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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006
    Will we see tax deduction for emails?
    I had a crazy idea about this. I have no idea where did it came from but like a big truck heading my way, i saw the title flashed across my mind. Okay, this might sound weird too some but what if this is true?

    Many of us use emails for business purpose and in the real world we can get a small deduction from our tax. What if, the tax department decided to deduc your tax based on how many emails you have sent. I know we should be charge for tax if we use for business purpose but think about it. We are actually saving the government cost for postage, milage etc by sending reports, paperwork etc using emails.

    Ermm....any suggestion? Lately my mind keep on giving me crazy idea for my blog. Oh well, maybe i'm blogging too much or too fast. Anyway, i'l start counting my emails so that if the tax department decided to give it a go.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 5:29 PM  
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