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    Thursday, April 06, 2006
    New concrete design; a see-thru wall.

    I work closely with concrete or any civil engineering design. This concrete is great to interior designer or as a partition wall. It can transmits light and provide a natural scene for any home.

    housands of optical glass fibres form a matrix and run parallel to each other between the two main surfaces of every block. The proportion of the fibres is pretty small (4%) compared to the total volume. What is more they mingle in the concrete because of their insignificant size, they become a structural component as a kind of modest aggregate. The surface of the blocks therefore still reminds of homogeneous concrete.
    In theory, a wall structure built out of light-transmitting concrete can be a couple of meters thick as the fibres work almost without any loss in light up till 20 meters. Load-bearing structures can also be built of these blocks, since glass fibres do not have a negative effect on the well-known high compressive strength value of concrete. The blocks can be produced in various sizes and with embedded heat-isolation too. - via Litracon.

    In their site, Litracon did not mention about the strength of the concrete. In order to start designing any structural design, we need to know how many weight it can take and how long can it lasts. Looking at the picture, there's no bars in it so i assume this is another version of light-weight concrete.
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