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    Wednesday, April 12, 2006
    I still can remember the Sabian Rocktagon but...
    ...i just hate the sound. It was like a combination between a gong and a splash but uglier. I'm don't mind the look of the cymbal but the sound just made my sound sounded ugly.

    I tested the rocktagon cymbals for slow rock and blues but i just can find the right "fill-in's" for the cymbals. So i thought, maybe it's for heavy metal but again it just felt weird.

    I do admit, it's cool to have rocktagon for my drum kits ( no, i decided not to buy it ) but for what reason? I can't play it for a start and i secondly, it just don't suited my need.

    Some of my friends said that the Sabian rocktagon cymbals works great with their music. I won't argue with them but on my side, it's not for me. I rather go for the round cymbal from TAMA or Zildjian. Both name are not new to drummers all over the world. Both are the best cymbals maker in the world and i personally love Zildjian cymbals.

    Care to buy me a knit hat from Zildjian? I always wanted this hat, it will make me look cool :P

    posted by Jamloceng @ 4:01 PM  
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