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    Book i read.
    Monday, April 10, 2006
    Speak up and make it clear!
    Last Saturday, after sending my daughter to my mother in-law; i decided to go to a shopping mall. I'm looking for book ( yes, my monthly book shopping ) on subconsious mind and stuff.

    There i was, browing for book for almost 3 hours and still can make up my mind. Then, an announcement was made using the internal loud speakers. I just can't make out what was the announcement about. The female voice just not clear enough. She announced the same thing for 3 times and i still can't understand a word.

    With a book in my hand ( still figuring out which to buy ) i stood and starts looking at the speakers. I know i'll not find an answer to my question "Was on earth she is talking about?" but still by looking at the speakers, i was hoping the same announcement will be aired.

    No more announcement. Ermmm...

    For me an announcement should be clear and understandable. It IS an announcement right. There's no point giving out announcement if nobody actually understand it. The management didn't care about it, the announcer didn't care and some of the public didn't care too. If the management took some liberty to listen to the announcement, i'm sure things could be better. The announcer also should understand the function of making announcements.

    With several books in my hand now, i sat down on the floor of the bookstore looking at the titles. I decided to go for Blink by Malcom Gladwell.

    Walking out from the bookstore, i can't stop thinking about the announcement. End of story.

    For me, blog makes no different from the announcement in the shopping mall. We need to make it clear and understandable in order to get more readers. Your point of view is the same as John from next door or Susan sitting next to you.

    You need to find the "yes-agree" point before start pushing the publish button. We need to see in each other eyes to understand what is what and which is which.

    Blogging about a topic that only you and God knows is not going to attract readers. It's okay for you to blog about the topic but make sure it can leave an impact to readers. Using "high-tech" jargons or sentences i not helping your readers.

    Can you understand my announcement?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 11:04 AM  
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