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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006
    Jamloceng has leave the building.
    First of all, i would like to announce that i'm using the full content for my feed. So, no more "half" content for my feed readers. I'm conducting an experiment about the full content feed.

    If Steve Rubel take a leap off the internet, nobody would notice it. If Darren decided not to blog anymore, we all will move on but if Adsense not making money, most of us will go "yada-da-doo-i-don't-believe-it".

    Come on, it's not the end of the road. Try selling milk or something, that would be a good jump start to increase your income.

    This post is a late post because i want to wait for the issue to cool down a little bit. The reason is, i'll not going to pull reader to read this post if i posted it at the same time as the hot issue few weeks back. What is the hot issue?

    It's about the ugly website that made $10,000 per day! Yes, i know most of you already read about it bla bla bla but have you read my view about it? See, i know you want me to comment on this.

    PlentyOfFish (the ugly website) is a free online dating that pulls millions of people to use their free service. Why does an ugly website made so much money from Adsense? Boys and girls, it's time for some history class.

    At the early stage of internet ( early 90's), many instant webmaster were releasing their website in just days. I can remember looking at simple and plain websites with virtually no images, that load so fast even with my 14K modem. At that time, nobody really care about placing images or flash (don't get me started with flash sites) because the internet boom just started. Early birds already making huge money.

    Look at Google, do you think the design is cool? Not at all but it's the world top search engine! More and more people are leaping from Yahoo to Google because Google is fast and with all those blinking ads allover the page.

    Let us go back to PlentyOfFish shall we. First it attracts millions per day and that is the main reason. Yes, that simple no magic formula or vodoo dolls along the line. No matter where you put your Adsense ads, if you got low visits per day; you're not going to make even a dollar per day. Adsense placement is important and i'm not going to debating on that but publishers always forget about the one and only one reason; traffic.

    Blend it, fake it but still not making money from those clicks? Try getting your main contributor first. I'm not going to say it it easy, heck i'm still learning but i know where the money comes from. No silly, money doesn't grow on trees, it grows in the ocean.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:15 PM  
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