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    Friday, April 07, 2006
    Care to join the Elite Club for bloggers?
    Aaron Brazell taking the pilot seat for Darren ( Problogger ) for a while. He posted a rather interesting topic about Blogs Are About Being Elite. turn now.

    First let's take a look at his comment shall we.

    As a matter of fact, when content production is at play, the internet IS for elitists. Perhaps we don’t like to use those words as “elitism” has a negative stigma to it. However, don’t we all try to get higher pagerank? Don’t we all try to optimize our entries for the best SERPs possible? Doesn’t scoring high in Technorati bump our profile up in general? - via

    Well, because the blog is so elite, i decide not to hotlink to the original post. Now, can a blog become so elite? Half true and bunch of questions. I'm not saying that i hate Problogger but if controversy is what Aaron looking for, that is not a great one.

    Reading at his quote made my mind kept on reminding me of the early years of internet. At that time, things were so simple and nobody put any label on each others forehead. Life were easy and so does the web. That reminds me about the history of Problogger.

    Darren started using Blogger ( now it's Blogspot ) for his first blog. Let start here shall we. At that time, i'm pretty sure Darren is not in the elite group yet. Just couple of friends and family visited his blog and from time to time, it got bigger. So Problogger were born.

    Then, Aaron said when it comes to content, internet is for elitists. Strong statement there and i respect his view. Now, if a blogger produced 100% original content, yes i do consider the blog as elite. But what if the blogger just leech a sniplet of info coming from other website or blog, can we call it elite?

    Again, internet has and will never be for elitists. Internet is where people build their own virtual life. Yes sure, blogger just love to copy and paste and that is what bloggers do. Can we call the newspaper as rip-off just because they leech the same new from different source? Or can we just say that any newspaper is elite?

    I'm sure Darren is a nice guy and with his reputation to take care of, Aaron just put a big scar on Problogger. Don't get me wrong, i always go to Aaron blog and i love his style of writting.

    Content. What is content actually? Is it something we create from one and only one source? Or is it we just pass it down from another source? Everything in this world is recycled content. Einstein create something he got from the past. Does he belong in the elite group? So many question marks but so little answer.

    I do aware that some of Darren's post was scrapped by spammy blog by spammy blogger. Maybe that was the point Aaron tried to explain to us. Again, quoting another blog doesn't make a blog elite unless it was 100% original ( which i doubt it ). Aaron said that everyone trying to get a higher pagerank and getting the best SERP. Yes and i do agree with him and that make me wonder, don't every blog is elite in some way?
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:32 PM  
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