM  
    Monday, January 23, 2006
    Help, i can't install Gentoo Linux.
    The title was from Aku_Kecik and i know how frustrating it was for a new user. Aku_Kecik decided to install Gentoo Linux and overwrite his hard disk entirely. Yes my friends, all of his Win32 files ( doc, xcl,mp3 etc ) is down the drain. This is what happen if a wise guy decided NOT to read the man ( manuals ).

    Gentoo Linux is not for newbies and it is pain in the back to figure out what is what and which is which. For newbies, please use LiveCD before installing the full package. Please make sure you back-up your existing files or to be on the safe side, install Linux on another hard disk.

    Having the latest computer doesn't mean that Linux will work fine. Most of the time, yes it will run smoothly but sometimes you need to tweak here and there. The reason they created the man and requirement is for us to read before installing Linux. I can't help Aku_Kecik regarding his lost files because he formated it! My advice, don't cry over split milk move on with your life.

    To be honest, setting up Gentoo is hard ( well, not that hard for hardcore users ) for me too. If you want to use something easy, get Suse, Fedora, Ubuntu or just use the LiveCD first. Please don't blame me if you screwed your hard disk. I can't give out every single details about Linux, that would be forever to write. Read the manuals and requirements before you install not after you've installed.

    F**k you! I can't get my Windows XP back and all of my files are gone. You said it is easy to use Linux but f**king liar! All of my school works were in the drive. F**k you bas**rd Jamloceng.

    Thank you for your nice words Aku_Kecik. i'm the one on trial? Since when people who are lazy to read the manual can blame someone else over his/her mistake? Oh well, i hope Aku_Kecik will try Fedora or Ubuntu next time.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:08 PM  
    People will pay you $10 million for your blog in 3 steps.
    Blogger are making money from their blogs and buying blog is not a strange things nowdays. You can get really rich by selling your blog to others. Want to know how? Read on and please DON'T tell anyone about this tips!

    Domain - Get your own domain. Don't expect people will buy your blog from Blogspot or any free blog provider. Get fancy with your domain and make sure you get some nice pagerank.

    Page viewed. - The more page viewed by readers, the better. It's important to get high page view if you want to close a deal with the buyer.

    Popularity. - Pagerank can help you in getting notice from search engines. Submit your URL to several major search engines so that your blog will get indexed in next several weeks.

    This is not a "sure-to-get" method but most of buyers will look the above points. Maybe i need to get my own domain soon. But if your blog still not making any income for you, why not getting Adsense. Adsense is another great service from Google and it's easy to use. I'm already making income from Adsense but if someone want to buy my blog, i'm ok with it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:18 PM  
    Friday, January 20, 2006
    Too many chef will spoil the brought.
    I must agree with the title but what is it all about? Firstly, i don't know why i wrote so many article about Linux lately so please bear with me. Yeaa...another Linux article folks. This is not about me this post is about an email from a reader of mine.

    Hello Jamloceng,
    I just love reading your blog and my wife loves it too. I just want to say something about Linux if you don't mind. I'm a Windows users since their 3.1 version and i just love it. After several search i found out that Linux comes in varies of distro. What was that all about? What makes "A" different from "B" Linux? I never took the jump before but after reading your article about Linux for Tsunami, i decided to try Linux but which one? All i can see i a huge STOP sign everytime i place the Linux CD.

    I don't know who was the writer but here's my view about Linux. I'm sure you heard no such thing as "One size fits all" right and same goes for Linux. Depending on what feature you want can help you in picking the right Linux distro. For a normal usage, you can use Ubuntu or Fedora but if you want something more advance, SuSE,Slackware or Debian is the right choice for you.

    I can understand the worry about installing Linux and how Linux was made for "hardcore" users but nowdays, Linux is getting smarter and simpler. I normally get "Linux is for hackers and server owners" all the time. To be on the safe side, use Linux LiveCD first to get the feel of it.

    I do agree with the email about too many Linux distro. This will scare away new users but if we look on the positive side, we have wide range of choices. Happy installing folks.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:25 PM  
    Taiwanese parliament votes against Microsoft.
    Another bang for Microsoft. Are they losing some market ground due to popularity of Open Source? For me MS still standing strong when it comes to Operating System in global market.

    Taiwan's parliament has voted to end its dependence on Microsoft software, demanding that the government reduce purchases from the software giant by 25 percent this year. - via TechWorld.

    Here in Malaysia, our government is moving slowly towards Open Source. Maybe our government should make our own Linux just like China's Red Flag Linux. That would be fun to look forward at. Malaysia have it's own Sillicon Valley or MSC what we called it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:06 PM  
    The Chronicles of a Blogger:The Penguin, the Blogger and the Computer.
    Ok, i know that was a mouth-full tile but for me that was the best title to describe my post. Yup it's about Linux again but this time "The Blogger" is not going to be the King. This is about my previous post.

    After setting 2 computers with Linux, guess what....they hated it! Bah...can't blame the "Long-live-MS-i'm-a-die-hard-fan-of-yours" because they just can't press the F1 button from their keyboard. All they need to use is AutoCad, OpenOffice and some nice Linux games but NOOO....they want more. The best part is, they don't really need those advance function from MS. No, i'm not talking rubbish about Microsoft mind you.

    So i asked them what is the "advance" means. At first, they keep their beaks shut tight but after several knife thrown at them, they finally gave up. We want to play games! Whaattt??? Is that the reason? I'm affraid that is the reason. This time i wouldn't do for free! Oh yes...i can see those big money rolling to me now.

    Wasted another several hour installing XP and several software that we bought earlier. Some of you maybe will say something like "Why don't you ask them before installing Linux?" Good news folks...i did asked them and how to use Linux and they said yes. Before that, i've shown them how Linux looks like and they just love it.

    I told them that they can still play MS based games by using Wine but NOOO....!!! Oh well, a lesson i will never forget is Once a MS fan, will always stay that way. Maybe yes and maybe be the judge.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:26 PM  
    Things you can do with your old computer.
    The reason i wrote this because an email from Mimi told me about her old computer. She wanted to throw it away but hey, Jamloceng is here to safe the day.

    Get penguin'd - Yup, install Linux and enjoy the new look and feel. Linux can run from an old computer without major problem. Ok maybe you need to tweak here and there but you can learn Linux faster. If you never tried Linux before, maybe it's time to install Linux. You got nothing to lose if your old computer smoked, that is better then throwing it away.

    You served. - While Linux in your old computer, why not turn it into your private internet server. You can host your own blog from the old grandpa. Not just that, you can setup your own online radio, host your images or mp3's. Just imagine how much you can save money if you host your own blog.

    Be the nice guy. - Give it to orphanage home and walk with your head high. I know this will make you look cheap but they always welcome any kind of donation. We need to give something in order to get something. Not only you help them to learn computer but you can boost your self-esteem too. Hey, it's not about money it' about helping another living soul.

    If you can stop em' em. - Yeah...another source of income. Plug your old computer to the internet and people can surf by paying you some money. Download FireFox and set it as your main browser. It's faster and safer to surf with FireFox so you don't need to wory about crashing the computer if someone decided to surf an infected site.

    Upgrade it. - It's cheaper to upgrade compare to buying a new one. You can get cheaper price from your hardware vendor because you can bargain with them. is the right place to shop around and usually at the start of the new year, the price will go lower. Replace your old processor with a new one and why not add a powerfull graphic card also.

    The last resort. - Sell it at any price and go to sleep.

    See, it's not that hard to re-use your old computer. To be honest, Linux is running fine in my old Pentium II computer. I know...i know...i talk too much about Linux. I hope Mimi can re-use her old computer soon.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:04 PM  
    Thursday, January 19, 2006
    Do we need another type of search engine?
    Due to popularity of social bookmarking or tagging such as Technorati, Digg, Delicious and more, we can see a new type of search engine. Ok, maybe not but this is only my honest opinion. I will give it a name, maybe tagSE.

    Why must create search engine based on tags? The answer is faster indexing. Normal search engines need to crawl the whole page before it can put you in the list. You can set your Robot.txt not to accept crawler bots but that will hurt your visibility.

    Tagging is much simpler compared to normal search engine procedure. It solely based on short keyword instead of the whole page. This search engine can read from existing tags from Digg,Technorati and such and give it ranks. The popular the tags are, the higher the rank will be. Just like a normal search engines, it will display the most popular result on the top of the list.

    Yes i know, black hat SEO will be jumping around with joy if somebody made tag search engine. Spammer will write a new software to submit million of tags to get a higher pagerank not just from the tagSE but also from normal search engines. Spammers will sell their software to you and they will make more money and leaving you in the risk of getting a ban from search engines.

    Oh well, maybe i'll write my own tagSE if i only have enough time in my hands. At the moment, don't write your spamming software yet cowboy.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:11 PM  
    Interview with Martin F. Krafft, Author of The Debian.
    OSDir is a great place to dig some info about Open Source technologies and news around the globe. I read their article daily and some might scare you if you never try Linux before.

    I was a long-time Windows NT beta tester (up until 3.51), and a Netware junkie. When I found that Microsoft had ignored every single one of my elaborate suggestions and wishlist reports in 4.0, and that NT 4.0 was a clear deviation from the path of a server operating system towards colours and animation and junk I didn't need let alone want on my production machines, I took the chance to say goodbye to the world of double-clicks and blue screens and downloaded Slackware. That was in 1995, or thereabouts.

    Slackware was a pain to use, my ethernet card wasn't supported, and the driver I hacked up didn't make it into the Linux kernel tree, so I kept changing and recompiling it whenever a new kernel came out until I grew tired of it. I didn't really use computers much from then o (post-puberty has *so* many other interesting things to offer) until I got my first laptop and a friend introduced me to Red Hat. After a few months of learning and cursing and still enjoying it, I grew patriotic and replaced Red Hat with SuSE, but Yast and rc.config gave me the creeps; I didn't even last for a week.

    So, in the beginning of 1997, traumatised by the Chameleon, I installed my first Debian system and never looked back. Debian "rex" was a major pain to use, and the upgrade to "bo" completely hosed my system, but I liked what I saw. When "hamm" came around, I was sold and started to support Debian users around me, going to fairs and representing the project, and using the mailing lists. I didn't see much of "slink" while I was finishing my college degree, and when "potato" was released, I applied for developership, which I attained in early 2002. via

    For me, Martin is doing great with Debian/Linux and i'm looking forward for more Linux users from Malaysia.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:39 PM  
    Wednesday, January 18, 2006
    To install Linux or not to install Linux?
    Here i am looking at 2 computer. Both need some major re-install and i'm thinking about Linux. All of our software are Win32 based and we use it all day long.

    Most of the software from Linux are more then enough but there's a problem. We use AutoCad for our plans and i can't find CAD software for Linux with the same function as AutoCad. What to do? So i tried LinuxCad but it's not even close. Well, i've decided to try something new, emulate it! Did i made it?

    For the first computer, i use Fedora as my main Linux. Fedora detected all the hardware without any problem and it's time to install the softwares. Again, everything went well such as OpenOffice, FireFox etc. Still AutoCad is the problem.

    I tried using Wine to emulate AutoCad. Ok, i admit, Wine is working well with Counter Strike but AutoCad? Nah...still trying. Ermm...should i recompile Wine? Not really, i just need to get the correct setting. So back to my Win32 computer and check AutoCad DLL files.

    Still no anwser so i decided to remove Fedora and install Debian Linux. Tweaking it a bit and walla...AutoCad is working fine from Debian. Well, not that close but close enough. Heeyaaa...i'm happy with the result and i'm going to remove out Microsoft products from our system and start using Debian or any Linux OS. Another firm is using Debian to run their AutoCad and it's working well too.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:39 PM  
    Monday, January 16, 2006
    Adsense and AdWords diving into tagging?
    First, let me say something here. My offline work getting bigger and that is why i haven't blog for about a week or so. I can only read and reply some emails from you ( the readers ). Reading and replying about 20-30 emails daily is not my full-time job so i hope all you guys understand why some of your emails are not answered by me.

    Now let us talk about the topic shall we. Tagging or social bookmarking is getting huge spotlights nowdays and maybe this can be a new trend of advertising. Who is the grand daddy of ads today? Yup, Adsense and AdWords of course. Let me clear things up, i'm not saying Google Adsense and AdWords are actually diving into tags ads but this is just my point of view.

    Well, tagging is no different compared to Adsense AdLinks where they advertiser bid on certain keywords. But what if Google decided to team-up with Technorati, Digg or other social bookmarking provider? I'm sure Google will make more revenue from tagging and this can be a new ads format for publishers.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:37 PM  
    Friday, January 06, 2006
    2 steps to get serious clicks FOR SURE!
    Why clicks are important for us? Well, if you're an Adsense publisher, every click counts. If you're selling a product ( affiliate programme ), a single click can generate huge income. Remember, a single click means income. This tip is not only apply to Adsense but to all method of making money or not.

    I've read Brian Tracy book about making money and i found a term that he wrote in his book. Brian Tracy wrote about the "cheap-cheap" song. Spend less and earn more, that was it all about. But i'm using a reverse method from his method and by apply it to my blog, i've made several hundred dollars richer.

    If you already making several thousand dollars monthly, don't read this tip. But if you found that this tip can increase your income, please do so. Don't walk before you learn how to crawl.

    This is how i make money from clicks and you can use the same method. It might work for you or it might crash your income in no time. I is working nicely for me after using the reverse method. No, you don't have to buy anything or pay me because as you all know Jamloceng just love to share. A donation to me is a good idea. Are you ready to get those clicks?

    Don't answer all the question.
    This work great with Adsense and i can see 25% increase in clicks. Still can't see the whole idea? Every penny counts and so does Adsense clicks. Let say you're writing an article about money making from internet. Don't answer all the question playing in the readers mind. Leave it hanging or half-done. Bamm...Adsense is answering all the questions. How you might asked and here is my answer.

    Adsense will show related ads according to your content and by leaving the answer to Adsense to answer, you can get more clicks. Another good thing by not answering all the question is curiosity kills the cat and that is good. I'm not saying go out and kill a cat but why not using the same method in your newsletter, website or blog? Have you received a newsletter and how fast your finger clicked the link? Yes, that was the same method. You want to know the answer fast because the newsletter was not answering your question.

    If you are an Adsense publisher, using this method can increase your income. But using Adsense alone is not enough, you need to know the "in's and out's" of Adsense. Don't waste your time looking at the zero's in your Adsense account, get SMART.

    Don't point, just lead.
    In the movie Jerry Mcguire, Tom Cruise kept saying "Show me the money!" over and over again. You are not going to use that method because you need to reverse it. Let say you are an affiliate member of a product and you need buyers, this is what you need to do. Don't point but lead your buyers to your affiliate link. Let me ask you a question, do you like someone dragging you so you buy their product? I know i don't and i'm sure you too hate it right.

    Why don't you create a way to lead your buyers to click. Make a plan about your sales by reading your buyers like a book. Ask yourself what you want and why you must buy the product. Draught your content before you publish it and save your time. Keep it short but interesting. Talk about keeping it short, from now on let keep a less link in mind. Less links mean more click. Content with million of links most likely not getting any clicks. Try keeping 2-3 links in one content. Remember, we don't want to make the buyers dizzy so we need to lead them.

    I do hope you can try this tips to increase your sale and profits.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:36 PM  
    Blogs are menace to search engines?
    A long debate about getting blogs a higher page rank is not new in blogsphere. Some said blogs only for spammers and some said the other way around. I'm going to give you a simple phrase that support blogging and that is "Even A Small Voice Counts".

    Not just in blogsphere but in real life a small voice can make huge impact. I believe that everyone is important in their own way. Take the general election for example. Who rules the country is based on counts and that is the prove even a small voice can make big. So, is it fair to say blog doesn't deserve a good ranking in search engines?

    According to Nick Wilson, some blogs are not worth a peek. I do agree with him but only with blog with no quality but many blogs out there are just great. Below is the list Nick said don't need a peek from search engines:

    * Community blogs
    * News blogs
    * Personal blogs
    * Expert blogs
    * Consultant blogs

    Well, his review about the type of blog was too general. Why a community blogs doesn't deserve a juicy rank from search engines? It is for community and it need a good publicity. I respect his point of view about this but again, even the smallest voice counts. I'm against splog or rubbish blogs and this is the type of blog that doesn't deserve a rank at all.

    But search engines can't stop splog in one night. They need to filter their index list and that normally took about 2 weeks. Before that time-frame, splog will get indexed by search engines.

    Some blogs are trying to make profits from their blogs and getting a good rank in search engines can bring in more money. I don't see anything wrong about the type of blog listed above but splog is a big NO-NO.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:02 AM  
    Was Less is MORE?
    In some cases, i do agree with the above statement. But when it comes to revenue, no such thing is less is more. We welcome any cents at all and making less revenue means that more smaller Adsense publisher will hoop to other option or in some cases, entirely remove the Adsense.

    Adsense team said that the less ads i received, the higher the revenue. That's fine with me but what about relevant of the ads? What if before this 2 ads of Adsense gave me relevant ads but with one ad showing i'm loosing money from Adsense. I'm not happy with that and i'm looking for a way to raise my revenue.

    Before this 2 ads showing on my Adsense ads and i'm happy with that. One of the ad is related to my content or both ads are related to my content. Now not a relevant ads is showing on my blog. Adsense never told us on what basis they deliever their ads and how we can optimize it. "The more keywords, the better" so some said. How much is more and how less is less?

    I saw website with only small amount keywords can get relevant ads. I do understand about this matter because Adsense can't find any valid keywords. Yes, less is more in this case but what if a content with 200-250 words? This is what this article all about. Even with a content that sure will get a relevant ads, still can't get a nice relevant ads.

    Maybe it's time for Adsense to give us the ultimate guidelines about Adsense. Small publisher can improve Google's revenue in long run. Don't believe me? More and more new domains registered last year and i'm sure 60% of the new site will insert Adsense in their site or blog. Now let us do some maths shall we.

    Let say 10,000 new Adsense users and making about $1.00 daily. That is $10,000 daily for Google? Not really because they must must split it with us. What if the figure tripled? So if Adsense is willing to give us the ultimate guide, i'm sure they will generates more revenue in long run. So, what do you think? Is less is more or every penny counts?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:34 AM  
    Wednesday, January 04, 2006
    I need to quit smoking...FAST!
    After reading my post about tobacco, maybe i need some motivation to stop smoking or at least reduce it.

    Looking at the picture gave me scarry feeling. I need to stop smoking.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:00 PM  
    Last years keywords still valid for this year?
    Looking at the keywords search from 2005, i saw a trend going around and maybe the trend will leap to 2006. Keywords are important for those who use AdWords or a way to get a high page rank from major search engines. Some are willing to pay a high price just to get the right keywords. Let us look at the keywords from last year's search result.

    domains yahoo, domain name yahoo, domain registration yahoo, domain name availability, cheap domain, and so on.

    As you can see, people are searching info about domain. This is a good news for me, meaning more website going to offer more info and products. This is the second wave of internet and we will see it growing bigger in 2006. People have learned from their mistakes from the first internet wave and the buble-burst. So what else from the past?

    dc hair lasaer removal washington, chicago hair laser removal, laser hair new york, colorado hair laser and so on.

    Don't ask me why the laser hair was popular in 2005. Maybe people want to look fresh for 2006 so they search for laser hair removal info from the internet. Which part of the body, i'm not going to find about it. So, don't ask me which part of the body they want to use the laser method. Do you love lemon? Let see if lemon on the top ten spot from 2005.

    lemon law, ca lemon law, illinois lemon law, california lemon law, indiana lemon law and so on.

    Yikeess....lemon law? What is lemon law by the way? At first i thought some country banning the lemon but i was wrong. Lemon law is referring to various state laws protecting consumers against the purchase of vehicles found to be persistently defective. Why do they call it lemon law? I must give them a credit for the name. Talk about credit, where's credit in the top ten keywords list?

    repair poor credit, refinancing poor credit, bad credit, home credit rates and so on.

    Wow so many of us having a bad credit eh. I hope this new year can improve your finance and credit. Well, how can we forget the loans from last year's bank statements.

    home equity loan, student loan, home loans, consolidation loan student, federal student loan and so on.

    From the popular keyword list, student loan was the most popular in the loan categories. That is a good new for me too. More people want to learn more at higher level and that can improve the community state of living. I hope they found the right loan so that they can go to a nice collage.

    Will we see all above keywords going to make big this year? Time will tell and i'm not the one who is hunting for the best keywords. I talked about trend from 2005 and i see a trend about MONEY. Yes, more and more people were looking ways to make money not just from ordinary method but from internet too. From my opinion, people will keep on looking more info about making revenue and this trend will live a longer life. Maybe i''m wrong, but maybe it was related to the trend of buying domains. Maybe this is because they knew about making money using Adsense and they don't want to leave any more money on the table.

    Money and domains were neck-to-neck in search result. Maybe people have found a way to make money from the internet and by getting domains, they can start making money the next morning. Maybe this was true or maybe not but we can see more domain popping up from no where in 2006 and continues in the future. Choose your keywords wisely or your website will be in the sandbox for another year. For me, i just want to blog and i'm not looking for a major popular keywords.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:43 PM  
    Jamloceng add a bookmarkings for 2006.
    From the last year's trend, social bookmarking is huge. Delicious, Technorati and Digg are the big player in social bookmarking. From my view, social bookmarking can add a huge promotion to your site or blog. After my content, you can see four icons for you to choose from.

    So this year, i decided to add social bookmarking in my blog. This is a new feature so you can add my article that you found interesting. All you need to do is click any icon or all the icons to add my articles to the social bookmarking. You can add my article(s) according the categories you choose. I've tested using Delicious and i can see more traffic coming to my blog in just a week span.

    A great way to understand about Social Bookmarking is from DLib. I hope my social bookmarking can improve my blog and help you in getting the right info.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:21 PM  
    Tuesday, January 03, 2006
    Syndicate Change.
    Before i go on, i must apologize to my syndicate readers for the major change. As you all know, i published my full syndicate but now my syndicate only showing the first 100 words count.

    The reason is, someone is using my content without my permission. These person not even gave me the credit for my own hard work. He or she made my article as it is theirs and edit my article to suit their needs. Some even put an affiliate code inside my content. Wow, what an honest attitude that was...getting paid for other peoples work.

    Thank you to Janette Clark from California for telling me about this matter.

    Hey Jamloceng,
    I saw your articles in a website and i'm sure the author is you. Take a look at the website ( i'm not going to give a free promo for a theift) and you'll amazed. A friend of mine saw your articles too from several blogs. If this is your domain, sorry for the trouble.

    A lazy website and blog owners hoping to get away with it. I will take this matter to their hosting so that thier website and blog will be closed. Why can't they give me a credit? Why must they edit my article? Why can't they respect other peoples work? For me, these people is not an honest person in the world.

    What if someone saw their website, he or she will say Jamloceng is a rip-off! I'm not just building a blog but i'm building human trust. Just imagine if someone got inffected by a virus by visiting the fake website or blog. I can see the headline stated "Jamloceng put a virus and destroying my computer".

    An article of mine, with an affiliate code init being abused like i'm a dead person. Yes, they might be a scam affiliate programme and yes i'm the one who they will put the blame on. Only get something from my blog because i reviewed the products or service. Buying something not from my blog means you're open to credit cards scam. In 2005, credit card and identify fraud are growing rapidly and causing several millions per month.

    I'm hoping 2006 going to bring me more joy but boy i was wrong. This year going to be hard year but i'll stay calm facing this matter. If you are using my article without my permission, please remove it as soon as you can. But if you found that my articles interesting, please give me a direct link and don't edit it. I know my English is not at the best level but i hope you can leave it as it is.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:54 PM  
    Internet Movie Scripts.
    If you're into movies or writing the a movie script, thi is the place for you. You can get any genre of movie scripts such as sci-fi, action, comedy, musical, romance and more.

    Even Harry Porter latest script is ready to read. My favourite will always be Braveheart by Mel Gibson. This is a great place if you want to study about the award-winning movie scripts.

    Welcome to the Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)
    If you enjoy movies you've come to the right place, we have the biggest collection of movie scripts available anywhere on the web. Our site lets you read or download movie scripts for free.

    Reading the scripts
    All of our scripts are in HTML format so you can read them right in your web browser. You won't need any additional software to enjoy our great selection of free movie scripts.

    So if you're looking for Friends tv show scripts, try IMSDb.
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