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    Book i read.
    Tuesday, April 18, 2006
    Amazon: No Longer the Role Model for E-Commerce Design--said Jakob Nielsen.
    Cluttered pages. Amazon's product pages are littered with extraneous features, ranging from a "Gold Box" over a "wish list spree" to promotions for reading glasses and other irrelevant products. A single book page I analyzed contained 259 links and buttons. It was so cluttered that key product information -- like publication date, page count, and average review rating -- was three screensfulls below the fold (on a standard 1024 x 768 screen). Cluttered pages might work for Amazon because its users are typically long-time customers who know the features and can easily screen them out. Although first-time visitors are no doubt overwhelmed, by now they account for a tiny percentage of Amazon's revenues.- via UseIt.

    The title and the quote are not mine. It belongs to Jakob Nielsen, a researcher based on eyetracking and website usability. A mind opening article for me. Jakob also produce other great article about web design, the DO's and the DON'T's, mistakes made in layouts and more.

    The big buzz from blogsphere is his research about the "F-shaped pattern for reading website". In days, most JWB changed their layout in order to get those clicks from Adsense. Wow, that was fast.

    For me, this is old news. Using logical thinking, we all read from top left and skimming down a bit. Unless you read an Arabic blog, you need to read from top right. " big again eh Jamloceng? Why does your Adsense not in place?". Don't forget, i'm a mind reader and i know what is in your mind LOL.

    Actually, i got a lot of that question. The answer is, i'm not a slave of Adsense! I can place it anywhere i want and i still can get those clicks. It's fine with me if you want to adjust your layout according to Adsense heatmap. Re-design your layout will not make any big different in your Adsense income. You still need the best 'forgotten weapon' to quit your day job.

    Can i give you the answer after my lunch? I'm hungry and i'll be back another 2 hours.

    Uhh? So i can't have my lunch yet eh? So nice of you guys stopping me from having my lunch. Okay, the answer to "what is the forgotten secret weapon for Adsense?" is GMT.

    Ooo....i like torturing you my readers once in a while. What is GMT? Before that, please make sure you are not placing a glass of water or any diet coke near you. Please turn off your mp3 player and stop rubbing your nose. See, i've told you so, i'm a mind reader :P. Ready for the biggest secret?


    Yes, a big slap on the face eh. Why waste time in building new layout? Take care of the basic stuff first. That's why i rarely change my template because i'm building human interest first. Once you have build a solid human interest, you can put your Adsense at the bottom of the page and still got clicked.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:38 PM  
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