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    Wednesday, May 24, 2006
    Illegal Adsense method.
    Adsense has become a great source of income for bloggers and some consider it as their main source of income. Some will play by the rule but some will get smart with Adsense and hope to get away with it.

    I just hate cheaters and i have spotted several illegal method used by publishers. Please don't use my info as your main arsenal to cheat or misleading people to click your Adsense ads!

    Lately i saw two method in order to get clicks (illegal one of course). This method is by using popup or floating layers. The first method is by forcing visitors to click their Adsense by using timer. The second method is by using layer with small pixel to close it. Let me explaine the first method.

    Popup with timer.
    First of all, it's against Adsense TOS to place popups. Not just popups but also pop-down is illegal accoding to their TOS. When visitors visited a blog or website, a popup will greet them with a huge timer on it. This timer comes with text such as "This limited offer only will be display to you for [timer ticking second]". In the popup are the Adsense's ads.

    In internet marketing setting a time liimit can improve your sale. By using a "forcing" method like this, people will click the Adsense ads thinking it will not shoen to them again. Urgency is the main factor in order to force visitors to click the ads.

    These cheaters will place a small cookie to make sure the popup will not shown again even if the visitors press the refresh button. This cookie will last about a week (some with a shorter life span) so that will leave an impression for the visitors who didn't click the ads. That impression will force the visitors to keep on visiting the same website or blog just to make sure "this-time-i'll-take-the-offer".

    Once the popup get clicked, the cookie will set itself to reset itself. Why? Once people clicked on the ads, it will show the direct link to the link. People will press the "Back" button to read more from the cheating website. Guess what, a new popup will greet them again! And you will see the time again and you will click the ad again and this seems to end to it!

    Layer with small pixel.
    You can call it popup if you like but this is actually a layer. By using pure DHTML, it can by-pass most of popup blocker. This is how it work; place Adsense behind the layer and if you want to close it, click the "X" button.

    Simple eh to trick people into clicking their Adsense? Normally the "X" button is smaller than your coursor. This is how it work; 90% chances you will fail to click to close button because of it size and you'll end up clicking the Adsense. Just take a look at the sample i made below.

    Again, i'm not showing you the way to cheat Adsense just to educate new publisher what is right and wrong. I know some will apply this method after reading my post but please don't do it. Adsense is not stupid and they'll protect their AdWords users without prejudice.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:42 AM  
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