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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    A week without TV challange.
    I just can't stop nagging while watching any boring show on tv. What is my kind of tv show? Discovery Channel, Animal Planet; that kind of show. So i'm chanllenging my self to not to watch tv for a week starting next Monday.

    The only thing i'll watch is the news ( the 30 minutes one, not the full hour news) at night. The rest, i'm relying on internet or a crappy drunken friends of mine ( either one is valid news tho).

    No, seriously i'm trying to avoid watching tv for a week. All of us just can't wait to go home and holding the tool of the Kings; the remote. Weekends, should i put it, i'll be infront of the tv from morning to late night. I'm giving a bad impression for my daughter and i want to avoid that.

    What shall i do next Monday? Blog more? Play chess with an old guy in the park? Counting sheeps?

    Most likely i'll go for "counting sheeps. LOL.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:11 PM  
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