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    Thursday, May 11, 2006
    OOS in Malaysia; will we see more OOS users?
    I wrote several "general" topics about GNU/Linux so that Malaysian readers can grap the main idea of GNU/Linux. I'm seeing more users are trying to shift to OOS such as Ubuntu, Debian or any type of distros. Well, maybe not the full GNU/Linux installation but the interest is there.

    On May 17 2005, Mampu has released a whitepaper for the state of Terengganu. It covers most of the GNU/Linux fundamental including FreeBSD. In the whitepaper, the state officers can understand how they can cut the state's cost in several million ringgit per year.

    You can read to whole whitepaper [PDF] to understand the basic of GNU/Linux. If you want to know more about GNU/Linux scene in Malaysia, My-OpenSource is a nice place to start.

    More links:
    1. Whitepaper from in 2002.
    2. Wikipedia on Linux in Malay.
    3. Malaysian OOS master plan.
    4. Linus; Just for fun book.

    Ermm...GNU/Linux is under one man order but FreeBSD is under core team. One side said drop the man so that GNU/Linux can be made into more stable and faster release date. But on the other side said let him be, he is the creator of GNU/Linux.

    Both are heading to one main goal which is great. Lately, i'm itching to get my FreeBSd machine running back again. Nah...i'm not dumping GNU/Linux just breathing a fresh new air.
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