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    Wednesday, May 17, 2006
    Open vs Open; who will be on the top? My review.
    On May 12, 2006 CNET News released a news about FreeBSD vows to compete with GNU/Linux. I found the article really interesting. As a user of both party, i'm seeing this as love-and-hate relationship between both creator.

    FreeBSD developer Scott Long told ZDNet UK on Thursday that the operating system, descended from the Unix derivative BSD, is "quickly approaching" feature parity with Linux.

    "Lots of work is going on to make FreeBSD more friendly on the desktop," Long said. "Within the year, we expect to have, or be near, parity with Linux."

    The main focus of developers is to integrate FreeBSD with the GNOME and KDE desktop environments, and to add plug-and-play hardware capabilities. - via CNET.

    FreeBSD is a rock solid operating system that run most of big servers and it too can be run as a normal desktop OS. This is my two cents; Pro and Con coming from the news.

    FreeBSD need to drive more ports and application if it want to make it on users desktop in short amount of time. In my experience using FreeBSD, hardware driver support was and still the issue. With Gnu/Linux, you can get more hardware support even for Gentoo. I know Gentoo still need more improvements ( Ubuntu creator called Gentoo as click-and-crash) but it's going somewhere. Uh..i'm off topic now.

    FreeBSD is near to GNU/Linux with the release of DesktopBSD and PC-BSD. Even a small group released a live cd of BSD like Freesbie contributes to an even closer experience for Windows users. Based on KDE, PC-BSD kinda hogs you system a bit but that is not a big problem if you have huge processor and memory.

    I do hope FreeBSd can make it as the next open source operating system besides GNU/Linux. For me, i strogly suggest you try GNU/Linux for its better hardware support. But if you're looking for a rock-solid OOS, go for FreeBSD or OpenBSD (for running your own home server).

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    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:30 PM  
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