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    Monday, May 15, 2006
    I love you, i love you not. Time to clean up those business cards.
    Yesterday my 8 months old daughter took my wallet and put it in her mouth. That is not the big news, that is normal for 8 months old. When she flipped my wallet, a whole bunch of business cards covers her toy. Ermm....

    So i picked all the business cards and lay it down. So, should i throw away those "heavy" cards or should i keep it for a while. This is what i did, i categorize it by functions:

    1. Don't need anymore - Because the company is out of bussiness, changed the phone number and the owner died ( it's true).
    2. Maybe i need it in the future - Most of the cards are about home contractors and computer dealers.
    3. Gold - Need i say more?

    Some of it was simply a print-out from a cheap printer (you can tell by when the colours started to "wash" out. Some just annoying, cramped with more annoying things. Some just love to use a super-tiny fonts and some just perfect. If you want to give me your business cards, make sure it's in the #3 spot or at least #2.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:40 PM  
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