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    Thursday, April 13, 2006
    No to you but yes to others--Adsense in conflict.
    I just can figure out where's the "fine-thin" line in Adsense policy. Maybe i'm wrong about this but like Malcom Gladwell said in his book; it's seem just not right.

    Above is a snapshot of Adsense Image Ads format. What's wrong with it? Yes, a word click on the image. Maybe it's okay for the AdWord advertiser to use it but for us, another warning email from Adsense team for fraud clicks.

    Will we ( publishers ) get a warning or worst, a complete ban from Adsense? It's not our fault if someone actually clicked on the ads but who will get the slap in the face?

    Many complaints about Adsense "pushed" their publisher off their seat. Some said it's not fair they are the one who get the penalties for something out of their control. Adsense never give out the best solution for tracking fraud clicks. To be honest, i never read a complete rock solid TOS about fraud click from Adsense and what fraud really mean to them.

    Adsense will protect their AdWords Advertisers and i do respect that matter but who will protect the publishers? Example, i have Adsense on my blog and the clicks are getting crazy lately. How do i track those clicks? Using Adsense Channel? As we all know, my blog is on Blogspot and as a free blog provider Blogspot doesn't provide me tracking device like PHP or installing scripts.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:55 PM  
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