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    Friday, May 19, 2006
    Weird emails i got--A half-complete compilation.
    I never shown these email before but now i think both of us might enjoy reading it. The bold fonts are my comments.

    Hey dudz...wazupp. U got it right she got huge boobies man. Hook me up with that b***h.
    Have we met before? Are you talking about Pamela Anderson or Grandma Sue?

    I'm sorry to inform you that we can't save Berd anymore. Please collect his remaining in 3 days time. If you prefer us to send his remaining, please call us ASAP.
    Dr. Mikel Jordan
    Nooo!!! Berd is dead? I can't believe it! This is not happening to me...!!! I assume Berd was a dog and i'm not collecting his doo-doo and i'm not calling you too!

    My name is Sarah and i'm 8 years old. I'm doing an article for my school project and i'm wondering if you can help me out. I know you're a busy singer but please contact me.
    Dear Sarah, i'm too old for you, sorry about that. Yes, i do sings but mostly in the bathroom while nobody at the house. To tell you the truth, i'm not that busy but i'll try to sing at your 9th birthday party.

    F**k you! You just broke my Xbox and i'm going after you!
    Wow, that was short. For your information, i never borrowed your XBox or your Game Cube. The only game i play is the hangman from Windows 3.1 version. Please don't swear at me you moron.

    Yo Big D,
    tonite is da big nite bro all of the gangz will be at da park dont forget to bring da good shit
    First, please use the dot. It's annoying reading your email bro. What? you and the gang going to kill someone? No, i'm not bring any good stuff for you guys. If it's good, i'm keeping it bro.

    Dear [insert name here],
    I'm a fresh graduate looking for a job as a computer techician. I can operate Microsoft and Linux and i'm a webmaster for several website......
    Please contact me and thank you for your time.

    [Your name here]
    Dear whoever you are. Please don't send me an email without editing the resume template. I'm glad that can operate Microsoft, it took most of us about 5 years in medic school to learn how to operate a frog, well done. Sorry to say that i don't own a computer store so please ask the store next to my store.

    Woiittt, syial la lu nih. Ari tuh kata nk bli keta bru, leh2 aku tgk ko pki keta lma gk. Keta wra ko dh msuk turbo ek? syial tubo gler. nnt aku kntek ko bl aku blk kl. chow
    [Translation] Woiitt..[some cursing going on here]. You said you want to get a new car but i saw you driving the same old car. Your wra ( i assume it's Wira) is on turbo now? [some cursing some more]. I'll call you when i get back to KL.
    This is what i call a pure rubbish. I hate those SMS-style messages. It's hard to figure out what is what. And why does people love to curse even if it's about good news?

    To be honest, i'm not sure if those emails are from spammers or not. Ermm...i just don't get it, how on earth my email got in their favourite list? Don't they check before sending those emails?

    Update: This is a killer one.
    My son loves riding his new bicycle but refuses to wear any safety equipment. I've told him about the danger and still, he would listen to me. I gave him the bike on his 8th birthday last month. Can you please tell him to wear the safety equipment.

    Hi Dave,
    This is my advise to your son. It's wise to wear a good condom even if he is not riding his bike.

    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:27 PM  
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