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    Thursday, May 18, 2006
    Stress free by adjusting your chair.

    Sitting in front of the computer for 7-8 hours per day will give you a back pain. For me, using the right ergonomic chair is important to reduce stress and back pain. What is ergonomic chair?

    Italian Bernardino Ramazinni (1633-1714) became the first physician to write about work-related injuries and illnesses in his 1700 publication, "De Morbis Artificum (Diseases of Workers)". Ramazinni was ostracized by his fellow doctors for visiting the workplaces of his patients in order to identify the causes of their disorders. The term ergonomics (from the Greek words ergon [work] and nomos [natural laws]) first entered the modern lexicon when Wojciech Jastrze;bowski used the word in his 1857 article Rys ergonomji czyli nauki o pracy, opartej na prawdach poczerpnie;tych z Nauki Przyrody (adapted from a previous version of this page). -via Wikipedia

    So many ergonomic chairs in the market to choose from. It's important to pick the right ergonomic chair so that you can enjoy your wok even more. Make sure the ergonomic chair is "posture-friendly" and you are comfortable with the height and cushion. Lets see what the pro's think of the Aeron Ergonomic chair.

    Quality cost,s and the Aeron could not be described as a bargain in the traditional sense. I'm not really interested in whether the chair is a design classic or an icon. I've seen stuff in the Design Museum which may look fabulous but isn't usable. But the Aeron is a rare beast, it is stylish, comfortable and utilitarian. -via eGrindStone

    Time to get a new ergonomic chair. have a nice article on how to pick the best ergonomics chair.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:57 PM  
    • At 11:51 PM, Blogger myadlan said…


      my favourite aspect in doing designs..

      need to do lots of research bout it b4 i can do some design..

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