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    Thursday, March 16, 2006
    Will Adsense put a limit sign for their publishers?
    Just had a chat with a friend of mine about the topic. To be honest, my chat with him was a mind-blowing topic to start with. This is how it got started. My friend told me that Google stocks are getting high demands and making big impact to the growth of the company and the holders. For $300++ stock in hand, Google is enjoying a nice beach party in Jamaica or somewhere else.

    Then i told my friend what if Googles stock diving into the red zone in the next 3 months? Why 3 months you might ask. Normally a stock benchmark was based from the last 3 months and the rest is history.

    That question made us going "hmmm.." couple of times. So we decided to brake down the topic focusing to Adsense. Now things going to be interesting.

    Remember, this is my What if post, not a real news buzz so don't start posting it to your blog or Digg. We predict that Adsense will put a limit sign for their publishers if their stocks getting under the red zone. Adsense will limit to $300 for non-premium publisher and maybe $5000 for premium publishers. Ermmm....can this be done? Most likely, yes because this might triggers a chain reaction between Google and their AdWords advertisers.

    To bounce back on their track, Google might put a higher tag for their AdWords advertisers and in business, we will bargain for the best price. As i said earlier, about chain reaction, Adsense publishers will see a drop in their income. Please remember, this is just a talk between friends and not the real thing ok.

    Adsense maybe will lay down new policies regarding new registration. Now they will approve your application easily but not when the hard time actually come. My friend predicted that Google will setup a higher "visits per month" to normal Adsense publishers to mantain the balance of their account. Only high rated website or blog can signup with Adsense just like their premium level.

    "What, bigger font like those Web 2.0's?" my friend said to me when i told him about getting more attention from users. Think about it, to get more attention from their text ads, they need to make it big. The only way they can do that is by using bigger fonts. Maybe i'm wrong on this or maybe i'm right...who knows.

    Adsense already using theme ads and animated ads, so using bigger fonts is not a surprise.

    Another thing ( i hope this is not going to be real prediction ) is, Adsense will filter out existing publisher that made "too low or too many" per month. Well, that is interesting statement. Countries in the "grey area" will be forced to be on the "blacklisted area". Adsense is not opening their door to everybody, even now Adsense is not openning it. Romous said that, some countries in the "grey area" actually exist and Adsense will add them phase-by phase into the "White list".

    Adsense checks will be in the snail mails. Yes, only if they ran out of money to use DHL or any other courier service. Yes my friend, wait for 2-3 weeks before the checks arrive in your hand. Plus another 2 months to cash it!

    Looking at Google, i'm sure they already made a proper business plan for the future. One thing that worries me is, Google kept on buying startups. Again, maybe i'm wrong about this and i'm sure Google's Money-machine team already figure out this.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 6:01 PM  
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