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    Thursday, May 25, 2006
    Do we need a super hero blogger or they just stupid people in tight pants?
    Had this conversation with my friend (who hates blogging) several days ago. Talked about open source, making money from internet and for no reason he said "Who is your super hero blogger?"

    It took me some time to think the answer and to be honest; didn't have one! So i went back home with his question still in my mind. This time i decided to follow Edward de Bono advice--reverse the question. So i did and came up with "Do we need a super hero blogger?"

    In order to answer the question, i have to look deep into what my blog topic are and were about. Yes, most of it were about computer and internet related topics and the rest were a mixture between making money from internet, personal thoughts and silly stuff.

    Why must i have a super hero? I'm sure you too have your own super hero in life. I guess the answer would be the same as yours. We all need someone to look up to and in this case i would say Jeff Jarvis would be in my list. He can be a nutcase and sometimes a preecher in his own weird way.

    I used to read Slashdot but now i'm turning to Digg and Delicious. I don't see any direct connection between Slashdot and this post but half of me kept on telling me to write it and so here it is.

    Copyblogger is a great place to gain info about writing and i read Brian's opinion about blogging. His post that gave me a huge electric shock was the two most important words in blogging. Try reading it and i'm sure you'll fall from your chair.

    I'm a foolish guy if i didn't mention Radar. Nothing escapes the radar in terms of new technology or service. A part of the most famous O'Reilly network, this is a must for me as i read it daily.

    Problogger used to be in my "favourite" list but after the post about being an elite in blogsphere, i decided it's time for me to move on. I'm not that elite to play with the big boys so i'm off with the smaller fish. But, this is my view and not a "trashing-point" for Darren. Not just my type of coffee now.

    Still, i can't figure out who is my super hero blogger! All above are great people and their blogs being read by thousand (millions?) daily but it is crazy to fit a shirt for everybody. So, who is your super hero blogger?

    PS: Maybe some of you haven't notice that my blog now are open for comment. So, stop nagging at me to allow public commenting :P
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:45 PM  
    • At 1:30 AM, Blogger myadlan said…

      blogger is very anonymous. but we can judge and pick good things from them. personally, its a different thing..

      yea.. your readers should give more comment bout this!

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