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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006
    Vending machine down the hall.

    I notice that when ever i went to my favourite shopping mall, i'll take some time to visit a drinking vending machine. The funny part is, several vending machine standing with a "I'm here you moron!" sign near me but i always pick "that" one. I'm sure you have your own "vending machine" sitting down the hall.

    Why did i pick the same one everytime i went to the mall? I can't really give out a solid answer to that. Maybe the surrounding contributes to my decision making. Yeah, maybe that is the answer. Not to many people there and the machine is sitting near to a gift store. Yes, deep down i feel safe and comfortable with the surroundings.

    Linking the vending machine to my blog ( or any blog ) i know that i need to be like the vending machine down the hall in order to pick up more exposure. Sure i know my English is not at the best standard but i'm moving one step at a time. Will lack of perfect English hold back more readers?

    For me, language is just a tool to deliver the whole story. The most important thing IS the story. Just look at our friends using sign language. It's not a verbal language, it's just a sign to tell the whole story. We still can understand what they are trying to "say" right?

    Will my blog become the vending machine down the hall? Only time will tell and of course massive backlinks might help.
    posted by Jamloceng @ 3:35 PM  
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