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    Friday, April 14, 2006
    Social bookmarking, the next DoS?
    Digg, Delicious and many other social bookmarking website is great to bring visitors to unknown or popular website and blog. Technorati is tagging 34.5 million sites and 2.3 billion links with million of visitors per day alone.

    First the SlashDotted Effect from SlashDot. In the early days of bookmarking ( it wasn't called social bookmarking back then ), any website mentioned in Slashdot will flood the bandwidth of the website for few days or even weeks. Then the less traffic puller from Chris Pirillo called the CPE ( Chris Pirillo Effect ). Nowdays Digg is the biggest crowd puller for site and in blogsphere.

    What is DDoS? According to Wikipedia:
    A denial-of-service attack (also, DoS attack) is an attack on a computer system or network that causes a loss of service to users, typically the loss of network connectivity and services by consuming the bandwidth of the victim network or overloading the computational resources of the victim system.

    Now that i have lay down the meaning of DDoS and social bookmarking, now i'm going to explain how they would effect blogs or websites.

    Social bookmarking is NOT DDoS but the wave is acting like one. If you got Dugg by Digg diggers, you'll end up with a loss of bandwidth and sometimes it will last for days.

    The wave of Dugg is like a sea of hungry anchovies at the Crusty Crab ( okay, i'm a fan of Spongebob. Happy now? ) but this time it not about bringing down a website but because of human interest coming from that website or blog.

    The next DDoS-look-alike are from YouTube and Google Video. I haven't seen anyone nagging about being Tubed ( i made up the word ) but i'm predicting the wave is getting bigger.

    With a digital camera or camera phone in our hand, uploading a video to YouTube is easy and more people are getting involve in video blogging. Just put a link in your video and soon you'll be saying "I got Tubed!".

    Anyone want to Digg this post? This is an original post and never been published on Digg before tho :P
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:35 PM  
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