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    Friday, April 28, 2006
    How To Link Bait To Increase Popularity: The Ultimate Handbook by Jamloceng.
    I know, that was a long title because i can't figure out the best short title to pick. But seriously, i've been watching blog trends for months now. Some author ( it's becoming anooying to type "blogger" nowdays ) fire-up some competition and some will stay away from Google.

    If you want to increase your popularity, read this Ultimate Handbook for link baiting. Share it, Digg it or just give it to your pet; i don't care.

    What is link baiting? Long story short, it's getting zillion of link pointing back to your website or blog. Is it important to have all those links? YES if you're running your blog for the public to read or marketing products and NO if your blog just for your dog to chew on.

    Link baiting is in the grey zone of major search engines. Don't confused link baiting with doorway pages. Like i said, it's in the grey zone so maybe one day major search engines will put link baiting in the blacklist.

    Now that i have covered the important issue, shall we proceed?

    Link baiting comes in several forms and they all lead to one answer, human interest. That simple? Yes and you don't have to crack any Da Vinci Code from Google. You can create crazy articles or almost anything that can triggers the human interest.

    To understand more about how to create a super link baiting, please read the examples below for better understanding.

    Case study #1 - Google Fasting.
    Chris Pirillo made a promise not to use Google for a week (or more). So what's the hype? Before i tell you, try typing "google fasting" in Google and look at the figures. Looking back at the date Chris made his "weird" ritual, it was started on Feb 22 in 2006. Back to the question why so many people jumping up and down for the post?

    Nobody can deny that Google IS the number one search engine followed by Yahoo and MSN. Yes the result is a mix between Chris's post and some ancient Indian fasting ritual but most of the result are pointing to Chris's blog.

    He just pops the human interest! People want to see the result and what he learned from Google fasting. That is what i called human interest. I know Chris can use other search engines but still, it's like uninstall Windows XP and use Windows 3.1 in split second decision. I read a survey done by Uni students (sorry, can't recall the source), 7 out of 10 people set their browser to Google. So, now you know why so many people linking back to Chris's blog. You too can create the buzz in the internet like "no blogging for a month and will keep it update daily in my blog" or "Stay away from Wal-Mart for 3 years". Get your own super weird brain to fork out the best link baiting.

    Case study #2 - Create a new word or language.
    Hard? Not really if you are John Scott who ran a contest using a new word. He is offering you over $4000 is you can get "V7ndotcom Elursrebmem" on top of search engines. Try typing the word "v7ndotcom elursrebmem" in Google and look at how many unique links referring to the word.

    So I decided to choose keywords which have a more personal meaning. The keywords I chose indicate the value this community places upon community. The v7n community has always been, in my opinion, a couple notches above other forums where community is involved. Several of the members here have been steadfast friends, with whom I discuss personal issues that I'd never discuss with people who I didn't consider to be true friends. I believe this community has created several such friendships, and in that respect v7n is unique among webmaster forums. - via

    You can take your blog to another level of link baiting using money. He uses a logical thinking to link baiting; that's everybody want money. "There's no free lunch" and it's true. In order to get huge link to his forum, Scott is offering money and people will put a back link in order to win to money. Again, by using human interest link baiting can improve your popularity and yes, pagerank.

    Case study #3 - Create a new tool.
    Performancing Metric is great to track and compare stats from your blog or website. Not just that, they also offering blogging tool for Firefox and it's all free!

    Giving away free tool and service are great to get a fast linking. People will start downloading it and review it in their blogs and yes, they will put a link within the content. First, lets take a look at Performancing's extension for Firefox.

    This extension is great for blogger so that they can blog from within their browser. There's no need to install a 10Mb software, just a small XPI and off you go. More and more people are turning their head (and trust) to Firefox and by offering the extension, Performancing will be one of the first party to offer tool for blogger.

    I'm seeing this as a "throwing 2 birds with a stone" issue. First, Firefox and the second is blog. Blog is getting bigger and bigger and authors are getting excited about the extension. Combining both can flood your popularity in just days.

    Performancing Metrics is a free tracking service by them. Yes, anothe free stuff from them that is making huge impact in blogsphere. This tool is for tracking and comparing stats coming from your blog or website. With nothing to install or server needed, this tracking script is easy to use even for non geek authors.

    Authors (bloggers) are becoming "stat junkies" because they're driven by Adsense or any other affiliate method. With the need to "read" their visitors, authors need to use the right tool and Performancing just offering it for free.

    Case study #4 - Fool the Diggers.
    I just love Digg (once) for giving out the latest news all around the world. Most diggers (people who dug stories) will pickup some interesting stoy (i don't know why diggers trying to be the "first" to submit to Digg) and submit it to Digg so others can read. Once the story is on the frontpage, diggers will flood the source of story in seconds.

    A digger ran an experiment (was it?) with a title "Nano-mario wants his amazing RIAA photos!" and in seconds, people are flooding the website! By using a fancy and attention-grabbing title, bait linking is easy.

    Most diggers consider themselves as editor and they can pick which link to get a digg. By hypnotizing them, you too can get a nice bait linking.

    Case study #5 - Just pure content.
    How should i put this? I'm sure all of you already heard about "content is King" but i'm thinking how to make it simple. I can't think any, it's just plain simple. A good content ill always pull huge visits not just in the short run but also in the long run.

    Copyblogger is a great example on getting the right spotlights. Showing others how to write a good content, surely can get a nice juicy back link. Why was that you may ask. Below is my view about CopyBlogger.

    Again, by the booming of blogs, new authors (such as me) are looking for way to improve our content. Okay, i'm not into the "news" kind of blogger but still learning from the pro never going to hurt you. By learning, new authors can get more wider readers and the readers will spread the words.

    That's about it about my ultimate guide for link baiting. I'm sure not all the party mentioned above is link baiting but the effect of link baiting can be achvie by using several methods. No need to beg for link just to improve your pagerank. Getting your content to work for you is better compared to begging for a higher pagerank.

    Again, play along with ideas on how to get the spotlights glittering on you. I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as i enjoy writting it.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:29 PM  
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