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    Tuesday, April 25, 2006
    Shame-on-you message to pirated Vista users.
    This is cool, coming from the big name of operating system. "If you can't beat em, shame em" is their new motto. Looks like tommorow, we ( Malaysian ) will start witching to GNU/Linux ( i hope ) to avoid the shame.

    The anti-piracy move is being kicked off in five countries tomorrow – the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

    Users whose machines have been affected will only be able to get rid of the tattoo if they install a genuine copy of Windows. Prices range from RM320 for a copy of Windows XP Home (OEM version) to RM510 for Windows XP Pro (OEM version). “Or they can put up with being ‘nagged’ by the pop-up message every time they use their computers,” said K.T. Ng, group manager for Windows Client solutions at Microsoft Malaysia.

    If they were businessmen or corporate executives, it would be embarrassing if their clients saw the tattoo indicating that a pirated copy of Windows was being used, he said. -via TheStar.

    Wow, i'm so proud to be Malaysian tp be on the top first list. Okay, i was being sarcastic but is this "human" enough to stop piracy? What was all the fuss about? Don’t cry over spilled milk. Forget MS and use OOS such as GNU/Linux and FreeBSD.

    I’m not trash-talking about MS but hanging on to one source is dangerous. They’re forcing us to change our hardware and our computing habits. According to Richard Stallman, OS should “obey” the users–nicely said.

    Linux ( the exact term is GNU/Linux according to the open GPL and GPL ) is getting better in terms of hardware supports and software functions.

    Aghori, a friend of mine once said, “If you can’t run it, emu ( emulate ) it” and how true that was. You can un MS core/non-core kernel-made softwares on GNU/Linux by using Wine. Before i type this comment, i just finish playing Counter Strike ( ok, i admit..during work hour is a big NO NO but i was bored ) on my Debian.

    Forget about the Solitaire ( default installation of GNU/Linux already have Solitaire ) and get back to the matter. I’m seeing this ( maybe on the bias side ) as invation of freedom.

    From the start, computer always the slave and we ( the users ) are the master. Now, the wheel just turned more often.

    Embarrassing ? Yes, you got that right. So the question is WHY use pirated OS? For me, it will break down to the price of the OS itself. As a buyer, i have all the rights to spend my money base on my budget and needs. Now, scrolling back up, i stated about invation on freedom. Don’t you think forcing users is a part of invading ( denial to be exact ) our freedom? Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying lets start writing angry-mail to Gates.

    If ( a strong if i might add ) using Vista is the only last resort, then buy the original OS but if you’re sticking to pirated cd, why not use something free as GNU/Linux?

    Ubuntu, Mandrake ( now it’s Mandriva ), Suse etc is free to download. If you want to try *BSD flavour OS, why not try DesktopBSD as your desktop OS or dive into FreeBSD or OpenBSD.

    Come on, i know most of you just loooove free stuff right? I know i am.

    I do know that some software and hardware are hard-coded into MS and i don’t deny it. Even at my office, sometimes i have to switch from MS to GNU/Linux. But, i’m seeing a fast growth of GNU/Linux supported hardware and software in making. Wait for another 2-3 months and i’m off to download it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 1:48 PM  
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