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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006
    Who's eating my cheese space? Free up some space and open the Windows.
    A mouth full title i might add. Well another spring cleaning for Windows. You have clean out those pesky spyware and viruses so does the registry cleaning and now to big part; cleaning those "big-chunk-of-trash-that-you-forget-to-delete" stuff.

    For those who use their computer for surfing and writting letter or doing some balancesheet, maybe you don't have a problem locating the junk or less used file. As for me, sometimes i test many softwares and download (*cough*) torrent that is big in size. Long story short, i forget all about it and it took my hard drives space.

    Last year, i've found a tool that can give you a visual stats about your drive. Easy to use and fast to load all the files in your hard drive. ON my machine, it only took about 5 seconds to read all my files. SequoiaView is a free tool for you to identify which is which in no time. I must say that the website takes some time to load so take your breakfast first. Download also takes time so again, prepare your lunch first. Maybe they're facing some serious bandwidth problem or something but it's worth waiting.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 12:17 PM  
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