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    Thursday, April 06, 2006
    You've been hypnotized while shopping.
    Ever wonder why you always picked up stuff you don't need? You have your own shopping list in your hand but still, you bought something not in the list.

    Yes, you've been hypnotized the moment you step into the supermarket or a mall. Several ways to hypnotize ( shopping-craze ) you. Do read this post of mine before going buying stuff off the supermarket.

    The design.
    Architects made their design stands out and easy to move around. The more easy the shoppers moving around, the more people will bring back stuff they actually don't need. Don't believe me? How many items you bought while shopping during the peak hour compare to not-so-busy hour? Yes, we tend to buy more items during the second option.

    That's why the design of the mall is important. If the mall is cramped with people, most likely you'll get only the item you need. The more easy for you to move around from one shop to the another, the more you'll buy items that are not in the list.

    They told you to buy.
    If you look closely, the most dominan colours is red and yellow. Most of the big shopping spot will put huge posters or signage using red and yellow. On that posters or signage are several items printed with big text on it, am i right? You just glaze it for half of second and at the end of the day, you'll end up with those items i your bags. This is not a big secret among advertisers because studies shown that red and yellow is easy imprint into our mind ( our subconsious mind of course ).

    Remember when the mall kept on repeating their products over and over again? Yes, after they "told you" using colours ( viuals ), they will harden that advertisement using audio. Our mind is like a drunken monkey; it will do anything it was told to do. Now you can't escape the iron-claw of the shopping Satan.

    Mix it with smell and you just been sold.
    Big mall usualy have bakeries or food court. Now, i know you just bought a shirt that is not in the list but what does a cake got to do with it? Easy, you maybe not bought the cake but you have been re-directed to something that reminds you of the shirt. Once, i bought a shirt with a chocalate logo on it after i pass by a bakery! Weird eh? Business for everybody now eh.

    Sniffing at the sample perfume will make you buying something similar to the smell or images related to that perfume. Stay away from perfume booth or you'll end up with 2 bottles of toilet perfume.

    How do i know all this stuff? Because i'm one of the victim ( sigh ) and i love reading stuff about this kind of articles or books. I'm talking about subliminal advertising. Watch the footage below to understand how subliminal ads force us to buy things.

    Stay away from malls, they're evil!
    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:51 PM  
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