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    Monday, April 24, 2006
    XP windows ultimate tips to make it faster.
    Jon Watson will show you how to make XP runs faster. Below is the video for you who are struggling to get your XP to work twice as fast as GNU/Linux. Watch the video first and then read my 2 cents.

    Running an OS on top of another OS is nothing new to hardcore users. Just emu ( emulates ) the OS you want to run and wallaa, another OS on top of your existing OS. Confussing eh?

    Wine or Line are emulator for GNU/Linux, BSD and Windows. Now the big story before running any emus.

    You need huge RAM and processor. Running dual OS will eats up your RAM right to the bone. Make sure your hardware support GNU/Linux and XP. If not, you'll end up with a frozen pc doing nothing for you. Another great emu is coLinux ( it should be GNU/Linux according to Richard Stallman ).

    Running emu within GNU/Linux ( vice versa ) going to take alot of swap files. Make sure your hard drive is no longer from the 90's ( less than 1GB ) and running at 7200 per spin.

    I was hoping Jon whould use the "format C:/" tips, that would be funny. Well, everybody have their own favourite OS but it's not going to hurt trying a new OS such as GNU/Linux ( Ubuntu, Mandrake, Debian, Fedora etc ).
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