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    Thursday, June 08, 2006
    I'm not listening to your music dad!
    Yesterday, a friend of mine brought his son along. So we talked about the good old times; picking up girls, trash talking at nerds and stuff. My friend started to talk about the music we listen to and for sudden, his son said "That sucks!".

    My friend and i listen to heavy metal pretty much and his son is more into those hip-hop rap music. His son told us about how uncool it's to listen to old school heavy metal rock and roll music like Purple, Flyod or Hendrix. Ermmm.....what will happen if my daughter grow up?

    There i am playing my old Purple CD when i'm 75 while my daughter sitting next to me mocking me silently. I can imagine the whole scenario when Smoke On Water is playing. "Dad, that sucks!. Try listening to some trance techno music for a change." Nobody mocks the Purple!

    The reason i wrote about my friends' son because as a blogger i need to step one step futher then my readers. Readers are not idiots and they can bring down my blog in seconds. Blogging about the same monotous topic will make readers take wings and fly away.

    Try to be different--that was repeatly stated but hard to do. Being different IS hard unless you blog about something specific. For me (and the rest of us) i just can't stay off from other topics that came across my mind. I'll write about almost anything and i do enjoy it.

    Can you stay focus with on topic? Not me and and not planning to do so. Unless my blog title is "Making money from internet", till then, i'm off topic.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:20 PM  
    • At 11:17 PM, Blogger yazid said…

      assalamualaikum with a smile, now you are writing something out from adsense or making money online scope as usual. I am very agreed with your last 2 paragraph, we do really enjoyed for what we have blogged so far as long it came from ourself and not influenced by others. I just don't care who my readers are, how much adsense i will earned, how many traffics i get... that's all. You know I have been put something messed about adsense not long ago, I learned few things from them; how adsense is a GOD for some ppl and how i can spoilt down their GOD at the same time, but i am not doing that infact i am thinking to do it seriously at the beginning. I learned what is CAN, CAN'T and what is IF.. too many things acrossed my mind during that time.

      Blogsphere is an universe thing and we who sit in it, won't ended blogging until we want it to. To my friend Sidharja Qhaum, happy blogging.

    • At 10:19 AM, Blogger Sidharja Qhaum said…

      Wasalam and we smile together. I do agree with you about me writing other things than adsense and sort.

      Some ppl are addicted to their adsense and they kept on sending emails about adsense tips. Yes, i'm bored writing about adsense anymore. Heck, it's a simple thing but some stick "it-is-a-secret" attitude into their mind.

      Being diffrent? What is "different"? Can we be original? To be honest, that will scale down to 0.10% chances. Why? Because most blogger put their eyes on Digg,Technorati,Delicious etc.

      Yazid, keep on blogging dude and good luck with OpenSuse 10.1 :). Why not try FreeBSD some other day?

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