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    Book i read.
    Wednesday, May 10, 2006
    After all these years, now i understand (not really).

    Rich Dad Poor Dad has been the best selling book for years now. Last month, ive decided to re-read the book again. This time, i got smarter and note down the points given. Normally i will note down the points from any book but i don't why it slips off.

    The first chapters are great reading; giving you the idea of money, which is true and solid statement from Robert Kiyosaki. Moving to the next chapter, i'm not comfortable with the idea of getting rich by diving into real-estate. For a mid-level worker like me, investing in real estate is a huge jump. Several question kept on bouncing back and forth in my mind.

    1. If i have $500 in my bank, how can i buy a real estate?
    2. Where to start?
    3. What kind of real estate to grap?
    4. Etc.

    Robert kept on going about his rich dad and how he made money from real estate but not once Robert Kiyosaki mention about how his dad started to built his wealth from real estate.

    In his book, Robert said that his rich dad told him not to work with a company but buy that company. Now my head started to hurt. In his book, Robert told us that he was the top salesperson selling a machine before he made his first million. Now, using my logical thinking cap, we need to start somewhere to gain capitol unless your uncle goes by the name of Bill Gates.

    Again, his books were (are) the best sellers. In my honest opinion, Robert is selling his story not the "how-to". He made a whole bunch of money from seminars, tapes, CD's, game and books. Maybe i'm wrong but this is my point of view about his book. So, all of the Rich Dad cult members, you can follow Robert's tips if it's working for you.

    Kiyosaki wrote that he will keep his company secret. Ermm....if he made millions per year, don't you agree that his company in a public-listed company? How can a public company running behind the widescreen? Not even once he mentioned about the name of his company.

    From my view, learning about the basic of money from Kiyosaki is great but it will leave you hanging with nothing to grap on. I better off reading Donald Trump.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:10 PM  
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