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    Wednesday, June 07, 2006
    Hack of the day--PECompact (Win only).
    Today i'm going to give you a tip on how to save your disk space from those huge bulky software or game. Why not keep it small and compact? PECompact is the right tool to compress those bulky software or game laying around your hard drive. You can get their trial version or Student Version but i'm going to use Student Version for this tutorial.

    First off, what is PECompact?

    PECompact is an advanced Windows executable compressor. Executable packers compress executable modules (EXE, DLL, etc..) so that their physical size is considerably smaller. At runtime, compressed modules are rapidly decompressed and reconstructed in memory.

    Used on Google Desktop, DivX Player 6.0, µTorrent, and hundreds of other popular titles, PECompact has real-world exposure and testing beyond competing products. With PECompact, you can rest assured your compressed software will be trouble free. - via Bitsum

    It's fairly simple to use PECompact but i took some time to make a flash tutorial for you. Click here to view the tutorial.

    If you hate command-line compressor like UPX (which is great tool), PECompact's GUI is easy to master. Hope this tutorial helps you in saving more space in your hard drive.
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