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    Thursday, March 09, 2006
    What if Counter Strike game would be like in text mode?

    I'm sure may of you played Counter Strike with all the high-end 3D graphic cards but what if CS in text mode? Well, maybe it would be like this:

    I pick John, George, Sam, you in the red hat and you with that silly smile.

    Pick you guns.

    Pick M16, 6 round of bullets, 19 grenad, smoke bombs and some pistol with 3 round of bullet please.

    You, you and you follow me and the rest of you do your own thing.

    Changing guns...reload it..and no, too late, somebody shot me.

    Arghh...i'm taking heavy attack. You got covered.

    Who shot my leg? not so good..argghh.

    What do you think about my version of Counter Strike in text version? I'm CS fan will quickly point their cursor to "Uninstall CS" after 3 minutes of that game. Remember, this is my another "What if..." post, so don't post it to Digg. But if you want to, go ahead.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 2:07 PM  
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