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    Tuesday, April 04, 2006
    Top 6 TV series/show i can't stand watching.
    1. West Wing - Watching couple of people walking so fast from one room to another is not fun to watch.
    2. Gilmore Girls - Watching 2 person talking so fast and kept interuping each other is annoying.
    3. Friends - She was my wife but now she's with my friend but now she with my other friends's wife bla bla bla. For God sake just tell her you want her back!
    4. The Lost World - They explore alot but why can't they draw a map? They kept on walking in circle.
    5. WWE - Wrestlers got hit by a folding chair when the referee is not watching or knock out dead.
    6. Who Wants To be Millionaire ( Malaysian version ) - Kept repeating "Was that your final answer" over and over again. At first episodes, yes that was cool but after watching the show several times, that's annoying.

    I must admit i like The West Wing but without the visual. It kind of dizzy watching people going round and round from one room to another don't you think so? The only place they will stop wondering was at the President's office and when they held a press conference. Other than that, they will move like the Enegizer Bunny.

    Notice the people in the background of the series? Yes, they work like mad man. It's like it's the end of the world for them working in the White House. Neither the Democrats or Republicans work that hard ( not including preparing a war after another ) i'm sure. The funny thing was, if i'm not mistaken, only one coffee machine for the whole staff including for the President. Wow, the Senates can't approve several coffee machine eh? Oh i forget, they gave it to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:24 AM  
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