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    Book i read.
    Thursday, April 06, 2006
    Techniques Used To Sell Fraudulent Investments.
    Some cold callers wait before turning up the heat. In their first call, the "warm-up", they'll try to build your trust by describing their firm's past successes and the high quality of its research. They might ask your permission to send a brochure and call again if an "exciting" deal comes along, but won't pressure you to buy.

    You are considered a lead when you accept a brochure from a qualifier. They will then say to watch the paper for the stocks price and they'll call you back. You will soon be rejected if you appear to be a professional or official who might ask too many questions. Younger women are also avoided because they will fight for justice rather than just feel shame when taken in.

    In their second call, the "setup", they'll whet your appetite, telling you about a fabulous deal they "think" they can get you into. In their third call, the "close", you will be passed on to an "opener" who will set the hook with an initial sale of stock by appealing to your ego and desire to make money. They'll urge you to buy now or miss out. - via Crime Of Persuasion

    That was fun eh. Great tips on how to hang up on tele-marketers. For me, i just loooove going in circle with tele-marketers. Why? Because they don't understand what NO means. At the end, i won! Yeahhh for me.

    I know they just doing their job but calling me up every hour is not the best idea in the world. They already given the chance to "sell" and i'm not interested so move on will you. Once, a guy from some credit card company kept on calling me and i need to do something about it.

    "Why don't you give it a trial?"
    +"You name again? Sorry i didn't get it the first time"
    "My name is Rajan from XXX company and i would like you to...."
    +"Rajan from XXX right? I thought you said XYZ"
    "No, i'm from XXX and i would like you to..."
    +"Did you own a car?"
    "I don't know if the answer going to help but yes. I do own a car"
    +"What kind of car? Is it a super fast sport cars?
    "No, just a simple family car. Mr. [my name], i would like you to..."
    +"Wait a minute. Family car? You and your family bought the car?"
    "Mr [my name], i'm not a car sales person. I'm from XXX credit company and i wou..."
    +"So, you bought the car or your family bought it for you?"
    "Yes, i bought the car ( the tone changed )

    See, i've told you so. When i said NO for the first time, i'm not going to change it the second time.
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