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    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
    Who said running OpenBSD needs huge hardware?
    This morning, a close friend of mine told me that his customer doesn't want OpenBSD in their system. Instead they shift to RedHat because they *thought* GNU/Linux will run on less hardware requirements.

    I told my friend that i have an old P2 450 with 64Mb (yes, it's an old lad) running OpenBSD smoothly and i haven't upgrade it to the latest version since..ermmm years ago!

    A huge myth about BSD OS is "If it's fo server, it's expensive on hardware". True if you want to run several huge server supporting 80 million hits per day but for a small server, OpenBSD is the rock-solid choice.

    I'm not saying GNU/Linux sucks at this area but we have tested Red Hat (at their early stage) running side-by side with OpenBSD and OpenBSD shows no break in. Red Hat got ping-bombed after a week of getting it config. I'm sure Red Hat getting better nowdays but with only one security hole in 8 years, you have to give OpenBSD credit.

    [A few] years ago I was just getting into system administration. I learned Linux first. Then one of our old (I mean *really* old) BSDi servers crashed, and it was up to me to rebuild the system.

    I looked at FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux. In the end, it came down to "secure and stable" that took the prize. OpenBSD 2.1 was installed.
    Since then, I've run 2.1-2.5 on everything from production servers to laptops. We've never (repeat: NEVER) had a break-in.

    A coworker setup a RedHat based box to test his skills at setting up SSL and a secure web site. It was hacked literally overnight, and by the next morning was attacking other sites.

    Our OpenBSD servers were probed and then left alone. In the intervening two years, that original server got upgraded and patched several times and the OS never gave us reason to question the reliability or security of OpenBSD.

    We have another box, acting as a router for about 800 workstations doing very basic filtering and NAT. It's on a P120 with 32MB RAM and typically the uptime would look like this:

    % uptime
    9:05PM up 266 days, 4:23, 1 user, load averages: 0.06, 0.06, 0.06

    As well, OpenBSD runs on my laptop. A Gateway Solo 2500 with a Xircom modem, and a Linksys fast Ethernet NIC. And it never crashes :) - via OpenBSd

    BSD community is head to head with GNU/Linux now and i do hope BSD will hit the checkered flag. If OpenBSD (or any BSD flavour) wants to win desktop market and users, it is important to update their hardware support.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:33 PM  
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