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    Thursday, June 22, 2006
    Darn, we should made it to the top list.
    Readers Digest made a poll for the world's rudest cities and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) was on the third spot. I have no idea on what facts they held the survey but i'm sure KL is not belong in the list.

    Ok, maybe it should be. But again, there was no concrete explaination from this survey. New York was voted as the most polite city in the world? Ermm...i'm not going to say anything about LA but ermm...

    To be honest, my mind is not in the focus level because i'm jobless now! Yup, i need some support from you guys. Just leave your suggestion or comments or anything that can give me a good boost. But if you want to show your support, you can always donate to me.

    I know i'll be on my feet soon but in the mean time, i just want to be free. It's weird tho, it's just like a whole bunch of load just lifted from my shoulder and i'm smilling. God works in weird way and maybe this is the sign for me to shift my focus and energy into something else. Maybe i should focus on my art (i do draw and paint) more and start selling my art at a higher tag.

    About my blog, i don't know how can i blog. Before this, i blogged from my office since witing for the telco company to install my phone connection at home still "offline".

    Right now, i'm at a cyber centre in Kuantan. As i stated earlier, God works in weird way and just now, a guy whom i never met before told me that he is enjoying working with his passion making keychains. He told me that he was once a professional art director in KL and got a big pay-check every month. When our economy went slow in the mid 90's, the company he worked with decided to down-sizing.

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