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    Friday, March 17, 2006
    Why countries search result from Google differs?
    Google created Google Search for several countries to "localized" the search result. For me, this scenario carries both good and bad opinion. What's my opinion about this? Long story short, read more.

    The Good.
    Easy to get a niche market for AdWords holders. AdWords holders can instantly know what is the best keywords for their ads campaign. Let say i'm using PPC marketing to sell my Adsense eBook and i want to know how deep the interest of visitors for the keyword Adsense, eBook, make money etc. By using proxy, i can type in the keywords so that i can "spy" on my competitors. By knowing the result, i can easily create my own PPC plan.

    Adsense publishers also can use this feature for their niche marketing. That is why, Adsense provided us with their toolbar ( Adsense Viewer ) to give us the details of the search result. Visitors from US see my Adsense about Adsense eBook and visitors from Malaysia will see similar result right? So how does this info help me in getting the right ads? Easy, by tweaking my content so that Adsense will show the right ads.

    Let say your main target is from US ( even if you're not in US ), Adsense Toolbar can identify which ads are showing to your target visitors. Simple enough eh?

    The Bad.
    Nightmares for most of us, so they told me. If you want to make in the top search result, this is pain in the back. Before that, i must briefly explaine to you why webmasters want to get on the top search result of Google. The reason is to make sure they got all the attention from visitors, especially if they are selling products. Making on the top list of Google's front page result is important for them and to AdWords holders. Now back to the story....

    Let say i type my keyword or URL in and i'll not see my blog on the top list but if i use, my blog is in on the first page ( sometimes in the second page ). If i'm selling something to you, this is not a good sign and my marketing strategy using search engines will suffers even more. I know we need to create a website that's "search engine-friendly" but that is not the issue when it comes to indexing. Google will index your pages according to their calculation and the more they pushed your result, the more you will suffer.

    I have a mix opinion about localizing Google search result. I know some of you might say that Google is using the language according to the visitors location but what about the results? I'm fine with the languages but Google will use the "nearest" result accorsing to your location. In my honest opinion, Google should stick to one result only.
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