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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006
    I rather hear someone yell.
    Have you been in a situation when somebody whispering on the phone? I had that too often and guess what, it was annoying. Speak up will you i can't understand a word here.

    Once, a women talking softly on the phone and i can't pick up a word she was saying. So i pollitely told her to repeat what she just said. Again, all i heard was like she is having a nap or something.

    I don't care if she spoke in broken Malay or broken English. Heck, i use a truck full of broken English in my blog. That's not important as long as we all can understand each other.

    Sorry ma'am, did you just said screw me? Are trying to moleste me by the phone?

    What about people whoo just love to talk really loud? ears are bleeding and blood dripping from the corner of the ears. I was like, holding my phone 5 feets from my ear and still can hear the loud voice. Normally i'll just said that i'm in the middle of dinner or meeting and i hang up. Not to be rude but i can't stand hearing loud voices on the phone.

    Be moderate while on the phone. People do judge us from the tone of our voice.

    By the way, who invented the finger? You know, the middle finger whenever someone got mad; that finger. Seriously, who invented the finger thing? Have he tried something else before he invented the finger? Why can't that person use a knee or pimple sign? Why must the finger?

    'I'm mad right now and here's my finger for you! Screw you [and some more finger showing]".

    This world is getting weirder every single day. I'm using the opposite method in my style of blogging, not shouting and not whispering either. I'm on the middle level. Here is my tip to blogging:

    The No Whispering Blogging.
    Broken English or not, try deliver your points straight forward. Speaking (blogging in this case) in riddles not going to help. Come on, we are not from the Batman fighting the Riddler episode. I got so many emails telling me to improve my English writting. I really love to read readers comments but as i stated earlier, as long as we understand each other, that's okay.

    A whispering blogger sub category is the Scroll-Ups type. Don't you just hate when you have to kept on scrolling up and down while reading a blog? You know, the "i just explain this in my first paragraph" bloggers. I'll never bookmarke that kind of bloggers not now not in the next life.

    The No Shouting Blogging.
    Do you love when somebody shouting at you? No? Great, i don't have to explain more. Some bloggers just love to shout at their readers. Normally these type of blogger considered they're holier than thou. "I'm a pro blogger and you should listen to me!" kind of post just not going to be in my bookmark list.

    But crazy enough, people like to be shout at once in a while. Many bloggers are applying this method to gain readers. I don't know but people just love reading other people mad at each other.

    Which type of blogger are you?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:06 PM  
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