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    Wednesday, May 10, 2006
    Writting the past now.
    I'm wondering, when ill the past become the past? Just a moment ago i just wrote something and it's in the past. See, i did it again. Blah...i did it again.

    Every single second (quater of micro seconds) ago, i'm actually writing my past. Every seconds in the past were documented by me, you and search engines.

    I know this post looks like a riddle but think about it, time keeps on moving forward no matter how hard we're trying not to step into the future. What future? This future, the same future as i type this post. So what can the past tell us?

    As a blogger, that means everything and anything. Search engines will cached every single word in this post or any post. The past can tell you if im not in the mood to play or if i'm happy or sad; it could be anything.

    Maybe my future boss is reading this very post at this very moment! Maybe my daughter will read the history of her father in next 10 years. Every words that are on your screen right now is a mirror of my past and future.

    Man, this is deep for me. See you in the future.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:51 PM  
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