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    Thursday, April 13, 2006
    I need a faster PDF reader.
    I'm this close ( can't you see how small my eyes are squzzing my fingers? ) of deleting a report made into PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader took so many memories and time to load. So, i'm heading to Google to find an alternative to Acrobat Reader.

    Guess what, more wacky PDF software found, plus a spyware! Great, now what? I'll leave the spyware alone for a while.

    I found Foxit Reader and it's fast and small in size. Less than 1Mb, it should be on your drive in just 1 minute. No need to install or register Foxit. It's a freeware with the same function as Acrobat Reader.

    Now, i'm looking for alternative to Acrobat Pro ( freeware of course ). CutePDF and the gang are great but i'm looking for a PDF creator/editor that can make a live hyperlink. Most of the PDf creator/editor cannot make a hyperlink using the "print to.." function. If you found any great freeware PDf creator/editor that can make hyperlink, please contact me quickly.

    Now back to the spyware. The author of this spyware need to learn more about hiding his or her spyware. Putting the spyware on my start up is like putting a huge sign telling me where the spyware is hiding.

    Putting a hex in registry also not helping. I can trace it in no time mind you. Ever heard about Back Orrifice Trojan? It was the best way to hide from anti virus back in the 90's.

    After several time spying on this spyware, it's time to remove it. Yes, i just delete it and it's gone. Ok ont entirely because it leaves some footprint in my registry but that is not a big problem.

    To the author of this spyware, get a life and a real job! I just removed your spyware without using any "geek" tool in just under 2 minutes.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:08 PM  
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