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    Friday, April 07, 2006
    Kompang, Malay traditional musical instrument.
    Kompang is a percussion drum. It is made from goat skin with a hard wood for the frame. Kompang normally played during wedding, welcoming the VIP's ( Prime Ministers, Sultan, Presidents etc ) or any event.

    To associate with the sound of the kompang, lyrics were wrote. The lyrics dated back about thousand of years back and have been past down from one generation to another. Nowdays, more modernt type of lyrics also written for kompang.

    Kumpulan kompang ( kompang group ) consists about 10-15 people. The more kompang player, the higher the status of the event. For example, Penghulu ( head of village ) will invite more kompang player to show that his high status.

    The group will be divided into 2 group. THe first group is the peningkah ( or was it penangkah? ) and the other, i can't remember the name. The first group has its own steps and sound and it will combine the steps and sound with the second group sound. Why i can't remember the kompang ritual? Because i haven't play it for ages.

    More kompang video from YouTube.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:16 PM  
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