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    Tuesday, April 18, 2006
    Bandwidth war from ISPs.

    If you're using P2P as your download source, beware. Your ISP is blocking your bandwidth thus making your download going really slow.

    According to BBC, the war against bandwidth chunky ( people who uses big chunk of bandwidth ) is already started.

    ISP is blocking torrent or any P2P services because they need to deliver the right speed to others. Pulling all the bandwidth and streaming from multiple source can put the ISP on "hold". Not just you but several users near you also going to see a major drop in their connection.

    Want to check which ISP is blocking torrent protocol? Azureus put up a list of ISPs so that you can send an angry mail to your own ISP ( just joking ).

    Woohaaa...TMnet and Jaring is in the list! Yes, TMNet and Jaring are ISP from Malaysia. I'm on TMNet and my torrent is working really well. I don't see a major drop in my speed but yes, once in a while some drop here and there.

    One of TMNet officer said the the newspaper ( i can't recall the source ), TMNet is not blocking torrent and P2P but they encourage users to limit the usage. party said this and the other said the otherway around. One of them must be lying and i don't know who.

    For me torrent is a great source for downloading Linux or non-copyrights material such as manual, tutorials, white papers etc. Limiting the bandwidth just like walking backwards several years. Some material can be use as education material and it's free.

    So how to camoflaouge your torrent protocol? I'm going to give out tip for encypting your torrent protocol using µTorrent. I just love µTorrent for the speed and it's easy to use it.

    1. Options > Preferences > Network.
    2. Protocol encyption and play with "enable" and "force". If your connection drops, try using "force".

    Using this setting can improve your torrent ( up/dl ) speed. If you're using µTorrent, closing other P2P ( KaZaa, Shareaza, Lime etc ) can improve your torrent even more. Stay away from the blocked port ( ask your ISP which port is being blocked ) if you decided to use torrent. Placing a non-blocked port in for your torrent also can speed up your DL/UP.

    If you're looking for a small and fast torrent client, why not try µTorrent. The best part of using µTorrent is, it will not eat up your system's memories and processor. Forget about other torrent client, use µTorrent.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 10:58 AM  
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