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    Thursday, May 11, 2006
    Marketing with Google with no money on the table; The Case Study.
    Disclaimer: This information is not at any level of guarantee success to your marketing plan. But in the long term, you know that you've taken the first step.

    Google is the biggest search engine with million of users using it per day. Tackling the big boy will gain you attention and in most cases, income. In this mini tutorial, i 'll try to explaine how to use Google to work for you.

    For this post, i'll break down the method into 2 categories:

    Search Engine.

    I'm sure most of my loyal readers already understand what is Adsense and how you can make revenue from it. You can always search for my tips about Adsense in my blog. I'm not going to cover about Adsense today but more into the search engine.

    Before that, i'm not a SEO expert and this post is not about SEO in details. If you want to know more about SEO, please refer to the websites below:

    1. SEOMoz
    2. Search Engine Watch.
    3. Just Google for SEO.

    Looking for a laser-targeted niche market is hard but Google just made it easy (not that easy). I'm talking about looking for the right keyword for your marketing plan. If you thought picking the right keyword is not important, think again.

    Let's move to the first step. I assumed that you already made a website or blog so i will skip the "how-to" make a website routine.

    Finding the Keyword.
    First you must read Google's Webmaster Guideline to understand the Yes and No.

    Now that you have read the guideline, it's time to find your keywords. Let say you're from UK and looking for the right keyword for your website. First, you need to know what's hot in the internet. By using Google Zeitgeist, you can figure out what's hot and start making your niche marketing plan. At the moment i'm writting this post, national lottery is on the top list and cheap flights at the #12 spot.

    Looking back at your marketing plan (i hope i have one), you now can spot which is which for your main keywords. Not only the zeitgeist gave out infomation coming from UK but from all Google's country search result. So, what is it for you? You can gather as much as you could about what is hot among surfers. Let say your website is about vacation and you want to know if that is the best keyword. Write down the keyword "vacation" on a piece of paper. It's time to figure out what is related to the word "vacation".

    By using Google AdWords Tool, you can get the most out of your keywords. According to the tool, related keywords are below:

    1. vacations
    2. accomodations.
    3. vacation package.
    4. travel deals.
    5. hotel deals.
    6. gateway.
    7. honeymoon etc.

    You also can get the popularity rank for each keywords, global search volume, possible keywords and more. A one-stop keyword tool for you and it's free. Study the charts base on your main keyword (e.g vacation) and always recheck the result once a week. Do this for about a month before decided to pick the right keywords.

    Do you want to know how many people are actually searching the word vacation? How about use Google Suggest? It will auto-complete the word for you. Next to the keyword, you can see the search volume. Compare this stats with the Google AdWords Tool to pin point the best keyword for you. Criss-crossing several keywords sometimes can help you get the main keywords.

    Thanks to Google's new feature, now you can get more info for comparisson. Google Trends is totally new and great tool to play with. Just type your keyword (vacation) and again, compare the stats.

    Have you tried Froogle yet? If not, you're missing the train of revenue. Froggle is a place for sellers selling their products and by using information (any info from Google works well) from it, you can determine what's selling like a hot cake.

    Now that you already have the secret weapon to paly big for free using Google, please study the stats, fact, figure and charts before choosing the keywords. Happy hunting.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:05 PM  
    • At 12:58 AM, Blogger ebizbest said…

      These are the things I just wanna add.

      1. Google considers the anchor text of incoming links and when they were first discovered
      2. Google considers the appearance and disappearance of links over time
      3. If a new website gets flood of new inboud links, the site will be considered legitimate if some links are from authoritative sites
      4. If a stale webpage continues to receive new incoming links, it will be considered fresh
      5. Google indicates that incoming anchor text links should contain a variety of different (yet related) key phrases and not be all the same
      6. Google might consider links from fresh pages to be more important
      7. Google considers links with long life span to be of higher value than links with short life spans
      8. Google places more value on a site where link growth remains constant and slow
      9. Google might record a distribution rating for all the age of all links

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