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    Tuesday, June 20, 2006
    It's because of race.
    Back in the old days in a land goes by the name of America, only white man can be racist. When they saw an Afro-American, most likely they will spit on them. Pitty Afro-American. Some, went for more extreme action such as hanging Afro-American just because of their race.

    Now for the good news, everybody being racist. Yup, Afro-American sees an Arab and they spit on him. Ermm...trying to get even eh dawg? Arab sees a Jews and spit on him. Nowdays everybody spits on each other and the country that started the "spitting-game" spits the Muslims.

    Now, this is not about being a racist anymore it's being mono-religion action. Nowdays, Muslims spits Jews and the Jews spits at...the rest of us. No, i'm not a racist or sort, just being sarcastic.

    We're too busy spitting on each other we forget about Darfur, Somalia, Africa. We tend to forget about the wars with no purpose in it. We forget about the killing of civillions in Palestine and Myanmar. We are too busy blogging, we forget about kids in Afghanistan with no education. We are too busy making money, we forget about who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We are too aragon, we forget about the landmines in Bosnia, Serbia and Vietnam. We are too busy watching the world series, we close our eyes regarding bird flu. We are too busy watching football world cup 2006, we forget about our soul.

    How often do you feed your own soul? How do you take care of your inner-self? Or we just "holier than thou"? Think about it and please leave your thoughts.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:35 AM  
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