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    Tuesday, June 20, 2006
    Americans are cowards!
    No, i didn't said that. My friend said that to me yesterday. We had a nice talk about the Fifa World Cup 2006 and he told me that when it comes to sports, Americans are cowards. Before you start slashing me off, please read on.

    "Why are Americans cowards?" i asked him. "Just look at their world championships. They have world champ for wrestlings. They have their own world series." he told me.

    "So, what is the problem?". "Didn't you know, the call it world championship but they are not playing against any country!." he told me with a chuckle and my donut in his hand. "They just play against cities or group."

    Then he made an imitation of a sports announcer.

    "The world wrestling champ goes to The Rock from Californiaaaaaa...!!!!"

    Ermm..make sense to me. How can they be the world champ if nobody from any country in the globe compete with them? Can i call my blog as the World Blogger Champ? "Believe me, they are not so good at sports so to protect their ego, they invented the world champ title." was the last sentence from him before another donut of mine end up in his tummy. Grrr.....
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