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    Tuesday, June 20, 2006
    Unzip those zip. Zip tool review.
    I'm sure most of you use WinZip as your main arsenal for zip and unzip files. In XP, the built-in zip function is a bonus for you. Another great tool is WinRar for Windows users. Now, RAR format is widely use because of its small zipped size. Yes, it's the "Software Review" day and i hope you're hungry for some great freeware today.

    IZArc and 7Zip is the best freeware zip tool for you. Handling over 50 zip formats, you can forget those paid version of your existing zip manager. Plus, both can read fairly fast media images such as ISO, BIN and IMG. In the good old days, we (*cough*) used ARJ pretty heavy and we love it. By using IZArc, i can handle my old zipped ARJ files with ease and fast unpacking.

    7Zip is super cool for unpack a multi-part RAR. With multi-OS support, 7Zip can be run on GNU/Linux (Debian, Fedora, Gentoo), FreeBSD, MacOS and Windows plus for BeOS, don't worry, it runs nicely on BeOS. I've tested both for typical zip format such as ZIP, ACE, RAR, ARJ and TAR. Just drag and drop to achive feature will make WinZip users feel at home in seconds.

    For me IZArc is much more customize in terms of selecting zip formats but if you want to go for maximum zipped file, use 7Zip and you will save plenty of disk space. Who said freeware is not good? Hey Lizz, lets play some tag game. I'm tagging you to use 7Zip for a week and give us your review. next.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:26 PM  
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