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    Monday, April 17, 2006
    The jump-wagon blogger. Are you one of them?
    More and more bloggers in blogsphere giving you a headache which to choose. Some are great and whole bunch are crap. Please beware, this post going to triggers flames within yourself. I shall drop the "good" one and dig the "bad" one.

    First, what is the jump-wagon blogger? For me, i'll give it a simple definition for you to understand. It's "Blogger who blogs about everything and anything but knows nothing what he/she is writting". Simple eh? So, why did the jump-wagon bloggers ( JWB ) falls into the bad section?

    Most of the JWB just copy someone else's article and paste it into their blog. With the growing of free article directories, it make even easier to become one of the JWB. Point the browser to some free article site and copy the whole thing. I'll leave this for a while and i'll explain to you why they love to do this.

    Ever heard the phrase "I'll follow where the money leads"? Yes, the JWB just doing it for money ( for Adsense to be exact ). I'm not saying it's wrong to blog and earn some money from it but copying an article is not a good idea. They will select the best article with bunch of targeted keywords in it and blast it to their blog.

    Some, got smarter and edit the article. Smart? Not that close to being smart. Once, i read a blog saying that " the exe to install Linux to your hard drive". Wow, that was smart, if the post was read to a squid.

    The third type of JWB is the "I-know-nothing-but-i'll-make-it-look-like-a-pro" type. They will use all those "pro-looking" jargons to make the post looks clever. Let say the blogger's post was about weird gadgets, their main source will be Gizmodo, Engadget and several more popular gadget blogs.

    Here's a tip on how to spot a JWB. IT'S FULL OF ADVERTISEMENT!

    Ask yourself, is it worth bookmarking a JWB? For me, not worth a cent! I know that was a bold statement but it's true. Why read a JWB if you can go straight to the source. Which source? Do you really expect me to answer that? The answer is yes :P

    I'm talking about Digg, Technorati, Delicious ( i could never figure out where to put the dots for delicious ), Reddit, Topix, BlogPulse and more.

    Most JWB will take any interesting article from those sources and paste it back to their blog, as it was made by them. Again, why read the recycle post when you can get the source?

    Another thing that bothers me about JWB is, they don't give back the credit to the original author of the post or article. Not all article is free to copy, some of the articles are copyright items. Even if the articles are not copyrights, was it hard enough to give a backlink to the original author? My blog has been ripped-off several times and that is a big NO-NO!

    A friend of mine once told me that the JWB are equals to splog and i do agree with him. They have become slave to Adsense. Adsense should follow their content but they're taking the wrong turn. At the end of the day, they are hoping for a false dream that is to make huge money from Adsense.

    Don't be a slave to Adsense! You're in the Captain seat and Adsense will follow your orders. Why must they "bow" to Adsense? Yes, a dream to quit their day job and making money while on a cruise to Jamaica.

    Want to take a quiz? Answer the questions below.

    Are you.....
    a. One of them
    b. Thinking about being like them.
    c. I'm a JWB groupies. Go JWB!
    d. Slowly becoming one of them.
    e. God just saved me

    Don't tell me the answer, i don't want to know.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:21 PM  
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