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    Wednesday, April 12, 2006
    Penelop 'Punky" Brewster, what we can learn from the TV show.

    Punky Brewster was a big hit in the early 80's. I always love to watch any family show in my spare time. Last night, for no reason, my mind kept thinking about this show and my blog. Seemes like my subconscious trying to tell me something.

    This morning i woke up with the word Punky and blog printed in bold in my mind. So i sat down at my table with a pen and paper infront of me. I made two columns with the title Punky and Blog on each column.

    Drew some mind maps and still can't find the answer. The clock almost 8 a.m and i need to send my daughter to my mother in-law. Took a nice warm shower and once my hand on the toothpaste, something flashes in my mind.

    The answer why my mind kept repeating the TV show over and over again.

    It's about family content show and how it filled my memories with joy. I knew at that moment, i'm heading the right with my blog. My blog is family-friendly blog and wihtout any "big-chest-sexy-girl" in it, my blog is suitable for family.

    Yes, my blog mostly about computers but hey, kids nowdays are using computer better than me.

    Tv shows nowdays are not really a "family" show. In the world of "you-are-a-terrorist", we need more family added show. I can't imagine what will my daughter watch in the next 5 years from now. Our mind has been infected with garbage tv show and that made us "just can't" think correctly enough.

    Guy meet girl..fall in again...died in some train crash. That is what our local tv show is all about and one part of me want to watch it but my other part just say stop. I usually listen to my STOP part of myself.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:30 PM  
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