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    Monday, April 03, 2006
    Save YouTube, Google Video for offline viewing using FireFox.

    I just love Firefox as my main browser and i love YouTube too. Streaming a video took so much time so i decided to look for a way to download the video.

    You can download the videos using Firefox script or you can use even simpler method. First, using Firefox shall we. You can get Firefox from my blog. Here we go:

    1. Install firefox and run the setup. Fairly easy to install Firefox, just click next couple of times.
    2. Get the Greasemonkey for Firefox.
    3. Close Firefox and re-open it.
    4. Install the extensions for YouTube and Google Video.
    5. You'll see "Save as" on top of your browser ( in red ).

    Please read this entire post before sending me hate-mail if you can't play the video.

    Once you have downloaded the video you need the install the player. Don't be surprise if the video is in PHP ( get_php ) extension. Just rename it to YouTube_Video_Name.flv or anything you want. Don't forget to put the ".flv".

    Now the easy way to get your video for offline viewing. Paste the full url of the video from YouTube or Google video and paste it here. I've told you it was easy. Now, hop along and enjoy your fresh video. Happy viewing.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:28 PM  
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